30 Best Replies to “Smooth”

Have someone used the expression, “smooth” with you and you’re thinking of how to respond? This adjective can be used in different ways.  Someone may say you’re smooth because they like you.

Additionally, someone may say your appearance is “smooth.” So, what do you say in reply?

In this article, I’ll be discussing the 30 best replies to “smooth.” Whether you want to reply to a genuine compliment or someone flirting, you’ll find them useful.

30 Best Replies to “Smooth”

The best replies to “smooth” will depend on the reason for the use of the expression and the relationship you share with the person who uses the word on you.

First, you ought to show your gratitude if it’s a compliment. A “thank you,” or “I appreciate” will work here.

Also, you can be flirty with your response if the person is flirty, or if they’re your crush. Something like, “like you, right?” and “I can be more” is suitable.

In addition, you can ask them what they mean if you’re not sure by replying with, “how do you mean?” or “I don’t understand” and the like.

Let’s look into 30 replies to “smooth” below.

  1. Thank You
  2. Thanks, buddy
  3. I appreciate
  4. Really? I appreciate
  5. It’s nice hearing that from you
  6. Wow! I’m glad you noticed
  7. Thanks, you’re not bad yourself
  8. Wow! Thank you. You look good too
  9. I can say that for you too
  10. You’re a lot more
  11. Thanks, I clean up well
  12. I know, right?
  13. I do what I do best
  14. I know that
  15. Accurate
  16. I’m flattered. Thanks a lot
  17. I’m honored. Thank you
  18. I’m touched
  19. You think so?
  20. Wow! You mean it?
  21. Like you, right?
  22. I love that you think so
  23. I can be more
  24. Wanna check how smooth?
  25. I’m blushing
  26. You’re sweet, you know?
  27. You are special
  28. What do you mean?
  29. I don’t understand
  30. I don’t think so

Thank You

As I’ve earlier established, “smooth” can be a genuine compliment, and the proper response to give is one of gratitude.

If someone compliments you by saying, “smooth,” you can reply to them by saying “thank you” to show your appreciation. For instance, someone might say, “I love your accent, it’s smooth,”  or someone might love your dress and call it smooth.

So, the appropriate response in any such scenario is to appreciate them.

Thanks, Buddy 

Another cool way of saying “thank you” is by saying, “thanks, buddy.” This phrase is appropriate to use with your friends, as “buddy” is a nickname friends call each other.

So, if your friends compliment you, either complimenting your dressing or your job, you can appreciate them with this response. Also, it’s an informal phrase you should use in an informal setting.

For instance:

A- wow! Guy, you’re so good at this, this is smooth
B – thanks, buddy

I Appreciate 

Another reply you can give when someone says, “smooth” is “I appreciate.” It’s another simple way of showing your appreciation when they compliment you.

Also, it’s a formal expression you can use in a semi-formal or formal setting. It’s something that’ll work well with a stranger. Moreover, it’s a straightforward and polite way of acknowledging their compliment.

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Really? I Appreciate 

This is another reply that’d work when someone says, “smooth.” This phrase expresses your surprise at the compliment.

It could be that the person gave quite an unusual compliment which can take you by surprise.

For instance, if someone tells you they like the way you walk, it can take you by surprise because it isn’t every day people compliment people’s gait. So, an appropriate response here is, “really? I appreciate.”

Also, if you aren’t expecting such a person to compliment you, it’s natural to be surprised. So, this response will work appropriately in this circumstance too.

It’s Nice Hearing That from You

This is another appropriate response that’d work when someone says “smooth.” It’s another way of appreciating their compliment.

Also, this statement is a little emotional and will let them know that their words mean a lot to you. So, it’s a good response to use with friends or loved ones, and with someone you look up to.

Wow! I’m Glad You Noticed 

This is another beautiful way of responding when someone says “smooth.” It’s a cool way of letting them know you appreciate them paying you attention.

It’s appropriate to use when someone compliments your appearance or says something nice about you for the first time.

However, this statement can also be used sarcastically with someone hard to impress.

Thanks. You’re not Bad Yourself 

You shouldn’t only be a receiver of accolades but also a giver. One of the proper ways to respond to a good remark about you is by returning the gesture. However, you should only give genuine compliments in return.

So, “you’re not bad yourself” is a good way to return a compliment.

This phrase is suitable to use when they describe your appearance. It acknowledges their kind words and appreciates their appearance too.

Wow! Thank You. You Look Good too 

This is another wonderful way of replying to someone who says something nice about your dressing or looks.

Here, “wow!” expresses your astonishment,  and “thank you ” shows your gratitude. In addition, telling them they look good too will make them also feel good.

I Can Say That for You too

If someone says you look smooth in your appearance, if you feel they look good too, you can reply with, “I can say that for you too.”

This response shows you acknowledge and accept their remark, and also lets them know that they’re smooth too.

You Are a Lot More 

“You’re a lot more” is another complimentary response you can give to someone who says something nice about you.

If it’s the case that they complimented your look or personality, an appropriate reply to give to return the gesture is, “you’re a lot more.”

This response tells them you think they’re very good too. So, you should say it only when you mean it.

Thanks, I Clean Up Well

Sometimes you can receive the compliment with a little pride, especially when you’ve been working towards achieving that feat. A little ego doesn’t hurt.

So, a cool response that can work in that regard is to appreciate the person and brag a little.

“Thanks, I clean up well” is a suitable response you can use. If it’s the case they call your appearance or skin type, “smooth,” this reply is suitable to use.

First, it acknowledges and appreciates the compliment, and “I clean up well” tells them you know you’re smooth. It’s something you can say to a friend or colleague.

I Know, Right?

“I know, right?” is another response that shows your pride when someone says, “smooth.”

If someone says you’ve done a nice job or that you look good, you can give this reply to let them know you were intentional in doing a good job or in appearing that way.

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For instance: A- oh my god! I love this, it’s smooth.

B- I know, right?

It’s a casual reply you can give with a smile, yet it shows pride in yourself and your work.

I Do What I Do Best

This is another reply you can give when someone says, “smooth.”

Here, you’re also acknowledging your efforts in appearing that way or in getting the job done well.

For instance, you can give this response if someone says, “you look smooth, I love your suit.”

So, “I do what I do best” doesn’t only acknowledge their remark, but also emphasizes your intentionality.

I Know That

This is another proud way of responding when someone praises you. If you’ve taken your time to appear smart to a function, and someone acknowledges that it’s natural to feel proud and to brag about it.

Also, if you’ve spent sleepless nights on a project and it comes out well, and someone gives a good remark about it, it’s only natural to want to be on top of the world.

So, you can reply with “I know that” when someone says “smooth” about your work or appearance.

However, this is an informal response, which is more appropriate to use with your friends or colleagues.


Another simple reply that’d work when someone says “smooth” is “accurate.”

It’s another proud reply that acknowledges their compliment and your efforts in coming out that way.

Also, it’s a straightforward way of acknowledging someone’s compliment and dismissing them immediately if you don’t want to talk more. It’ll work with someone you don’t want to talk with.

I’m Flattered. Thanks a Lot

If someone compliments you on your job or your dressing, you can let them know you’re delighted in receiving their nice words.

“I’m flattered” shows them you feel good to hear such remarks from them, and going forward to thank them shows your genuine gratitude. It’s a response you can use with your boss or in any formal setting.

how to reply to smooth

I’m Honored. Thank You

Another nice way to respond when someone says “smooth,” is by saying, “I’m honored. Thank you.”

This is another cool statement that shows your delight in receiving their remark. For instance, if your boss compliments your job or dressing in front of your colleagues, this is an appropriate response to give.

In addition, this response lets them know that you value their good remark and opinion about you. Moreover, it shows that you hold them in high regard.

I’m Touched 

“I’m Touched” is another reply you can give when someone says “smooth.” It’s a simple reply that shows your deep appreciation for their kind remark.

You can use this phrase to show your appreciation and also show a little emotion. It’s a reply that can work with your friends or colleagues.

Also, you can use this reply when you want to be sarcastic or funny.

how to reply to smooth

You Think So?

Sometimes you can show your surprise when you’re not expecting the compliment. It could be that you weren’t expecting the compliment from the giver or you feel you didn’t put much effort to receive such a remark.

A good response that’d work in such situations is, “you think so?”

Also, it’s a question that opens a conversation with the person. The person could help you see reasons why you deserve the compliment.

Wow! You Mean It?

Another response that’d show your surprise when someone makes a good comment about you is, “wow! You mean it?”

This is a question that the complimenter would respond to. So, if someone says you look smooth or your work is smooth and you’re surprised, you could respond this way to be sure they were talking about you.

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Like You, Right?

Another way you can respond when someone compliments you is by teasing them in reply or by attempting to be flirty.

If it’s the case that the person was flirting with you, then it isn’t out of place to flirt in response.

So, if someone says “smooth” while attempting to flirt, you can reply with, “like you, right?”

It’s appropriate when it’s someone of the opposite sex who compliments you on your appearance, or anything about you.

Also, you can reply this way with someone of the same sex to tease them.

I Love That You Think So

This is another flirty response you can give when someone says something nice about you.

If it’s your crush that says you’re smooth, you can give them this reply to let them know you love what they think about you and to lead them on.

You can also use this reply with your partner to be a little romantic.

I Can be More 

Another teasing reply that can work when someone says “smooth” is, “I can be more.”

It’s a sweet response you can say to someone you’re crushing on, or to your partner to lead them on and create a romantic atmosphere.

If your partner or someone you like calls you “smooth,” tell them you can be more, and I bet they’d like to find out about the “more.”

Wanna Check How Smooth?

This is another reply that you can use to tease your crush or friend when they compliment you. When your friend calls you “smooth,” you can flirt with them by asking if they want to check how smooth.

This is a smooth way of leading them on. You can also flirt this way with your partner to create fun in your relationship.

how to reply to smooth

I’m Blushing 

“I’m blushing” is another reply you can give to someone who compliments you. This reply shows you accept their remark and are also delighted by it.

So, if someone calls you “smooth,” you can give them this reply. It’s a cool way of responding to your friends or crush to let them know you love their compliments.

You’re Sweet, You Know?

This is another cool response that can work for your crush or partner when they say something nice about you.

So, you can give this reply when someone says your appearance or your job is smooth. Telling your crush or partner that they’re sweet is a beautiful way to reply to them.

You can let your crush know about your feelings with this reply, and with your partner, it’s a nice way to converse with them.

how to reply to smooth

You’re Special 

“You’re special” is another nice thing you can say to your loved ones when they compliment you.

This response is appropriate to let them know that you value them.

What Do You Mean?

While someone may give you a genuine compliment, sometimes you may not understand what they mean.

So, if you’re trying hard to understand why someone might call you “smooth,” you can respond by asking what they mean.

This response should make them explain better what they mean.

I Don’t Understand

Another response you can use to show your lack of understanding when someone calls you “smooth” is telling them you don’t understand.

This reply is a straightforward way of asking them to explain themselves instead of pretending it’s a compliment when you’re not sure.

I Don’t Think So 

If you don’t like the compliment, you can let the person know. If someone calls you “smooth,” you can reply with, “I don’t think so” to let them know you don’t appreciate it.

It’s a simple way of replying to a stranger or a colleague to let them know you’re not comfortable with their statement.


There are countless ways you can reply to “smooth.” However, your response would depend on the context in which it’s used and in the relationship you share with the person that says it.

If it’s a genuine compliment, you can give a reply that shows your appreciation. Also, you can return the compliment by saying nice things about the person too.

In addition, you can give a flirty response or let the person know that you aren’t comfortable with the compliment. Be free to use any of the replies above and don’t forget to add yours.

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