What Does It Mean When Someone Touches Their Nose And Points At You?

Just so you know, gestures also make up a big deal in communication and different gestures make for unique meanings behind them.

So, when someone touches their nose and points at you, it is an instant way of sending a message to you.

The problem now lies in figuring out what the person is trying to say to you and why they want you to be in the know of such information.

I get your inquisition when someone does this exact gesture in front of you and you are willing to go to the ends of the earth to get answers or at least a peek at what would be the meaning behind this actions of theirs.

However, in this article, I will discuss the meaning when someone touches their nose and points at you, including other questions about this subject matter. Keep reading on!

4 Possible Meanings When Someone Touches Their Nose and Points At You

You can read a couple of meanings into the situation where someone touches their nose and points at you. However, there’s also a possibility that your assertion is barely all-inclusive as to the whole point where someone points you, right after they touch their nose.

I took the liberty of examining different scenarios which helped me curate 4 possible meanings for the person’s actions. These possible meanings include ge following.

  • It could mean the person is closely watching you
  • It is a show of affection and/or attraction to you
  • It can also serve as a sign of agreement
  • It could also mean the person recognizes you from somewhere

It Could Mean the Persn Is Closely Watching You

This right here makes this list of possible meanings the first factor which you can consider as causation when someone touches their nose and points at you.

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Here, we’re saying that the reason why the person did what they did is because they’re closely watching you.

Perhaps, the person has been noticing you from afar and they decided to make it obvious to you that they’re watching you by employing the gesture.

Meanwhile, this point also hints at the gesture to be a form of manipulation technique where the person puts you in a box of your mind.

This can be achieved since you’ll become more cautious of what you’re doing since it’s obvious that the person is watching you. In a way, the person regulates your life even without saying or uttering a word.

It Is a Show of Affection And/or Attraction to You

You can also consider the person’s gesture as a show of attraction and/or attraction to you.

This meaning is valid because the person in question could be someone who doesn’t employ verbal communication when he’s talking or expressing himself based on affection.

The validity of this point also stretches to the fact the person wants to draw your attention in a unique way to enable them to tell you whatever it is they wish to say.

Therefore, they’re not only doing it to show their affection at the point but also to buy them your attention so they can verbally convey their message to you.

It Can Also Serve as a Sign of Agreement

What Does It Mean When Someone Touches Their Nose And Points At You

Coming from another point of view, it could be a sign of agreement when someone touches their nose and points at you.

This means that the person concurs with you concerning a particular issue or opinion of yours. This form of agreeing to pacts is not so common, but it is used in some sects and organizations.

Perhaps, the person who used the gesture has a background relative to such practices which explains why and how they were able to use the same gesture on you.

It Could Also Mean the Person Recognizes You From Somewhere

If the person who used the gesture did that with inquisition written all over his face, then there’s a tendency they did that out of sheer surprise and curiosity.

It could be the person recognizes you from somewhere and the gesture serves as a way of drawing your attention to them.

Once they achieve that, they may then proceed to reach out to you in a way that does not now seem awkward or improper.

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Why Do People Tap Their Noses and Point?

When people tap their noses and point, they tend to pass a message which is rather encrypted and unclear to the person they’re pointing towards.

Granted, you may already have preconceived ideas or opinions of what they are saying with their gesture. However, your opinion is limited to your perspective and doesn’t capture in its entirety what it entails when someone taps their nose and points.

Below are a couple of reasons which can explain what it means when someone taps their nose and point.

  • They do that to show approval, affirmation, etc
  • They use it as a mode of forewarning others secretly
  • They do it to tell the other person that they’re into them
  • They may even do that as a personal quirk

They Do That to Show Approval, Affirmation Etc

Undoubtedly, this is the most reason why people tap their noses and point. It is a gesture that conveys a message of agreement or affirmation.

Perhaps, you or someone else made an assertion that resonates with them, and in their bid to show that they cosign the assertion, they may touch their nose and point it at the person who made the statement.

By touching their nose, they also use the nose as a sensory organ to aggravate their message of agreement.

They Use It as a Mode of Forewarning Others Secretly

I noticed that there’s something discreet about it when someone taps their nose and points. This secrecy gives rise to this particular point which centers on the use of the gesture as a tool for warning others.

If you’re conversant with American Secret Service movies, you’ll notice how big they’re on the use of gestures to lay emphasis, passing information secretly, and even signal one another of an intending danger.

The above situation could also be the reason why someone would tap their nose and point. It means that the person could be using it as a medium of forewarning others secretly about a particular issue or intending danger.

They Do It to Tell the Other Person That They’re Into Them

Oftentimes, people make use of non-verbal modes of communication to convey their affection to someone.

This they do because they’re either unable to be expressive about how they feel to you simply because it sets them on a pedestal they are comfortable with being on.

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So, if you notice that the person who taps his nose and points does that with a kind of joy in his countenance, then there’s a chance he or she likes you but doesn’t know or want to be verbal about it.

They May Even Do That as a Personal Quirk

Having quirks as a person is not an entirely bad thing because some of them come with birth, while others develop as a result of social orientation.

Whichever way it is, a person who taps their nose and points could be doing that out of their quirks. Other social/mental impairments like Autism can also serve as a quirk enabler in humans, leading them to make gestures that are usually uncommon.

What to Do When Someone Touches Their Nose and Points at You?

Having known what it entails for someone to touch their nose and point at you, it is pertinent for you to know what you should do in the event of the circumstance.

Knowing what to do rightly in a case like this helps you not to appear clueless when someone touches your nose and points at you. Here are a few lines of action you can do in this case.

  • Politely enquire about the intent of the gesture
  • Consider its use in the context
  • Evaluate cultural differences
  • Consider the person’s body cues
  • Excuse yourself from the scene

Politely Enquire the Intent of the Gesture

This should be your first line of action, in which you try to find out what or why the person means when he or she does the gesture of touching their nose and pointing at you.

However, there’s a need for you to apply politeness in your approach to avoid reproach.

Consider Its Use in Context

You can also consider the use of the gesture in the context of your conversation with the person. Perhaps, the person did that while in a dialogue with you.

If you’re able to decipher the importance of the gesture in the conversation, then you’ll defeat confusion when it arises.

Evaluate Cultural Differences

Since gestures are often used uniquely in different organizations and/or groups of people of homogenous characteristics, you must find out if the person who did the gesture is in any way relational to any sect that employs touching the nose and pointing as a medium of expression.

Knowing this will help you make informed decisions moving on.

Consider the Person’s Body Cues

Body language forms a huge part of communication among humans. Only a few people can consciously apply them while it is just a reflex action for others.

However, you can also get more clarity on what comes with the gesture made by the person.

Excuse Yourself From the Scene

If you’re not comfortable relating with the person who touches their nose and points at you, you can do yourself the honor of excusing yourself from the scene.


There are a lot of inconclusive opinions which you can make when someone touches their nose and points at you.

However, this article gives you a better understanding of what it entails for someone to make such a gesture, including what you should do if you find yourself in that situation.

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