When A Girl Says That’s Funny – Meaning & How To Respond

Did a girl just say ‘That’s funny’, to something you said while having a conversation with her? I’m sure you are wondering what it could mean and what the best reply to it will be.

It is tempting to conclude that a girl who is attracted to you will find even the dumbest thing you say to be very funny. But there are other possible meanings. Most times, girls don’t just tell people they’re funny but the meaning is not a negative thing.

When a girl says ‘that’s funny’ to you or calls you funny, it most likely means that she finds you to be entertaining. It could also be a sign of attraction but other cues have to complement before you can conclude on this.

Telling you ‘that’s funny’ is also a way a girl can make fun of you when you do something she thinks is unusual or weird.

There are actually several reasons why a girl will say “That’s funny” to you. For this reason, it is important to consider the context of how she said it. Her tone and body language will also help interpret the meaning.

Here are 6 common meanings that can be drawn from when a girl tells you “That’s funny” during a conversation.

6 meanings to when a girl says “That’s funny”

When A Girl Says That’s Funny

1. You probably made her happy

If you made a girl happy by telling a light joke that made her laugh, you can expect her to spontaneously say that’s funny. In other words, it could mean that she thinks you are a bit funny.

You can also consider the remark, in this light, to be her way of harmless flirting. If you perceive this to be the meaning, judging from the context of the situation, then there is nothing to read into.

You’d agree with me that some girls are naturally friendly, happy, and flirty. So, to them, saying ‘that’s funny doesn’t convey any deeper meaning.

2. It could be a sarcastic expression

Another meaning of when a girl says that’s funny is that it could be a sarcastic expression. You would be able to know if this is the meaning of the remark if you pay attention to her facial expression when she says this. Most likely, she won’t smile while saying it.

It could mean your joke, action, or words were not as funny as you think they are and so she says ‘that’s funny without smiling or laughing.

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On the flip side, it could mean that she thinks you are a little fun and quirky, so I’d say you shouldn’t look into such a little statement that much.

3. It could be that she likes you or is attracted to you

When a girl is attracted to you, it would be easier to get the fun part of her. If she is really into you, almost anything you say will be fun to her. So, when a girl says “that’s funny” or calls you funny, it could mean that she likes you.

This is because she may have thought you were cute. Some girls find it endearing when a guy is a little bit nervous or realistic in their expressions.

If she finds you to be amusing to chat with, you can expect to get a lot of “that is funny” from her.

4. When your action or words irritates her

A girl can say ‘that’s funny when your actions or words irritate her. Here, the focus is not really on what she says but more on how she says it.

If she makes this statement in a very funny way, you can interpret it as she being polite and letting you know what you’ve said isn’t exactly funny.

In some scenarios where you share something seemingly funny with her, and she responds with ‘that’s funny; with a straight face and no vocal reflection, you should know there is more beyond the little statement.

In this case, you’d want to poke a little to know what she meant by the statement. It could be that she finds it very annoying and so saying ‘that’s funny is just a way of expressing irritation.

When A Girl Says That’s Funny

5. An expression of disappointment

Similar to the previous meaning, a girl can say ‘that is funny because of the irony involved in what you’ve just said to her or just done.

Also, when you’re lying to the girl but she knows the truth, to her, it is funny to watch you make excuses or brag based on lies. So, in amusement, she could say “that’s funny”

In a similar light, one other meaning to when a girl says ‘that’s funny is when she’s pissed off, annoyed, or in the heat of an argument. She can do a deep laugh as she shakes your head in disbelief.

Hence, the statement, coming from a girl, could mean an expression of disappointment or disbelief. This possible meaning occurs mostly when she is being lied to and she knows the truth.

Also, if you say something which she hasn’t heard before about herself such as rumors, she could respond with “Oh, that’s funny”

6. She is being disrespectful

Another possible and common reason/meaning behind when a girl says ‘that’s funny is that she is being disrespectful.

For instance, imagine you are with her in the midst of other people and you said something she considered to be weird, hence she says “that’s funny”

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This could pass an impression to you and others around that would make you appear to be of a lower status than her. This is not a good thing because chances are she would only say things like it when she is in front of certain people.

If the statement is not something she would say when she is alone with you, but would always say it to you among other people whenever you comment that she considers unusual, then the statement could mean that she’s being disrespectful.

What’s The Best Reply When A Girl Says “That’s Funny”?

When A Girl Says That’s Funny

Responding to when a lady says “that’s funny” is as important as knowing the meaning behind the statement.

Many boys like to maintain cockiness when replying to girls that say they are funny or ‘that’s funny but the truth is that many girls don’t really like cocky guys  (some do, though)

So, here are some of the best responses to give when a girl says ‘that is funny’

Note: Some of these responses will not apply to some situations. So examine the context before using any of these response approaches.

1. Simile and say thank you

The next time a girl says ‘that’s funny or calls you funny, and you see that she had said that because she’s attracted to you, then one of the best replies to give is to smile, look her in the eye, and say “Well, thank you”

You don’t have to push it further. The smile shouldn’t lead to a laugh, and after saying thank you, come up with a relative thing to stir the conversation and keep the happiness going.

2. Blush

Not all guys will be able to do this but one of the coolest ways to respond when a girl says you are funny or ‘that’s funny is to make her see that you blushed.

You can simply smile and look away. Thereafter, you say something like “Don’t say those things.”

This is something that any girl would die to see, especially when they make an expression that compliments you. If you suspect that she’d said ‘that’s funny because she thinks you’re cute, then this is the best response to give.

3. Compliment her

When a girl says “that is funny”, one of the convenient responses is to give her a compliment in return. Whether or not she meant the statement as a compliment, this would naturally melt her heart.

For example, after she says you’re funny or ‘that’s funny, you can reply with a compliment like “And, you have a beautiful smile when reacting to funny things” boom!

Although, some girls who read too much meaning to things will think that you are just saying the compliment because you are being kind. But what difference does it make? You made her feel good x2

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4. Say, “Only around you girl”

Another way you can reply to a girl when she says “that’s funny” is to sound cocky in a way that displays your confidence and feelings towards her.

She will be amused by this reply, but you have to be sure that she made the statement with a positive connotation. If you’ve been following, you remember that one of the possible meanings of when a girl says “that is funny is when she finds something you’ve said annoying or irritating.

It would be a disaster to now reply “only around you, girl” in that context. So, examine her tone and expression before using this response.

When A Girl Says That’s Funny

5. Say, “Yeah and I’m sexy too”

If the girl says you’re funny, you can display some extra confidence by replying with “yeah, and I’m sexy too”

Not only are you flirting with her with this response, but you are also giving her more qualities about you to marvel at.

It is one of the best ways to reply to such a statement but will not go down well with ladies who do not like cocky guys. So, again, you have to be careful when using this response.

6. Say, “Funny?”

If you find it hard to understand what she meant by saying ‘that’s funny and you don’t want to jump to a conclusion, then you can reply with the question ‘Funny?”

This will prompt her to further explain why she had said that is funny. It is a sneaky way to allow her to explain herself so you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out what her expression meant.

If she meant the statement in a positive or negative term, and you want to be sure, you can use this response technique.

Although, if she says ‘that’s funny in a cheerful tone, instincts should tell you what she meant by the statement. So it would be absurd to interrupt the lively moment by asking why she thinks it is funny. This leads us to the last point.

7. Don’t ask her why she thinks so

It is a disaster to ask a girl why she says something is funny after she says “that’s funny”, especially when all cues point that there is no hidden meaning to the statement.

When she says ‘that’s funny and you ask her why she thinks so, you are subjecting her to a difficult position to go out of her way in explaining what made your joke, words, or action funny.

It is most likely to put her off.


It is a popular opinion that when a girl finds you attractive, she will most likely laugh at the dumbest thing you say. This is true but not always accurate especially when she uses the word funny – either by saying you’re funny or saying ‘that’s is funny

For example, it could suggest that she likes you, but it might also just be a compliment. So the bottom line is to examine the context of the situation, consider her tone while saying it, her facial expression, and other behavioral cues e.g eyes rolling, smile, etc

But keep in mind that when a girl says to you “that is funny” and it is not a sarcastic expression, then it is a good thing and you shouldn’t read too much into it.

From my experience, I can say that it all depends on her tone.

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