Crazy About You: Meaning, Different Ways to Say It!

When someone says they are crazy about you, it means they have very strong feelings about you. It means they are always thinking about you and it is driving them silly.

They may be in love with you or just super excited to be with you all the time.

The meaning is always going to depend on the context in which it is said and the existing relationship between both of you.

A partner in a relationship can say they are crazy about you. This means that they are crazy about you and stands as a declaration of their love for you.

However, this carries a different meaning when it comes from a friend or someone who isn’t in a relationship with you. In this case, it means they are attracted to you or have a crush on you.

These are the most obvious contexts where someone would say they are crazy about you. They both apply to real-life scenarios and the best way to understand what they mean is by asking them.

10 Other Ways To Say Crazy About You

There are other ways to say crazy about you. We are going to list out 10 other phrases and sentences that carry the same meaning and more.

It’s often linked to strong feelings of attraction when someone says they are crazy about you. And it’s good to find softer or less complicated ways to express these feelings.

It helps you transmit a clear and crystal message to the other person without them having doubts or misinterpretations of your feelings.

1. I’m Head Over Heels For You

Crazy About You Meaning

One way of saying I’m crazy about you is saying I’m head over heels for you. It is a popular phrase that tells the other person how invested you are in their well-being.

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What this phrase has over the former is the ability to carry the full weight of your feelings.

Also, it is more mild and very easily understood by another party. When you say I’m head over heels for you, it tells them you have fallen completely in love with them. Or you are super attracted to them.


Speaker: Hi, Jerry, ever since I met you, I have been head over heels for you. Can you consider me to be your girlfriend?

2. I’m Smitten With You

Saying I’m smitten with you is another way you can say I’m’ crazy about you. This phrase uses the word smitten. The context here means you have been completely overtaken by their thoughts of them.

If you have been smitten by someone, it tells them you are at their mercy. They will see the deep feelings of attraction from the statement and act accordingly. It has an advantage over saying I’m crazy about you by being more subtle.


Speaker: You know I have been smitten with you and will do anything for you.

3. I’m In Love With You

This phrase is very common with almost every human alive. We seek it and hold its value in high esteem. This is also a good replacement for saying’m crazy about you. When you use this phrase, you sound more intentional and in control.

The meaning is very clear and the context isn’t something that can be denied or misinterpreted. Using such words is necessary when trying to inform the other person about your feelings for them.


Speaker: George, I am in love with you and wish you will let me love you too.

4. I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

When you say I can’t get you out of my mind, it shows the other person you are crazy about them. This phrase is a better replacement for the former. It tells them you are constantly thinking about them.

This is one of the best ways to show someone how intense the feelings you have for them are. The meaning is very clear and describes you as someone who is asking you for a chance to be with.

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Speaker: since last night we danced I can’t see to get you out of my mind.

5. You Are The Only One For Me

An honest way you can say I’m crazy about you without sounding crazy is by saying you are the only one for me. This phrase is a declaration of love that doesn’t make you seem loon.

It is hardly going to be misinterpreted by anyone because of its crystal clear meaning.

It shows them you are only accountable to them and have chosen them above another person. Use this with a long-time partner to reaffirm your love and their confidence in you.


Speaker; I cannot be with another, Jocelyn. You are the only one for me

6. You Make Me Feel Like I Can Do Anything

When you are crazy about someone, it is a feeling that comes with a rush of emotions. You are heightened as with all your senses.

To articulate into words can be hard to say you make me feel like I can do anything, instead of I’m crazy about you.

They both have the same intensity but this phrase here has a more intimate and loyal declaration.


Speaker: I think you are the best thing for me, you make me feel like I can do anything.

7. I’m So Lucky To Have You In My Life

It is possible to be crazy about a partner and be so obsessed with everything they do. Say I’m so lucky to have you in my life as a way or means of conveying these feelings to them.

When you say this, it tells them you are grateful for having them in your life.

The phrase is more complex and simple enough to be understood. It shows a genuine sign of affection from you to the other person.


Speaker: im so lucky to have you in my life, Matthew, thanks for all you do.

8. You Make Me Go, Gaga

One fun way of saying I’m crazy about you is saying you make me go gaga. This is a funny alternative that guarantees to make them laugh. To make someone go gaga is to have them lose their minds or go crazy.

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And telling someone they make you go gaga is a sign you are interested in them. This tells them how to feel about you or how strong your feelings are to them. Use this with someone you are crushing on or a potential partner.

9. You Make Me Feel Safe 

Instead of saying I’m crazy about you, you can say you make me feel safe. This is a softer and more intentional way of telling someone you have strong feelings for them. You make me feel is not a phrase that will be misinterpreted by anyone.

It is direct and focuses on how other people make you feel. A word such as this is a strong letter of emotions. It’s suitable for use with partners, friends, and those you are crushing on.


Speaker: every time I’m with you, you make me feel safe.

10. You Have All Of My Being

Say you have all of my beings as a deeper replacement to im crazy about you. With this comment, you can rise some deep feelings or emotions from the other person.

It tells them you are dedicated to them or will be. This is how you show them you instill confidence in them.


Speaker: you have all of my beings, what am I without you?

There are numerous other ways in which you can express yourself instead of saying I’m crazy about you. However, our list has been well written and handpicked to do justice in many different situations.

Is It Crazy About You Or Crazy Over You?

Both phrases, crazy about you and crazy over you mean the same thing. However, the latter has seen more usage than the former. 

They both mean or show an indication of having strong feelings or fondness for the other person.

However, there is little difference in their application or usage as regards context.

The phrase crazy over you is used to express more passionate and intense emotions. It is used to express love, infatuation, or desire.

While the phrase crazy about you is used in more casual settings. Mostly between friends and expresses admiration or appreciation.

On this note, the best way to decide which is best for you is to consider the relationship you have with them and them.

Parting Words

When you have strong feelings for someone, there are a lot of phrases that come to mind. You need something that can convey your feelings accurately and is also easy to understand.

The wrong phrase will pass the wrong kind of information so it should be avoided at all costs.

When someone says they are crazy about you, it means they like you or are very fond of you. This is a commonly used phrase used by many individuals.

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