When a Guy Says “Cheers” to a Girl: What Does It Mean?

Cheers has many meanings, it’s a word used in multiple ways and situations all around the world. It has to do with encouragement, good fortune, gratitude, congratulations, and what have you. It is quite versatile in its use.

But what does it mean when it is used by a guy to a girl? What does it mean when a guy says cheers to a girl? It could mean many things

From toasting to her progress in life or some achievement she made to making sarcasm, there are many ways it could go.

Here are 5 ways to interpret why a guy say “cheers” to a girl:

He is making a toast to her

In many places, when people raise a glass and say “cheers,” it’s simply a friendly way of acknowledging the people they’re with and enjoying the moment.

If a guy says “cheers” to a girl in this context, he probably just means to be sociable and include her in the group or the discussion going on.

It can also be a way to toast to something that she has done. It might not be a formal toast but a symbolic way to express goodwill and appreciation.

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He is thanking her for something she has done

If the girl did something kind or helpful, the guy might say “cheers” to show his appreciation. Be it in person or a text message, “cheers” is synonymous with thank you and can be used to appreciate a person not just for their effort but their time.

That’s why many speakers or writers end with cheers. In the instance that the girl bought a round of drinks or helped the guy with something he was struggling with, he might say “cheers” to acknowledge her efforts and show gratitude.

He is saying goodbye

when a guy says cheers to a girl

You might not know this but cheers can be used to wave goodbye to someone. It’s a modern version of the British “Cheerio” and it’s now said everywhere in America.

If either the guy or girl is leaving, say a social gathering or a meeting, the guy can say cheers to mean farewell or to express good wishes for someone’s well-being.

It’s different from the more generic goodbye and it can be used in a professional setting.

As a sign of affection

Sometimes cheers can be said as a way of expressing interest in someone or to show attraction. In the UK, cheers can be synonymous with a lover and said especially to them.

You can also say cheers as a way to flirt with her or, for example, get her attention.

As a sarcastic remark

And the least popular reason, a guy might say cheers to a girl in a sarcastic or ironic way to tell her that he is displeased or annoyed by her words or actions.

It might sound elated but it takes a harsh tone and shows in his body language and his gestures that he is not in any way happy with the girl. It’s like saying “thanks a lot” to someone who kept you down or broke a promise or agreement.

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What To Do When A Guy Says Cheers To You

Before you respond in a way, you have to first understand why he said cheers. That would be a guide on how to respond. That said here are some of the best things to do when a guy tells you cheers:

You can ask him why he said it

If you want to take the conversation further, you could ask him why he said it or what he’s toasting to.

If it is not a social gathering or a toast, it can be easy to place why he said Cheers but it’s fun to ask anyway. It helps you understand them more.

when a guy says cheers to a girl

You can make a toast to him

Depending on the context of the situation, you could also raise a drink and actually say cheers to him as a sign of camaraderie or agreement, whether you have a glass of wine or a soda pop. It’s a good way to show that you also appreciate him and that you are friends.

Say “Cheers!” back

If it is a toast, there is much to say back unless you want to continue the conversation. If it is the kind of toast where people move about clinking glasses with others just smile and reply with “cheers”.

The toast may not be about you but replying cheers tell him that you are happy with over they have toasted to and you wish them the very best.

Take a sip of your drink to show that you are joining in

If you have clinked glasses with others around you and he is a little way off, there is no need to start hurrying over to him.

Your drink won’t taste any better if you do. Instead when he says cheers to you, it is in your direction, look at him and take a sip of your drink. It’s an elegant way to acknowledge and respond to him and his message.

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Smile and nod to acknowledge the statement

If the person speaking to you is a stranger, or someone you are not very acquainted with, there is no need to strike up a conversation unless you are interested in them or you want to. A simple smile and nod should suffice.

This works whether or not they are toasting to you.

Say something witty or playful to keep the conversation going

when a guy says cheers to a girl

If the guy is trying to flirt with you to get your attention, you can keep things going with something funny or witty so that he has something to laugh at and respond to.

Something like “Here’s to being single” knowing full well that they are interested in you is a nice way to direct the conversation to that area and encourage them.

For something that is just funny, something like, “You, me, and drinks. What could possibly go wrong?” should fit the bill.

Compliment the guy on his choice of beverage, and ask him about his favorite drink

when a guy says cheers to a girl

Since you both have drinks in hand, compliment him on his and use that as a common ground to begin a conversation. Something like, “I never thought of you as a beer-loving guy” or “How do you find the whiskey? Pretty good huh?” are great starters.

Thank him, and wish him a good night

If he says goodbye at the close of work or the close of the day, you can’t just walk out like you didn’t hear him. Turn around and say thank you and wish him a good night’s rest.

The day probably stressed you both out but it is not enough reason to act without courtesy. If you feel the thank you is unnecessary, just wish him a good sleep or say something like “See you later” or “We will talk soon” to say that you will meet later.

Wrap Up

Anything said between a guy and a girl is usually a touchy subject, as there would usually be an undertone to everything. But sometimes an honest “cheers” on any day of the week could really lift the mood of the person.

There are different ways it can be used and it can also be responded to differently depending on the girl in question. So cheers everyone! and remember to stay happy and stay safe.

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