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At Heartforte we have the answers to your relationship questions, ways to build the right social circle, and the best way to live a fulfilled life.

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Meet Marymartin

Marymartin is a creative writer who is currently studying Human Anatomy at the University of Calabar, Southern Nigeria, Africa.

She is a lover of African stories with a good eye for crime, love, and romance stories. She has written a few short stories that have been published on several websites.

Having been in a failed relationship and a near victim of rape, she understands the world needs to find love more because it’s in love, that love will flourish.

Marymartin is still a firm believer in love and she wants to help others succeed in love.

With a deep understanding of the human body and the way it functions, including responding to love, she spends part of the time when she is not dissecting in the lab writing love stories and helping out lovebirds with love and relationship issues to get a hold of their love life.