Bad Boy vs Gentleman: What’s The Major Difference?

The major difference between a bad boy and a gentleman is that a bad boy is often known to be a playboy who only wants to take advantage of a lady and move on to the next pretty one, while a gentleman has the interest of a lady in mind and he genuinely cares for her.

Bad boys only want to get the cookie, once they get it you would not hear from them anymore. Shortly after a bad boy is done with you he would look for the next girl to have an affair with.

A gentleman has good intentions toward you and you can always count on him. A bad boy would always look for an opportunity to take advantage of a lady when she is most vulnerable.

While a gentleman would see that you are safe and you are not exposed to harm when a lady is most vulnerable. There are several traits that bad boys and gentlemen have.

Knowing these traits would enable you to identify them and you would be able to avoid the bad boys if you have to.

5 Traits Of A Bad Boy

  1. A bad boy is usually arrogant
  2. He is  nasty
  3. He is domineering
  4. He often rebels
  5. He has anger issues

A bad boy is usually arrogant

Bad Boy vs Gentleman

A bad boy always thinks that he is better than everybody in any place he finds himself in. Someone that is so arrogant would think that you are not capable of anything and that you are not able to do anything better than him.

A bad boy thinks that his opinion must stand and everyone must act according to what he said. Once you notice this trait in him it could be a sign that he is a bad boy.

It becomes worse when you notice that this bad boy does not listen to anyone, even if you have a suggestion on how something can be better because he is arrogant, he would think that his opinion must stand and any other suggestion you bring would not work.

Once you notice this in him, it should be a sign that he is arrogant. You should watch out for signs like these. Once you notice this sign, you should act fast so you both do not get in too deep.

He is nasty

Bad boys are known to live nasty and dangerous lifestyle. A lot of them usually get involved in dangerous cult groups, and a lot of them go clubbing and stay out all night partying.

Most times, they visit these clubs because they want to get the next girl to take advantage of.

Bad boys never get tired of taking advantage of girls, once they are done with one girl they always move to the next one without wasting any time.

You would notice that they have this trait of doing nasty things, they smoke a lot and most times they take excessive alcohol, some could even get involved in drugs and other nasty things that could turn a girl off.

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He is domineering

A bad boy is naturally domineering, he likes to take charge in almost everything he does. If at any point you try to take charge of anything, he would not let you because of his domineering nature.

He always feels like no one can do something better than him and things should always be done his way. He acts like a dictator, you can barely do things your own way when you are around him.

You should watch out for this trait when you are around him, once you notice he is being too domineering and barely lets you do anything your way, you should act fast or draw his attention to it.

However, because of his domineering nature, he would not easily admit that he is doing something wrong. You may have to coin a way to make him understand that he actually did something wrong.

He often rebels

A bad boy is often resistant to authority and control. He does not like it when he is confined in a place or when he is told what to do.

He loves it when he has the freedom to do whatever he likes. That way, he would go the extra mile to do nasty things.

Someone who hates being told what to do or hates abiding by the law would always rebel, you can hardly control them when they set their mind to do something.

These kinds of people can only learn from their mistakes. They cannot learn from other people’s mistakes. You cannot even advise them to not do something till they see the effect themselves. Rebels often

He has anger issues

This is one way you would know a bad boy. He usually has anger issues and he gets angry at the slightest thing.

Even when the situation does not warrant him to get angry, he would still get angry at it because he believes that is the best way to handle the situation.

When you notice that he has anger issues and does not care to do something about it, then you know he is a bad boy. It is a different thing when he has anger issues and he wants to do something about it.

If he deliberately does not want to do anything about it then it confirms the fact that he is a bad boy that does not care if his anger issues hurt others or not.

5 Traits Of A Gentleman

A Gentleman is a considerate person and he has your genuine interest at heart. A gentleman would not deliberately inflict harm on you or take advantage of you if given the opportunity. This is one way you can know who a gentleman is.

There are other traits that a gentleman has, it is good you know these traits so that whenever you come across them or if you see anyone with these traits, you would be able to tell that he is a gentleman. Here are the various traits of a gentleman.

  1. He is caring
  2. He is empathetic
  3. He is kind
  4. He is honest
  5. He is loyal

He is caring


Bad Boy vs GentlemanThis is one trait you would notice about gentlemen, they have a caring nature that makes ladies like them. A caring gentleman is patient with you, he is loving and always wants the best for you. This is one way you can know a gentleman.

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Once he starts showing care towards you and he shows interest in your things even without you asking. He is caring.

Caring guys naturally have your interest at heart, they would rarely want to inflict harm on you or take advantage of you when you are vulnerable.

He is empathetic

A gentleman is empathetic; he knows how to put himself in someone else’s shoes to understand how the person feels in a particular situation.

An empathetic person can study the environment to know how a person feels about something.

You do not need to tell him that something is wrong before he notices it. Because of his ability to understand how you feel, he can know when you are in the mood for something or when you are not in the mood.

It takes someone with patience and a good heart to be empathetic toward you.

He is kind

Bad Boy vs Gentleman

A kind person looks out for you and he does his best to ensure that no harm gets to you. This is one trait of a gentleman.

Kind people are generous and considerate, they know when you are going through a difficult time, and this makes them good listeners.

One good thing about kind people is that they are willing to listen to you when you have something personal to say to them.

They are also gentle and patient with you, especially when you need help or any form of assistance from them.

The good thing about kind people is that they do not judge people easily, they take their time to know the person before saying or concluding anything about him.

You can open up to a kind gentleman and he would not judge you for it.

He is honest

A gentleman says the truth and he would always do it even if it is difficult at that moment. When you notice that the man is honest you would be able to tell that he is a gentleman.

Men that lie a lot are usually players and they are usually regarded as bad boys.

Once you notice that he is honest and does not tell lies when you both are in a conversation, that would give you a hint that she is a gentleman.

You should watch out for signs like this if you want to know a gentleman. You would barely see any gentleman that lies a lot. A lot of them are usually honest.

He is loyal

When someone is loyal, he is reliable and you can count on him even at the slightest thing. That is how you know a gentleman.

You would hardly find a gentleman that cannot be trusted. A loyal person would also be there for you when you need him.

With a loyal person, you both would have a good time together and you would enjoy the person’s loyalty.

That is how you know a loyal person. He can be counted on to show up when called upon, even in an emergency. A loyal person always treats people with kindness and compassion.

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Once you notice these traits in a man, you can tell that he is a gentleman.

Do Girls Prefer Gentlemen?

Yes, a large number of girls prefer gentlemen because gentlemen handle them with care. Also, girls prefer gentlemen because they have this rare ability to make their woman and every other person around them feel special.

Which girl would not want special treatment from a man? You would hardly find any girl that does not want to be treated like a special person.

In general, most girls believe that gentlemen have a genuine interest in girls and they are more likely to care for them and see that they are doing well.

Girls who do not like to play around in relationships would prefer gentlemen because they believe the gentleman is more serious and would take the relationship to the next level, unlike a bad boy who does not care about the lady and only wants to flirt with her and move to the next lady when done.

Do Girls Prefer Bad Boys?

Girls that love to flirt and explore with different boys prefer bad boys.

Girls like these are the ones that are not ready to settle with one man, they are in their youthful age and they still want to explore it by having an affair with different men.

Girls like these do not want anything serious with any guy. If you are a bad boy that loves to flirt with girls and move over to the next one without anything attached, girls that like to fling will flock around you once they notice that you want to fling too.

If you are the type of girl that wants to have something serious with a guy, you should go for a gentleman instead of a bad boy. A bad boy is only there for fun and they usually like to explore with different girls.

A girl that loves to flirt would think that having a gentleman means her being confined to the person and she would not be able to explore as much as she wants.

Wrap Up

If you are a lady seeking a serious relationship or friendship with a guy, you should be on the lookout for gentlemen. Gentlemen have your best interest at heart and they do not mean any harm to you.

They are most likely to pay attention to you, watch you grow, and also support you to achieve more things in life.

When it comes to bad boys, just as the name implies, they are the opposite of the gentlemen. Bad boys love to play around with different ladies.

They flirt with different women with ease. Bad boys do not only flirt with women, they also indulge in other vices like excessive alcohol, taking too many drugs, and the like.

If you do not like the kind of lifestyle that bad boys live then you should opt for a gentleman instead. Gentlemen will always treat you right and they are the ones that have your best interest at heart.

As a lady, it is up to you to decide the kind of man you want. Do you want a kind man that has your best interest at heart and that wants the best for you? Or do you want someone that only wants to flirt with you and with other ladies?

Gentlemen would be more loyal to you than a bad boy. You can barely have a peaceful relationship with a bad boy. If you want to have a smooth relationship, a gentleman is the best bet for you.

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