What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You “Girly?”

Has a girl called you “girly” before? I’m sure you might be wondering what she means.

When a girl calls you “girly,” it can be very confusing.

As a guy does it mean you behave like a girl? Does it mean you’re too soft? Is she insulting you? If you’re a female, you might also wonder if she’s insulting you.

Fortunately, this article will help you figure out what it means when a girl calls you *girly.”

Also, you’ll know what makes a girl “girly” and what to do when a girl calls you “girly.” In the end, you’ll know what’s the opposite of a “girly girl?”

5 Meanings When a Girl Calls You “Girly?” 

You Act Very Feminine

One of the reasons a girl would call you girly is if you act very feminine. First, acting feminine isn’t restricted to the female gender alone. A male can be described as feminine if he shows characteristics of a woman.

Likewise, a lady can be described as feminine if she’s conscious of her gender and promotes traditional femininity.

As a male, if a girl calls you “girly,” it could be because she feels you act ladylike. These ladylike characteristics cannot be exhausted, and if a girl sees one or two of these behaviors in you, she could call you a girly.

Some traditional characteristics or manners have been attributed to a lady, and when a guy begins showing these attributes, brows would be raised. It could be in the way you speak, walk, keep your hands, and dress.

For instance, wearing skirts has been stereotyped for women and if a man appears in that, a girl might call him girly.

As a female, a girl can call you “girly” if you’re overly conscious of your femininity. It could be in the way you act, dress and speak. For instance, refusing to engage in anything considered manly, and being overly conscious of her femininity.

A lady who ensures she sits like a lady and makes her gait ladylike is girly. So, a girl can call you a “girly girl” to appreciate your actions.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Girly

She Sees You as a Friend

Another reason a girl would call you girly is if she sees you as a friend. Usually, friends give each other nicknames, so it isn’t out of place when your friend nicknames you.

So, if your friend calls you girly, it’s likely they’re nicknaming you. As a female, your girlfriend may take to calling you girly not because you’re too conscious of your femininity.

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It could be just something she calls her female friends, just as she might call her male friend “dude” or “bruh.” So, before you think she’s trying to say something about your behavior, it could just be a nickname she gives her female friends.

She’s Teasing You

Another reason a girl might call you girly is to tease you. If she’s a friend, she could tease you with this “term” to get at you or just to be funny.

As a female, it isn’t out of place for your female friends to tease or make fun of you from time to time. They could tease you with this word if they see you act differently for the first time.

For instance, if you’ve always been on a low cut and decide to weave your hair, your girls might tease you about it.

Here’s an example: “Wow! See who has decided to be a “girly.”

Here, if they’re only teasing you because of what you’ve done, that’s where it should end.

Furthermore, as a male, your female friends may tease you by calling you “girly” if they also notice a female characteristic in you.

For instance, if you whine about something or dress like a girl, they might tease you about it by calling you “girly.”

However, if it isn’t a one-time thing, and they keep teasing you by calling you “girly,” then it could mean they’re insulting you or nicknaming you because of your feminine behavior.

She Doesn’t Like Your Behavior

If a girl doesn’t like your behavior, they can show it in different ways. A girl might call you “girly” because they don’t like how you act or behave like a lady.

As a female or a male, if your female friend decides that she doesn’t like that you’re too feminine, she can take to calling you “girly.”

You should see this dislike in the manner in which she calls it and in her body language. Someone, who calls you girly with bitterness in her tone or without smiling, is showing her dislike.

Also, if she calls you immediately after an action, then she could be passing a message that she doesn’t like what you did.

In that case, she could say, “why are you such a girly?” This statement shows she’s irritated at what you did.

She Is Insulting You

A lady can also call you a “girly” to insult you. Although this term can be used to tease a friend or to nickname someone, it can also be used in a derogatory manner.

If you perform an action that a girl doesn’t appreciate, she could call you a girly to make you feel bad. Also, she could call you this term to get at you if you’re in an argument.

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If it’s the case that a girl calls you girly to insult you, you’ll hear it in her tone of voice and her body language.

Here’s an example: “Don’t talk to me you, girly!”

What Makes a Girl Girly?

Countless things make a girl girly. As I’ve earlier established, a girly is very conscious of her femininity and ensures she does things like a woman.

This includes: taking care of her appearance, creating a girl space, and acting like a girly girl.

Taking Care of Her Appearance

A girly girl is very conscious of her appearance. She takes care of her hair, does a manicure and pedicure, and wears perfume and deodorants.

A girly girl doesn’t joke about the way she looks. She keeps herself clean by bathing and taking a shower daily. She washes her hair and keeps her hair neat. In addition, she pays attention to her teeth and ensures it’s neat.

Also, a girly girl wears makeup. She doesn’t have to do heavy makeup daily, but she shapes her brow, moisturizes her face, and may wear lip gloss.

Wearing light makeup makes a girl get a girly look. So, you can put on some light makeup before stepping out daily.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Girly

Creating a Girl Space

A girly girl also creates a girl’s space. She keeps her room neat, chooses bright colors, and does some decorations.

A girly girl is creative when it comes to her personal space. She’s conscious of how she arranges it and puts up her accessories.

Acts Like a Girly Girl

Generally, a girly girl acts like a typical female. She keeps friends that think like her and acts like her.

A girly girl is always on trend with fashion and social media. She doesn’t have to wear what everyone is wearing, but she can create her style and rock it. Also, She hangs out with girls, walks gracefully, and speaks politely.

However, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t hang out with males or have them as friends, but she’s always conscious of her femininity while at it.

In addition, a girly girl is very conscious of the way she acts publicly. She’s very careful in the way she walks and talks. She wears girls’ clothes and gives out womanly vibes.

What Do You Do When a Girl Calls You Girly?

When a girl calls you girly, there are different ways you can respond. However, if you’re not sure about how to react, here are some things you can do.

You can ask her what she means, give her a nickname, tell her how you feel about it, or ignore her.

Ask Her What She Means

If a girl calls you girly out of the blue, it’s natural to feel confused and wonder what she means. So, one of the things you can do is to ask her what she means.

Asking her what she means will help deal with your confusion and provide answers for you. If you find out she’s teasing you, you could laugh over it and not pay attention to it.

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However, if she calls you girly because she feels you act like one, it may bother you if you’re a male.

Think About What She Means

As a male, if a girl calls you girly, it may bother you if you find that she calls you that because of your behavior.

If it’s something that worries you, you can check back on how you behave: how you speak, walk, or act generally.

If it’s something that you don’t appreciate too, you can work towards making some arrangements. While it isn’t right to change your behavior to suit someone, you can always check and see if it’s something you want to do.

Give Her a Nickname Too

If a girl calls you girly, you can nickname her too. If she’s your friend, she probably could be teasing you.

So, you can also find some nicknames for her too. This action is appropriate if you’re okay with her calling you girly.

As a female, you can nickname her “tomboy” if she behaves like one, or “missy,” or “gal.”

As a male, you could nickname her “bro” for fun, or “dude.”

Tell Her How You Feel About It

Another thing you can do when a girl calls you girly is to tell her how you feel about it. If you don’t appreciate her teasing you with the term or nicknaming you that, you should tell her about it.

Ignore Her

Most times, it’s best to ignore someone making fun of you or insulting you. Ignoring them will give them what they aren’t expecting, which will get to them.

So, if a girl insults you by calling you girly, you can ignore her and pay attention to some other thing.

What Is the Opposite of a Girly Girl?

“Girly girl” has different words that can stand as opposite in meaning. A “tomboy” is the female opposite of the term, girly girl. A “tomboy” is a girl who behaves and acts like a boy.

She dresses like a boy, walks like a boy, and might even speak like one. She might associate more with boys or girls like herself. These girls hardly wear makeup.

Rather, they’re more comfortable in appearing like a man.

On the other hand, the male opposite of “girly girl” is “man’s man” or “manly man.” A manly man is a man who portrays the typical characteristics of a man and promotes masculinity.

They make sure wherever they’re they always act like a man. This set of people always act strong and never want to be perceived as weak or too soft.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Girly

Final Words

A girl can call you a girly if she notices that you behave like a girl as a man, or you’re very conscious of your femininity as a woman.

Also, she could tease you with the term or nickname you “girly.” A girly girl is very conscious of her femininity, she takes care of her appearance, creates a girly space, and speaks and walks gracefully.

If a girl calls you a girly girl, you can ask her what she means if you are wondering what she means.

You can also ponder on it and tell her you don’t appreciate it if that’s what you feel. Also, find her a nickname too, or ignore her

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