Meanings When a Girl Looks at Your Stomach

There’s this pretty new girl on the block, she just moved in. Every time you see her, she is always looking at you intently and you soon find out what she has been looking at. It’s your stomach.

Sometimes it can be creepy, other times, flattering, and other times it can be downright weird. But why exactly? What does it mean when she looks at your stomach?

Does she like you and doesn’t know where to look? Does she think your abs look attractive?

Here are some reasons why that childhood friend or new classmate or neighbor might have been looking at your stomach any chance she gets:

5 possible meanings why a girl looks at your stomach

She is checking you out

While some people are really good at checking people out subtly, others might not be as subtly and that might just be one of the reasons she is staring at your Tummy.

Maybe she is done assessing other parts of you and she is trying to figure out if you have a flabby middle or solid rock abs.

She is curious

She might just be wondering what you have under that polo or that T-shirt. Yes, I know it sounds creepy but curiosity might be what drives her to do the things she does.

She might be wondering what your tummy looks like, or how firm your abs are. If you have your tummy showing, she might be wondering how long it took you to become so ripped, or if you are single so she can become your girlfriend.

She is just admiring you

When I call my boyfriend’s body a work of art, people laugh but it might just be what she thinks of you.

Whether or not she has an interest in you, you will always be a hot piece of cake so she might just be staring at your middle because you have something that makes her giggle (nice one right?)

She wants to touch it

Eyes on the prize, the prize being your stomach. The truth is a lot of girls go gaga for biceps, a broad chest, and abs.

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Most times it’s more of the last than the first or the second. Now that you know that, maybe her staring at it because she wants to touch it doesn’t seem like such a perplexing thing anymore.

There’s something on your stomach

If you have a stain on your shirt or a button missing or maybe you didn’t button up properly, and so many more things that can be wrong, she might be staring.

Most times, it might be odd so she will stare in silent wonder and other times it’s hilarious so she would be giggling quietly.

If she has the courage, she might tell you what is wrong and why she is staring. Chances are you wouldn’t figure it out until she tells you.

What to do when she looks at your stomach?

In the event that that girl from before actually exists, you may be a bit flustered and not know what to do in that case, so here are some things you can do when it happens;

Cover your stomach with your hand

Or what with a book or shirt or anything that will tell her that you are not comfortable with her staring.

You might have just had a big lunch and have your tummy protruding, covering it with a book or anything that will obstruct it from view enough to pass the message of your discomfort to her.

On the other hand, if you are shirtless, say you are at the gym, you can’t really use your arms to cover the belly so it’s best if you turn around for a while.

If she didn’t get the memo on how rude it is to stare at people, she will understand the message of a turned back.

Ask her to stop staring at your stomach

If you are not comfortable with someone staring at you, either for good or bad reasons, you can tell them to stop. It’s your body and it’s rude for others to stare at others like they are some TV screen.

Now this might be awkward, especially if she doesn’t realize that she is doing it, you can tell her to stop in a way that would not aggravate the matter or lead to flare tempers.

Besides, if she is a big fan of your abs, you don’t want to embarrass her and turn to a foe.

Ask her if she needs help

What Does It Mean When a Girl Looks at Your Stomach

Let’s say she is speaking to you one on one and she starts staring at your stomach, it might be that she is shy or nervous and doesn’t know how to express herself.

You can ask her if she needs help with something. If she was trying to gather the courage to tell or ask you something, it should be easier for now.

On the other hand, you can be quite stern if she is looking you down like you are not important.

Ask her what she thinks

If she is staring at your stomach with that admiration, she is either swooning over your open abs or admiring your well-toned flat tummy.

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You can be a good sport and ask her what she thinks. Something like “Do you like what you see?” Or “they are mesmerizing aren’t they?” will make her blush.

If she has been staring for so long, she probably doesn’t realize what she is doing so you can use this to snap her back to reality. She might be embarrassed but she will appreciate that better than a rude response.

Show off some more

What Does It Mean When a Girl Looks at Your Stomach

If you are comfortable with people staring at you, you feel like a work of art or a masterpiece then you can try to show off some more.

For example, if you had part of your belly showing, you can take your shirt up or take it off completely. You can try to stiffen your muscles so you can see them bulge and ripple.

If you make eye contact, wink and smile at her and watch for her reaction. You might just have her smitten if you do it well enough.

What does it mean when a woman rubs her stomach?

Now on the other hand, instead of looking at your stomach, she’s rubbing hers. What might that mean by that? Here are a few possible meanings:

She is nervous

Unconsciously she might do this if she feels butterflies or her tummy curling. It might not help her stomach feel any better but it is an action and it might make her feel better even if her tummy says the opposite.

She is hungry

It is not in the nature of girls to be very (how do I put this) crude about matters like this. She might be rubbing her stomach in front of you to mean she is hungry because you are a close friend.

She is insecure

Insecurities can make people do weird things and she probably feels insecure about her middle. Maybe she feels her tummy is big or she looks weird or she doesn’t look good in what she is wearing.

Either way, her insecurities can subconsciously push her.

What does it mean when a girl shows you her belly?

In a reverse play, what if she shows you her own belly instead of looking at yours? Why would I want to do such a thing? Is she trying to mean something? I think these could be what she has in mind;

What Does It Mean When a Girl Looks at Your Stomach

She likes how she looks

If it is her style to show off her midriff with crop tops and anything that is a bit revealing then this is a good reason.

Some girls are just really comfortable in their own skin and she happens to be one of them. In her eyes, she has a fine-looking belly and she wants you to notice and love it as much as she does or more.

She likes you

As guys, it is often said that we are moved by what we see, and a lot of girls know that. Some girls when interested in guys would often call their attention to their best features or qualities.

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The girl might like you and want to show you a part of her you might appreciate without being inappropriate.

She is trying to show off her toned stomach or abs muscles

If she is a great body that she is proud of, she might want to show it off.

Being in shape can be so hard so if she has worked her ass off and got into shape or if it is something she has naturally and is maintaining, she will be very proud to show it off so everyone can see the reward of her hard work.

If she lifts her shirt for you to see, then she might be showing them off to you and wanting to get your opinion on it.

She wants you to touch it

She might want you to touch her stomach because she is proud of how fit she is or she wants some form of physical contact. Something that is sensual but not over top.

For this reason, while it might not be for all girls – some might not appreciate you touching them, especially on their stomach – it is a likely reason and to avoid trouble, you can ask if it’s fine for you to touch them on their tummy.

What does it mean when a girl touches your stomach

Would you ever think a girl would suddenly touch your stomach for some reason? Why? Maybe because;

She is being playful and friendly

There are these bold girls that don’t care about anything or who are not afraid of anything. They are not troublemakers but you will know that they are tough people.

While they might seem unfriendly and scary, they are the kind of girls to poke your belly and even try to tickle you as a way to show friendliness.

She finds you attractive and is trying to have a form of physical contact

What Does It Mean When a Girl Looks at Your Stomach

Another reason a girl would touch your stomach might be because she is attracted to you. It can be a sensual or flirtatious gesture.

By touching you, playing with your stomach, she is trying to get you to notice her, and pay more attention to her.

It’s the only way you will understand that they are interested in you and they are cool with physical contact. As a matter of fact, she might want you to poke back.

What does it mean when a girl says she can feel it in her stomach?

The first thing that most people think of when they hear that a girl feels something in her stomach is cramps, aches, and pregnancy.

Well, there is more to what she feels than just cramps. It could be either of the following:

She is anxious or nervous

I like to call this the empty gut feeling or the butterfly in your stomach feeling. If she is very nervous about something, maybe giving a speech or standing near her crush, she would be able to feel it in her stomach.

It makes her more tense than she already is. It is a regular thing that can happen to anyone.

She is excited

This has to be a feeling we can all relate to. You may not understand what has got her all chipper but it has a finger number and that’s why she has her stomach in knots.

She could be excited with curiosity or butterflies of love one would feel from meeting a crush or a lover.

She is feeling lovesick

I bet you weren’t expecting this but lovesickness is real and I have got some science to back it up.

You know that feeling when you see someone that you love; that feeling is not just butterflies in your stomach, that slight pain you feel.

It’s a stress hormone contracting blood vessels in your stomach so it’s like everything is squeezing together and making you feel sick. It seems silly, but it just is what exactly it is that she is feeling.

Wrap Up

While this is all quite strange, or weird. But looking at your belly, touching your belly, showing hers, there are different things it could mean.

Finding out which one would be best to know how to respond, so the response isn’t inappropriate.

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