What Does It Mean When Someone Reassures You? 3 Possible Meanings!

When someone reassures you, you may be plunged into deep thoughts as to what the person means by that.

Their words, although soothing to the ears, can go on to mean more than just telling you that you’re loved no matter what.

However, your relationship with people forms a better thread of interest and coexistence between you and the person.

In light of this, getting reassurance from someone you are in a relationship with, whether it is platonic or otherwise, could even be a manipulative tool for all I’ve observed in the past years.

Understanding what it truly means, therefore, becomes a feat you need to attain and I’ll be helping you to walk to that realization in this article. Stay with me!

3 Possible Meanings When A Guy Reassures You

I understand that you want to get to the root as to why someone would reassure you. But to do that, we have to consider all case scenarios where someone would likely reassure you and what he or she would be possibly projecting using their reiterated assurance.

To do this, I will be discussing 3 different meanings of what it means when someone reassures you. They include the following:

  • It means they’re trying to make you worry less
  • It means they’re rekindling your confidence/trust in them
  • It could even be that they’re trying to manipulate you

It Means They’re Trying to Make You Worry Less

One of the meanings which we can read into it when someone reassures you is the fact that they’re trying to make you feel less worried.

They’re trying to push the agenda of feeling secure around them, and that is why they’d prefer to reassure you, then try to push an agenda of false love.

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The reassurance in this context could be telling you that they love you or they don’t want to lose you.

Either way, the person aims to eradicate worries from your mind. Perhaps, you’re in a platonic relationship with the person and he or she is making a move that doesn’t sit right with you.

In this case, the likelihood that you’ll be tensed up and overly worried about the situation is high, which is a good premise for them to lodge a project to reassure you of the success of the mission or business they’re about to embark on.

They could do this by either presenting you with shreds of evidence that prove that their presumed move was successful for others and going by the same strategy, it would also pan out well for them.

Or they could bank on their previous successful endeavors to build the basis of reassuring you.

Whatever the case may be, the person’s main aim would remain to lessen your tendencies of worrying too much about them or the situation they’ve found themselves in.

It Means They’re Rekindling Your Confidence/Trust in Them

Just like in the attempt to eradicate fear, doubt, and worries from your mind, someone could reassure you just to restore confidence in you or whatever relationship or business you share with them.

Perhaps you’ve lost trust in them due to past miscalculations on their part. If that’s the case, then reassuring you would serve as their tool for restoring what has been lost, which is in this case…your confidence in them.

It Could Even Be That They’re Trying to Manipulate You

Manipulation is another point of meaning that you can read into it when someone reassures you. While reassurance could serve a positive purpose, to some lengths it can also be a manipulative tool.

For the person, it could be an avenue for them to make you believe what is not real or true. Reassurance, therefore, becomes a way for the person to sell you a narrative in their favor.

What Does Reassure Mean in Love?

Reassurance means different things in different situations and even to different persons. In a parent-child relationship, reassurance means another thing in the case of love.

In love, here are 3 points meaning when reassure is weighed on the scale of love. These include:

  • It means the person doesn’t want to lose you
  • It also means both partners believe in the sustenance of the relationship
  • It could mean a mode of seeking forgiveness

It Means the Person Doesn’t Want to Lose You

In a love setting, when a person reassures you it could mean the person is afraid of losing you.

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Love has a way of making people get used to one another and once the feeling is made solid, the fear of losing a loved one becomes a real deal to deal with.

Hence, their reassurance to you is a reflection of what he or she dreads the most.

It Also Means Both Partners believe in the Sustenance of the Relationship

While the previous point has to do with the element of fear and how it affects the decision of the person who reassures you, this particular point deals with hope as an element that affects the decision-making process of the person who reassures you.

Here, we can deduce that the person who reassures you did so to sustain whatever relationship you have with them, which is mostly involving deep feelings as the case is in this context.

It Could Mean a Mode of Seeking Forgiveness

What Does It Mean When Someone Reassures You

Aside from the premise of fear and hope, reassurance in love can be interpreted from the angle of seeking forgiveness for supposed wrongdoing that someone you love has done to you.

We can also see reassurance from this angle as a mode of manipulation, where someone tries to convince you to extend your goodwill of forgiving spirit to them.

Is Reassurance a Love Language?

No, reassurance is not a love language. Independently, it is not a type of love langue. Still, it combines the various types of love languages like words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch gifting, and even acts of service.

No documentation shows or supports the assertion that reassurance is a love language and this is because the whole process doesn’t take any particular form of modus operandi.

Instead, you can reassure someone using any of the aforementioned love languages.

Just like in the use of physical touch; you can reassure your lover of your commitment to the relationship by increasing the level of contact with them physically.

This gives them a sense of belonging and reassures them of your interest in the affair with them. The same technicality applies to the other forms of love language and their relativity to reassurance.

Do Girls Love Reassurance?

Yes, girls and women alike love and need reassurance. This is because a woman needs to be reminded that she’s loved and appreciated for her contributions to the relationship and when they’re not getting it, they tend to grow hostile over time.

This is in no way insinuating that they cannot do without it, but it reemphasizes how needful it is for women to get reassurance, especially from their man.

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Since women feed off of praise, accolades, and attention, reassurance only becomes a means to an end for them as it paves the way for a more fluid relationship with a woman without constraints.

Is Reassurance Clingy?

No, it is not clingy or needy, rather it projects confidence and trustworthiness. What this means is that reassurance only shows how assertive a person can be as regards what he or she wants from you.

If someone reassures you, it means he or she wants to stay connected to you and they’re doing that by letting you know that they are concerned about maintaining the relationship between you two.

The presumption that reassurance is clingy is when the person who performs the act audaciously repeats the reassurance each time they wronged you.

How Do You Reassure Someone That You Love Him?

Reassurance is supposed to be a mutual activity between partners in a relationship. This is because it is not meant or reserved for just one person, that is, it is not left for the guys alone to reassure their female counterparts as you can also do that as a girl.

As a girl, you can reassure your guy of your love for him by doing any of the following.

  • Prioritize him in your speeches
  • Make him feel best connected to you in terms of physical contact
  • Allow him to exercise his masculinity without constraints

Prioritize Him in Your Speeches

This serves as one of the ways you can employ if you want to reassure your guy or boyfriend that you love him. This point entails you prioritizing him in your speeches to the point he feels valued by you.

Make Him Feel Best Connected to You in Terms of Physical Contact

Physical contact also plays a major role in aiding you reassure a guy that you love him. In doing this, you can always avail yourself anytime he wants to either cuddle or feel safe in your bosom.

Allow Him to Exercise His Masculinity Without Constraints

Masculinity is one of the spices with which most guys triumph. In its absence, a man is reduced to nothingness which is a factor that provokes a lack of cooperation.

What to Do When You Are Reassured by Someone You Care About?

When someone you care about reassures you, these are some of the things you can do.

  • Listen and digest with an open mind
  • Evaluate the eligibility of the reassurance
  • Show them you believe them

Listen and Digest With an Open Mind

While they tell you about reassurance, you should listen openmindedly. This will enable you to digest their statements better without thinking otherwise.

Evaluate the Eligibility of the Reassurance

Just after you’re done listening to them, you should think deeply about how genuine their reassurance is and the situation you’re in.

Show Them You Believe Them

What Does It Mean When Someone Reassures You

If you want to respond positively to the person you care about who reassures you, you can employ this point which entails making them believe you’re feeling their reassurance.

Wrap Up

Reassurance is a tool that can be used to either restore or project emotion and connection.

When someone reassures you, there are a couple of things to consider as plausible meanings.

This article provides sustainable answers to your inquisitions and also discusses other topics in the same vein. I’m convinced this article provides the best response in this regard.

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