What Does It Mean When a Girl Avoids Touching You? 5 Possible Meanings

Have you been wondering why a girl avoids touching you? Touching is a practical sign, and it shows that someone doesn’t have a problem with you.

So, when a girl avoids touching, it’s normal to be worried and wonder what it means

Doesn’t she like you? Is she shy? There are different reasons why a girl will avoid touching you. I’ll be discussing them in this article.

Also, you’ll know how to make a girl touch and how many touches a woman needs in a day. Finally, you’ll know what someone who doesn’t like to be touched is called.

5 Possible Things It Means When a Girl Avoids Touching You

Women avoid touching men for different reasons, which are sometimes specific to them. Touching someone you’re comfortable with is a natural gesture.

In fact, some people find it easy to touch a stranger, either to call their attention or to greet them.

But, when a woman avoids touching you, it could be that she doesn’t like you. Also, if a woman is shy, she can avoid touching you.

In addition, it could be that you appear dirty, or she’s afraid of passing the wrong message, or she doesn’t like being touched.

Below, I’ll analyze 5 possible meanings of why a woman avoids touching you.

She Is Shy

Shy people are usually reserved and find it difficult to interact with people, and that includes touching them. They may go out, or sit out, but always seem afraid to hold a conversation.

So, one of the reasons a girl may avoid touching you is because she’s shy. If she’s shy, you’ll see it in the way she interacts with you and with others.

Shy people are usually uncomfortable with strangers, but when they get to know them, they become comfortable and find it easy to relate with them.

So, if you’re just getting to know her, check how she interacts with you generally. Does she avoid your eyes? Is she jovial? Does she easily start a conversation with you?

How does she interact with others, particularly strangers? Does she look unrelaxed when she’s with them? If these signs are there, then it means she’s only shy.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Avoids Touching You

She Doesn’t Like You 

One of the main reasons a girl will avoid touching you is that she doesn’t like you. If a girl doesn’t like you, it’ll be clear in the way she interacts with you, except she’s pretending.

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As I’ve earlier established, touching is an act that occurs naturally amongst friends and loved ones.

And if you meet a girl who you know to be very jovial with others, and doesn’t show an aversion to touch, but avoids touching you, then it’s likely that she doesn’t like you.

While touching you is not a sign that she likes you romantically, avoiding contact with you is a strong sign that she may not like you at all.

And she’s likely not touching you to send you the message. However, you should check for other signs.

How does she interact with you generally? How’s her body language? Does she reach out to you first? Does she hang out with other guys freely, but never freely with you?

What Does It Mean When a Girl Avoids Touching You

She Is Afraid of Passing the Wrong Message

Another reason a girl may avoid touching you is because she’s afraid of passing the wrong message. Women are usually more sensitive than men and may think far and take certain things seriously.

This reason is often the case when she’s just meeting you. She may be afraid that you may read meaning into her touch, so she stays reserved.

It could be that she doesn’t like you and doesn’t want you to think that she does.

Also, it could be that she likes you but doesn’t want to show it, especially if you aren’t giving her the same energy. Therefore, she doesn’t touch you, so as not to appear as coming on too fast.

She Doesn’t Like Your Appearance

Another important reason why a girl will avoid touching you is if she doesn’t like your appearance.

If you look dirty, many people will avoid touching you, including males. So, if you appear unkempt and approach a lady, she’s likely to avoid any contact with you, especially if you aren’t her friend.

So, check yourself well and ask your friends what they think about your appearance. If you get many negative replies, then you should work on your looks.

She Doesn’t Like Being Touched by Strangers

Another reason a girl will avoid touching you is that she doesn’t like being touched by strangers. Here, it doesn’t mean she has a phobia to been touched, but it means that she doesn’t appreciate people she doesn’t know touching her.

In this case, if you’re a stranger, then she’s going to avoid touching you, so you wouldn’t touch her. It isn’t that she hates you, but it’s just her nature with strangers.

So, become friends with her and see how she relates to you. If she still avoids touching you, then this is not the case.

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How to Make a Girl Touch You

There are different ways you can make a girl touch you. Getting a lady to touch you isn’t a difficult task. You can simply tell her to do so.

Also, getting her excited and leaning in closer can do the trick. In addition, talk about your need to be held and touch her first.

Finally, wearing something attractive and having an attractive physique can make her touch you.

Below, I’ll discuss how you can make a woman touch you.

Invite Her to Touch You

A simple way you can make a woman touch you is by asking her to do so. You don’t have to be very direct with the request. You can even achieve this without saying a word to her.

If she isn’t too shy or isn’t afraid of touching you, this step should work like magic. Whether she likes you romantically or not, as long as she’s not a stranger, you can invite her to touch you.

Here are some ways you can do this:

  • While walking with her or about to walk with her, extend your arm for her to take it
  • Hold out your hands to lead her down the stairs and the like, or for a walk.
  • Point to your cheek for a kiss after a date
  • Ask her to feel your scar or your muscle or any part of your body that won’t turn anyone off
  • Open your arms for an embrace after a date or when you meet

Get Her Super Pumped

What Does It Mean When a Girl Avoids Touching You

Getting her super pumped here means getting her very excited. When a woman gets very excited, most of them will naturally reach out and touch you.

There are two levels of excitement you can get a woman to and make her touch you. First, you can get her sensually excited. You can flirt with her or try seducing her.

You don’t have to do anything inappropriate, simply by what you say, you can get her very excited and she’ll reach out herself.

Also, you can get a woman emotionally excited. Make her happy, get her to laugh, and she’ll naturally touch you.

Lean in Closer

While getting a woman excited, ensure you get as close as you can to her to make things easier. When a woman is aroused, either sensually or emotionally, leaning in closer will give her the cue.

Even while talking with her, if you’re seating close to her, she can subconsciously touch you. She can lean in and place her head on your shoulder, she can place her palms on your thighs, or rub her shoulder against yours.

Talk about How Much You Love to be Held

Another way you can get a woman to touch you is by talking about how you love cuddling.

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Women love to cuddle, and if she knows you love it, then you’ve got yourself a touchy woman. While going on dates and walks, chip it in in your conversations naturally.

Tell her how you love to be held, tell her how you love snuggling all night, and you’ll see her take the cue and initiate the touch if she’s into you.

Touch Her

Yes, you can go first. When a woman knows you’re okay with physical contact, she wouldn’t have a problem initiating the contact.

So, you go first. You can touch her arm, her hair, or her cheek, and she wouldn’t hesitate to do so some other time.

Wear Something Interesting

Women love attractive items and accessories. If you wear something that gets their attention, it can lead to them attempting to touch it.

So, your style of dressing can attract a touch from a lady.

Have an Attractive Feature

Also, if you’ve got an interesting or attractive feature, it can earn you a touch from a lady. Some ladies love to touch huge or prominent biceps, beards, and interesting hairstyles.

So, if you have these attention-grabbing features, you can get a lady to touch you.

How Many Touches Does a Woman Need a Day?

The number of touches a woman needs per day will depend on the woman. It’ll vary from woman to woman depending on what she likes and the relationship you share with her.

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t touch your friend or a colleague the same way your touch your partner.

Your spouse will need close to 8- 10 physical and meaningful touches to maintain a healthy relationship and emotional health. Research shows that physical touch indicates safety and trust. It’s soothing.

So, with your spouse you should maintain 8-10, or even more intentional touches daily, depending on the woman, to maintain your emotional health.

Also, if you’re getting to know the woman, you should discuss with her to know if she loves a lot of physical contact. You may not need this discussion if you see that she loves it already.

What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like to Be Touched?

Someone who doesn’t like to be touched is touch-aversed. Touch aversion is the hatred of being touched.

This condition can range from mild dislike, instigated by hygiene or some other minor factors to extreme fear or complete abhorrence of being touched.

The extreme fear of being touched is called, haphephobia. It’s a medical condition, characterized by extreme and intense fear of being touched.

Therefore, someone with intense dislike and fear of being touched is haphephobic. However, if it’s a mild dislike, we can use the term, touch-aversed.

Wrapping Up

There are different reasons why a girl will avoid touching you. It could be that she’s shy or doesn’t like you, or doesn’t like being touched by strangers. Also, a girl may avoid touching you if you look dirty.

To get a lady to touch you, you can tell her to do so, or you can touch her first to give her the cue. You can also get her excited and get closer to her.

In addition, talk to her about loving cuddling, and ensure you have an interesting appearance.

Furthermore, the number of touches a lady needs per day would depend on her nature and the relationship you share with her.

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