I Asked Her Out And She Said Maybe: What Does It Mean?

A woman you asked out will say maybe because she isn’t sure about you or not ready for a relationship.

This is a pretty common occurrence when a guy asks a girl out and it could mean a few things

Follow me in this post as we explain in detail what this means and a few things you can do when this happens.

Know that a girl saying maybe is not the end of the road. With some patience, you can turn a maybe into a definitive yes, and we are going to show you how.

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What Does It Mean When I Asked Her Out And She Said Maybe

It could mean that they are interested in you but haven’t come to terms with these feelings yet.

Another possible meaning is that they are not sure if they are available to date you.

Additionally, it could mean they are not interested in you and don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying a direct no. Saying maybe is a softer way of rejecting your advances and they hope you will back down.

If someone says maybe when you ask them out, you can follow up by telling them to take time to think about your request. Doing this will give you a chance at going out with them.

You can go ahead and suggest another date and time for a meet-up this gives her time to reschedule to a more convenient time.

What helps ultimately is giving them your contact details and asking them to reach out to you if in case they have a change of heart.

It’s important to understand that not every person is comfortable with being asked out.

Some are shy and say maybe, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you. It is a way for them to take time to think about your request.

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Learn to give her space after asking her out. By doing this, she will not feel pressured into accepting or rejecting your advances.

It is important to know that women shouldn’t be pressured into a date. And every gentleman is responsible for making every woman feel safe when they ask them out.

Be polite in conversation and don’t become rude when you have your request turned down. Everyone has the right to say yes or no.

6 Things To Do When I Ask Her Out And She Said Maybe?

If someone says maybe to a date invitation, here are some things you can do.

1. Don’t Take It Personally

I Asked Her Out And She Said Maybe

First in, the list of things you can do when she says maybe is not to take it personally.

This will enable you to view the answer from another point of view. It gives you time to see the best path to follow after such an answer.

When someone says maybe to you, it doesn’t mean you are not attractive or interesting. It could mean many things, and not taking it personally helps you navigate through this.

As we mentioned earlier, it might just mean she is not available and will need some time to think about it.

A befitting response is saying you will be waiting to hear positive feedback from them. This ensures you maintain the friendship between the both of you.

2. Give Them Time

I Asked Her Out And She Said Maybe

When a girl says maybe after being asked, it could be because she hasn’t decided yet if you are worth it.

She has to take time to think this through, and you should avoid pressuring them at this moment.

Applying undue pressure after a request isn’t going to get you the desired result. The right answer is not going to come from pressuring them and you should give them time to think about what’s best for them.

If they are interested in you, they will notify you, as well as if they don’t want to go out with you. Whatever the outcomes, you should be ready for this.

Understand that being patient is also an added advantage if they are thinking about you. It shows them you are mature enough to allow them to decide for themselves without any pressure from you.

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3. Don’t Give Up

Asking a girl out can be tough especially if she responds with a maybe. What you can do as you wait is not to give up. People have different time spaces for making decisions and you need to learn to adapt.

An answer like maybe means you have enough time to know them, converse with them and even showcase more of your good qualities to her. By not giving up easily, you keep your interest alive which will be the best way to go on a date with her.

After waiting some time, it’s safe to follow up and ask them again to see if they have changed their mind. Before asking her out, you must have had a very good reason, and giving up easily for a maybe seems like a waste, doesn’t it?

However, if you are no longer interested in her, you can remain good friends.

4. Understand Their Reasons

Trying to understand why they have said maybe your request will need some patience. It is always important to try and see possible reasons why they have answered you in this manner.

When you think about this, you will come to an understanding that may answer your questions.

This can even allow you to know the best course of action or how long you wait before asking again. It’s important to know that maybe usually means she is ready to keep things simple with you, e.g., having casual talks, friendship, networking, business, etc.

By trying to understand their reasons, you will discover it probably wasn’t the right time for them to date or see anyone.

They may be going through a personal issue such as a loss, divorce, or illness, and going out with someone is at the top of the list.

5. Suggest A Different Date And Time

Suggesting a different date and time after hearing a maybe is one of the best things you can do. This option tells them you are considerate of her and is willing to shift this to a different and more convenient time for her.

When you suggest a different time and date it tells her you still have some interest in her and haven’t been dissuaded by her response. She will appreciate the gesture from you and pay it forward with gratitude.

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The best time for her to discover how much patience you have or interest you have in her is the period after she says maybe. This way she can judge you by what you do.

6.  Share Your Contact With Them

If you ask a girl out and she says maybe, give her your number. This way you are leaving the answer open to her.

It tells her that you are okay with her declining now but are still very open to the idea of her giving you a chance.

This shows them you are available if they ever reconsider your proposal. Additionally, giving her your number makes it easy for her to contact you.

3 Ways To Turn Maybe Into A Yes Dating

It can seem daunting when you ask a girl out and you get a maybe for an answer. We will help you with the best tips on how to achieve this.

Stay with us.

Be confident

Appearing confident when asking you to date out is something that will turn a maybe into a yes.

Do not sound unsure, or seem nervous, by projecting confidence, you are telling her you are interested in her. This will easily change her mind into a yes.

Be Specific

Avoid suggesting vague things like saying, ‘’Let us do something sometime’’ Instead suggest something specific with a date, time, activity, and location.

This will give her a mental image of what to expect from you, which in turn can turn a maybe into a definitive yes.

Be Flexible

Flexibility allows you to reschedule a date. This shows you have interest in them and they almost certainly will be willing to give you a chance.


The best way to respond to a maybe is to do this with patience and an open mind.

It is up to her and if she is interested in you, you will see her reaction and response.

The trick is to wait, understand and be patient with whatever outcome you get.

It’s important to show genuine interest when asking a girl out on a date.

If you seem too eager, you may turn them off, leading to disappointment.

Here are some things you can say to someone who says maybe to a date invitation:

  • I understand, if you are free, let me know what works for you
  • I’m free on the 2nd and weekends. Let me know if either works for you.
  • Here’s my number feel free to text me if your interested

With these responses, you have the best chance of turning a maybe into a yes.

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