She Said Yes to a Date then Changed Her Mind: Reasons Why/ What to Do!

There’s nothing compared to the sweet feelings you’d get when your lady crush says yes to a date. It may come with nervousness but generally, you’d feel a growing excitement.

However, what if you get a rejection afterward? Rejection is a part of dating and people experience it all the time. Although you’d feel hurt, it isn’t out of place to face rejection.

Nevertheless, it’s nothing compared to getting a rejection right after an acceptance to a date. You’ll feel more hurt and embarrassed.

So, it’s customary to wonder why a lady will say yes to a date and change her mind later. What step should you take afterward? Don’t stress over it, you’re in the right place.

This article will help you understand why a girl will change her mind after accepting to go on a date with you. Also, you’d know what you should do.

What Are the Reasons a Girl Will Change Her Mind About a Date?

There are several reasons why a girl will say yes to a date and then change her mind right after. First, you need to understand that if a girl says yes, it doesn’t always mean that she likes you.

She may say yes out of pity, out of friendliness, or spontaneously. So, if she says no afterward, it could mean she didn’t like you in the first place or she found out something about you.

Also, it could be that something more important came up. However, it doesn’t end here. Below, I’ll be explaining the reasons why a lady changes her mind about a date.

She Never Liked You

She Said Yes to a Date then Changed Her Mind

One of the major reasons a girl would change her mind right after accepting to date you is that she never liked you.

You may be wondering if that is possible, after all, she had said yes. However, as I have earlier established, a girl saying yes to a date doesn’t mean she likes you.

Ladies agree to go on a date for several reasons and it doesn’t always revolve around a romantic feeling. So, if she changes her mind about a date, then it could be that she never liked you.

However, there are other elements involved that would push her not to go on with the date if she never liked you.

For instance, she may decide she doesn’t want to lead you on, especially if she knows you’re into her.

While some girls might not think that way and decide to go on the date, some ladies are inclined to believe they’re doing you a favor. So, she may say no afterward, to let you know politely that she doesn’t like you.

Her Crush Finally Asked Her Out

Another reason a girl will say no right after saying yes to a date is that her crush asked her out. First, a girl might say yes to a date with you because you’re her second choice.

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This scenario will happen if the person she likes hasn’t asked her out yet, then she will say yes because she doesn’t want to lose out on a date.

Then, once they finally ask her out, she won’t waste time changing her mind.

Ladies do this often when it’s a social gathering they don’t want to miss out on and don’t want to go alone. So, they will take you as a backup plan while waiting for the guy they like to ask them out.

For example, if you ask a girl out to a prom party and get rejected at the dying minute, don’t sulk for too long. Brace yourself and confidently go to the party even if it means going alone, then watch out for her.

You would probably see her in the arms of another boy. This is a possible reason that would depend on the occasion; one that involves a social gathering.

She Chickened Out

Another reason a lady will say no to a date right after accepting is if she had second thoughts or her shyness overwhelmed her. Ladies are full of emotions and they’re also highly spontaneous.

So, you may not always understand how they think no matter how hard you try.  A lady may chicken out of a date for several reasons.

First, some of the ladies who do this may not know what made them say yes to you in the first place. They may not have feelings for you, maybe something spurred them into accepting.

They may like the idea of dating you and so had said yes without a thought. Maybe you are the famous type, a celebrity, or the like?

So, if they get home and think about it, they may feel it’s not worth it after all. And if they’re the shy type, they’ll conclude they prefer to be indoors.

She Got Bored

She Said Yes to a Date then Changed Her Mind

Another reason a lady will change her mind about a date is if the excitement dies down. If you meet someone for the first time, either physically or online, you both can be full of energy and excitement.

However, this energy can die off right afterward. After the first chat, it may be difficult to continue with the same air you both carried on in the first place.

You may not understand what happened, but it’s something people experience. So, if she had agreed to a date earlier, if the excitement dies down, she may refuse later.

Also, it may be one-sided. If she’s the one who doesn’t sound excited, then you shouldn’t be surprised when she changes her mind later.

You would notice that she’s bored in the way she chats with you or speaks to you on the phone. It’s a sign that’s always obvious.

She is Playing You

Another reason a lady will say yes to a date with you and then change her mind afterward is she wants to play you. Now, this can be from a neutral angle or sentiment.

First, ladies are known to play hard to get. So, she might have said yes as part of the game and said no right afterward to see if you’d go on chasing her.

Some may yes with the right intention and when a friend advises them to play hard, they may change their mind.

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On the other hand, a lady may play this kind of game to dominate your mind. If she knows you like her a lot and doesn’t feel the same way, she may do this to turn you into a simp.

This kind of person doesn’t have any good intentions and only wants to control you or get things from you. So, you should know when to move on so you don’t fall prey to such ladies that only want to use you.

No matter how difficult it is to understand ladies, if you don’t let your emotions rule you, you should be able to get subtle details if you pay attention.

She Found Out Something About You

Another major reason a girl will change her mind to date you is if she found out something about you. It may happen by chance. Maybe she mentions you to her friend who happens to know you.

This friend might leak out some information she feels she needs to know. Also, if she has some reservations about you, she might choose to find out details about you.

So, if she finds out something she doesn’t like about you or something that is a threat to her safety, she might turn you down at the last minute.

Perhaps she found out you’re married or in a relationship. Or maybe you are into some illegal business. There are several of these that would make her change her mind right afterward.

Something Came Up

Another reasonable situation that would make a girl change her mind about going out on a date with you is if something comes up.

This is not an unusual occurrence and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you or has a bad motive. It could be something beyond her control.

Maybe her boss sent her for an assignment or she had to take care of a sick mother. So, if this is the case, she would explain it clearly to you.

So, it’s left for you to trust her and not jump to the wrong conclusions. However, it’s important to know some ladies may use this excuse to turn you down.

While you may not know if she’s genuine, it’s always good to give the benefit of the doubt and try again later.

What Do You Do When a Girl Changes Her Mind About a Date?

When a girl turns you down right after saying yes to you, it’s okay to feel sad, angry, and embarrassed.

First, she has already raised your hopes and worked you into nervousness and excitement. So, draining out everything with one sentence is very disappointing and can hurt deeply.

However, the way you react is important so you don’t give a wrong impression about yourself or scare her more.

So, depending on the reasons, you can ask her why, give your support, try some other time or move on. Below are more things you should know about what to do.

Think About Why She Changed Her Mind

One of the first things you should do when a lady changes her mind about a date is to think about why; even if it seems like she enjoyed her time with you or enjoys chatting with you.

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First, there’s a reason she suddenly changed her mind. Do you think she got bored? Do you think you read her wrongly? Maybe she never liked you?

Do you think it is something you did or said wrongly? You probably are the type who talks a lot or likes to show off. Some ladies don’t like show-off guys. So if you think it’s from you, then you should work on yourself.

But, if you’ve gone through everything critically and you can’t find any reason, then it’s from her. She probably felt it wasn’t worth it, probably because she never liked you.

She Said Yes to a Date then Changed Her Mind

Ask Her Why

The next reasonable step you should take is to politely ask her why. Now, you should take this step if she didn’t give you a reason or say something reasonable.

If she only said she couldn’t go on with the date, you may ask her why immediately if you’re up to it. Or you can take your time to process it before asking her.

Additionally, you can go back to ask her for a second time if you weren’t satisfied. Whatever style you choose, ensure you don’t speak with anger.

She Said Yes to a Date then Changed Her Mind

Give Your Support

If it’s a case that something genuinely occurred, then you should accept it and support her.

Now, you may not know if she’s been genuine, but if she gave a reason that sounded like it, you shouldn’t begin questioning but show your support with kind words.

You can say something like:

  • I’m sorry dear, take all the time you need
  • There’s no problem, we’ll try some other time

Try Again

We’ve established that a woman may give a rejection because they like the idea of being chased. So, if she changes her mind about a date, you should take a break and try again.

That’s if you like her a lot. However, you should be careful not to allow your ego to make you see it as a challenge that you should win immediately.

It’s important to take a step back and do some thinking. It may help you understand more about your true feelings or hers. In the end, you might not feel up to it, but you should know you can always try again.

Move on

Another thing you can do is move on. Not every lady would say yes to you, no matter your status. So if you understand that, then it’ll be easier to deal with rejection; even if it’s coming after an acceptance.

Therefore, if a lady changes her mind about a date, you shouldn’t become bitter or take it personally. It’ll be easier to try to move on and not think about it.

However, not everyone can indeed handle rejection, so you can do any of the following to help you move on:

  • Talk to friends to help you see a new perspective and walk you through the phase
  • Engage in activities you like to help you forget quickly
  • Don’t put off your work but get at it with new enthusiasm. It may seem difficult, but don’t try to stay off work

Final Words

Rejection’s part of life’s relationship, so it would be best to always have that at the back of your mind. So, if a lady changes her mind about a date with you, it’ll be easy to deal with it.

It’s probably because she never liked you, she got bored, something came up or she found out something about you.

Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t take it personally but think about why carefully. Then, you can either move on or try again after knowing her reasons.

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