What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You King?

So a girl called you “king” or “my king” and you’re unsure what that could mean? It largely depends on the context and the tone she used to call you king.

But it’s worth noting that calling boys “kings” has become a common lingo nowadays. In a pursuit to decode what this term could mean coming from a lady, I looked into the urban dictionary where “king” is described as a term of high respect and consolation that men use for personalized pleasantries, instead of the common “bro.”

But if a lady had called you king, how are you sure of what she means? What’s the impression behind it?

I went back to the drawing board to paint out dozens of scenarios and contexts in which a lady can use the term “king” for a guy.

I came up with 5 possible meanings for this scenario, one among which is most likely the case of your situation.

5 possible meanings for when a girl calls you “King”

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You King

When she calls you “king” there’s a message behind it. It could mean a few different things depending on the context and the girl’s intentions. Here are five possible interpretations:

  1. She’s expressing respect and admiration
  2. She’s indicating a romantic interest
  3. She said it casually
  4. It could be a sarcastic statement
  5. It may be part of her natural vocabulary (or culture)

So how can you be sure it’s any of these possible meanings? Again, it boils down to the context. Here’s how you can be sure of each scenario:

1. She’s expressing respect and admiration

Generally, calling someone a “king” is a term of respect and admiration. So it may apply in this situation.

A girl can call you a king when she sees you as someone worthy of praise and honor. That’s poetic, but it means you need to do some soul-searching.

Did you do something to make her smile recently? Was she attempting to appreciate you for something and then used the term “king”? What about a recent act of bravery you made?

If your answer is yes, then she had called you king to express admiration and respect.

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To be sure that she admires and respects you, you need to reflect on recent timelines. How has your relationship been with her in the past few weeks? What actions have you made that deserve the compliment? There, you’ll find your answer.

If you can’t still place a finger on it, then consider the next possible meaning.

2. She’s indicating a romantic interest

Another possible meaning when a girl calls you “king” is that she’s expressing a flirtatious gesture to indicate her attraction to you. It could be her way of indicating that she sees you as a powerful, dominant, or desirable figure.

While this is almost always the case, it is best if you don’t rush into conclusions. To be certain, you need to first look back on the context of the conversation.

What relationship do you have with her? Have there been any initial romantic expressions you both shared? Your answer to these questions can clarify if she’s called you king to indicate romantic interest.

Also, you can consider the tone and body gestures made as she called you “king.”

3. It’s casual, take it at face value

Sometimes, “king” might be used in a friendly or joking manner, particularly if the girl is someone you’re close to. She might use it as a term of endearment, to tease you, or to lighten the mood.

In this case, you don’t want to read too much into it. And if you’re not sure, you can ask her to tell you why she called you king.

4. It could be a sarcastic statement

Depending on her tone of voice and the context of the situation, “king” could also be used ironically or sarcastically.

For example, if you’re being indecisive or not taking charge in a situation where you should be, she might use “king” to point out that you’re not acting very regally.

In the  2015 “Mad Max: Fury Road” movie, the character Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, sarcastically calls the character Nux, played by Nicholas Hoult, a “mighty Imperator” and “King of the Wasteland” when he didn’t obey her orders.

Her use of the term “King” is meant to highlight his inadequacy as a leader and to emphasize her dominance in the situation.

5. It may be part of her natural vocabulary (or culture)

In some cultures, referring to someone as a “king” might be a common or traditional way of showing respect or deference. The girl may be using the term simply because it’s a part of her cultural background or vocabulary.

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For example, in some parts of Africa, it is common for women to refer to men as “kings” as a sign of respect or endearment.

I’m familiar with the country Nigeria where it’s not uncommon for women to address their male partners or husbands as “my king” or “my lord.”

So, you can consider her cultural background or language mannerisms to be sure if you shouldn’t read too much into it.

You may be surprised to discover that she casually calls some of her male friends “king” as well.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You King

What does King mean in a relationship?

In a relationship, the term “king” could be used as a term of endearment or as a way to describe a person’s partner as a strong and respected leader in the relationship.

It may also imply that the partner holds a position of authority or power in the relationship, similar to how a king might rule over a kingdom.

So if you both are in a relationship and she calls you king, there’s no need to think too much about it. It’s a term of endearment, respect, admiration, and honor.

The term king in a relationship is also often used by the lady when the man has done something kingly. Interestingly, by using this term, you’re calling yourself his Queen, as both of you rule the household with wisdom and love.

What makes a man a king?

A man is entitled to be king when he’s born into a royal family. Being the heir to the throne, he’s trained and prepared to become king after the demise of his father.

King is a monarchical position that a man attains by being related by blood as the son of an existing king.

However, in the context of a relationship, the term king is based on the idea of kingly attributes. A man becomes king in a relationship when he demands respect from his partner by respecting her.

A man becomes king in a relationship when he embodies being a protector of his kingdom (his family, the relationship, the marriage) and ensuring the entities are safe

A man’s strife to make things happen, to possess initiative in preparing for every season, and improve on the things he does for himself and his lover, makes him king in the relationship.

Just as how an actual king is a keeper of his word, a man becomes king in a relationship when he means what he says and says what he means.

Women will call their men king when he’s hard-working, and when he continually strategizes to secure the operations of their life and that of their significant other.

Calling him king: Should you or should you not?

Whether or not to call your partner “king” in a relationship is a personal decision that ultimately depends on the dynamics and preferences of you and your partner.

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He may find it endearing or romantic when you call him “king” as a term of endearment or as a way to express admiration or respect.

In that case, using such a term may enhance your connection and sense of intimacy with your partner.

On the other hand, some men may find it uncomfortable or even offensive to be referred to as “king” in a relationship.

They may view it as overly subservient or patriarchal, or they may simply not like the term. In these cases, using such a term may be counterproductive and potentially damaging to your relationship.

So it all boils down to the dynamics of your relationship—something that you both understand better than anyone else.

However, if you think about it, the term “king” is an admirable word to refer to your lover. But it’s not always the best choice.

You can consider other terms of endearment that project a more apparent beam of love and affection such as “honey” or “baby”, depending on what you both feel comfortable with.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You King

What should you do when your babe calls you her king?

The ideal thing to do when your babe calls you her king depends on whether you like it or not.

If you like it:

  • Express your appreciation: You can thank your partner and tell her that her words make you feel loved and respected.


  • Return the compliment: You can reciprocate the gesture and call her your queen. This will show her that you also value and cherish her.


  • Use it as motivation: You can use your partner’s words as motivation to become a better partner and leader in your relationship.

If you don’t like it:

  • Communicate your feelings: If you’re uncomfortable with being called a king, it’s important to communicate this to your partner in a respectful and understanding way. Let her know how you feel and why you feel that way.


  • Suggest alternative nicknames: You can suggest alternative nicknames that you prefer or feel more comfortable with. This can help you and your partner find a term of endearment that you both like.


  • Compromise: If your partner insists on calling you her king, try to find a middle ground that works for both of you. For example, you could agree that she can call you her king in private but not in public.

Wrapping up

It’s not uncommon these days to see ladies call guys that they like “king” but the real issue is what this term could mean and how you can react to it.

It’s uplifting to hear a lady call you “king” but if you want to be sure of the underlying meaning, you need to look beyond the surface.

You need to reflect on your relationship with her, the context of the situation, and your recent actions that involved her.

I hope this article helped.

Share your thoughts with me with your comments.

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