What Does It Mean to Not Have a Favorite Anything?

Each time someone asks about your favorite food, color, movies, etc, is your answer always “I don’t know”? If yes, come closer. This article is for you.

What Does It Mean to Not Have a Favorite Anything

People who don’t have a favorite of anything are those who would rather not specify a favorite in topics like color, book, movie, TV show, video game, person, subject in school, clothing brand, holiday/season, food/drink, song, artist, scent or flavor… the list goes on.

To begin with, the basic meaning of when you don’t have a favorite of anything could imply a negative or positive denotation.

For instance, it could mean that you have a wide variety of likes and dislikes favored at different moments in time. On the downside, it could mean that you’re an indecisive fellow.

But we are humans and complexity is part of our personalities. So the above possibilities, though valid, are not always accurate.

If you always have to think of something off the top of your head whenever someone asks about your favorite of anything, then it means you don’t stick to anything specific.

But the truth is that many others feel this way. Here are the possible things that not having a favorite for anything could mean:

5 Meanings To When You Don’t Have Favorite For Anything

What Does It Mean to Not Have a Favorite Anything

1. It means you like things equally

One of the likely meanings of when you don’t have a favorite for anything is that you have an equal likeness for virtually all options.

In other words, your taste is diverse hence making it difficult for you to identify a favorite among varying options.

2. Too many things pique your interest to be able to choose favorites.

When too many things pique your interest, it is hard to identify a favorite. For instance, when it comes to concepts like fictional characters, movies, TV shows, colors, and food, there is seemingly too much goodness for one to be able to make up one’s mind.

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So if you don’t have a favorite for anything, it could mean that, though you don’t necessarily have equal likeness for all options, they all pique your interest.

3. You are bored by the varieties

If you haven’t found a stimulation that will trigger extreme likeness for a particular option among alternatives, then it would be hard to say your favorite.

I can promise you that you will find it one day, but only if you stop searching and be open to trying new things.

4. You may be an indecisive person

Another meaning that can be drawn from when you don’t have a favorite of anything is that you’re indecisive.

Indecisiveness is a behavior wherein a person finds it difficult or challenging to decide on their own among choices presented even with the intervention of suggestions and opinions. These kinds of people prefer to flow with the crowd.

If you suspect this to be the case, then it is more of a personal issue than the options of things presented e.g favorite food, brand, color, etc.

5. Your taste changes rapidly

It could mean that you are fickle and you simply don’t have an all-time favorite anything because you tend to love the thing in front of you at a particular moment.

When you don’t have a favorite of anything, it could mean that your tastes gradually change over time, so that thing that you were enthralled with three years ago might not make you quite as happy now.

Is It Normal To Not Have A Favorite Of Anything?

What Does It Mean to Not Have a Favorite Anything

There is nothing weird about not having a favorite of anything. If you think about it, those who have one single favorite of everything most likely have not experienced a whole lot of options as you have.

But the above is not the only basis of the argument. We are all wired differently and what appears to stand out for Mr. A might be otherwise for Mr. B.

Another way to look at not having a favorite of anything is that you have the luxury of choice.

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So, the next time someone asks you what your favorite something is, and you feel like providing an answer, you can say that your favorite about that thing is having enough choices.

If you deeply give it a second thought, you would realize that we all do not have a favorite of anything because many people, people over a certain age don’t have strict absolute favorites either.  This is because favorites can also change quite often too.

I remember in 2013 when my favorite Beyonce track was “Drunk In Love” but recently, a friend asked me what my favorite Beyonce song is, and right then, “Break My Soul” appeared to be my favorite track.

You see, our favorite changes as time elapses and as we are exposed to new things. So, those who do not fancy having a favorite thing should not be se

I Don’t Have A Favorite Animal – What Do I Do?

First of all, it is normal not to have a particular animal specie that you’d call your favorite. Many others feel the same way.

I’d recommend you engage in some online form Quiz. Some websites allow you to fill out a form that supplies specified information about your personality, which will then be used to determine what animal you’d most likely consider your favorite.

It works most time.

Alternatively, you can take a trip to the zoo and explore the different kinds of animals there. Your exposure to a variety of species and how they behave can filter and zero your interest in one particular animal.

Remember, if you don’t feel the need to do all these to have a favorite animal then don’t push it.

Meanwhile, another way you can get a favorite animal is by taking a bold step to acquire a pet that you are comfortable living with. Over time, the specie of the pet may turn out to be your favorite animal.

Browsing about animals and matching their characteristics to unrelated things you like is another way to pinpoint the particular species of animal that is your favorite.

What Does It Mean to Not Have a Favorite Anything

I Don’t Have A Favorite Food – What Do I Do?

When it comes to not having a favorite anything, food is one of the most discussed topics. This goes to show you that it is completely normal not to have a favorite food.

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So what do you do about the situation?

Well, the first thing is that means you haven’t found a stimulation that will draw your utmost likeness to a particular delicacy. The best way to find one is by not searching and not worrying.

In other words, to finally identify the food that is your favorite, it may help to be open-minded to different menus.

I have come across many people who find it hard to identify a favorite food and the reason is always that they are not receptive to trying new things.

Learning about the preparation process of some dishes is another way you can figure out what dish piques your interest above others.

It may surprise you to know that being a friend to a chef can even help you out of the situation of not having a favorite meal. It works all the time.

Alternatively, you can have a go-to meal that should be your lunch during work hours. This meal could end up being your favorite since it is usually the savior coming to the rescue of hungry moments during work hours.

I Don’t Have Any Favorite Color – What Do I Do?

Again, there is nothing unusual about having no favorite color. However, things can get pretty awkward when it comes to making decisions like painting the house, buying items, and choosing attire for an occasion among others.

So before you get to such situations, you can solve the issue of not having a favorite color by

The first thing is to allow people to the choice when it comes to colors. After they help you choose, ask them why they chose the color. This helps you learn about a lot of colors and might lead you to have a favorite.

Another thing you can do is to try as many color options as possible when buying your next gadget or accessories, painting your room, or buying a cloth or linen.

This will help you know the colors you like and you don’t like, thereby further narrowing your interest to a selected few among which you can find one that piques your interest more than all others.

Final thoughts

Take time to question why it bothers you that you don’t have a favorite of anything. In the end, you may realize that the problem is not having no favorites.

The problem could be coming from when people ask “what is your favorite? “because the issue may not be having one, but knowing which one is.”

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