10 Ways to Make a Girl Crazy About You

Do you think you’re every lady’s dream? But, there’s this girl you’re finding it difficult to draw her attention.

Making a girl go crazy about you is not always easy. There’d always be this one person that’d prove difficult.

If you think you’ve met her, you’ve nothing to worry about. Moreover, you don’t need to overwork yourself to make a girl notice you. You only need a bit of planning, and great confidence to make her fall head over heels.

To help you, in this article, I’ll give you a list of things you can do to make a girl crazy for you. Ensure you read to the end.

10 Ways to Make a Girl Crazy About You

There are countless ways you can make a girl go crazy about you. However, I’ll be limiting the discussion to 10 in this article.

Many ladies love confident men and at the same time a gentleman. These qualities can get a girl crazy about you. In addition, if you’re respectful and well dressed, and also independent, you can win a girl’s attention.

That being said, here are 10 ways to make a girl crazy about you

  1. Make a good first impression
  2. Be a gentleman
  3. Be respectful
  4. Woo her with your confidence
  5. Be dripping in appearance
  6. Make yourself scarce some of the time
  7. Be independent
  8. Compliment Her
  9. Don’t be too revealing
  10. Know how to make her laugh

Make a Good First Impression 

You probably heard of these popular words, “First impression matters?” There’s no lie in this statement, as first impressions are very important.

Especially when dealing with humans, your first impression influences a lot of things. So, if you want a girl to go crazy about you, your first impression is where you should start.

The way a lady meets you for the first time and what she perceives about you can influence what she thinks about you subsequent times.

You may think it doesn’t matter until her excuse for refusing to be friends with you is because of the way dressed on your first meeting.

So, if you want a lady to notice you the first time you’re meeting, let her know that you’re the kind of guy she wants. Let her see the confidence and smartness in the way you speak.

Also, a lady admires men that dress well. Especially, if you’d be wooing a girl with high fashion taste, then be ready to impress her with your dressing.

No one says you’ve to change your identity to please a lady, but be ready to improve and give her something to think about your appearance.

In addition, let her see you as a gentleman, and one that’s very interesting to be with. If you strike up a good conversation on your first meeting with the lady of your dream, trust me, she wouldn’t hesitate to exchange contacts with you on departure.

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So, leaving a good first impression is one way to get a girl crazy about you.

Be a Gentleman

Ladies love gentlemen. While being a gentleman embodies different qualities, if you portray some of these qualities, it’s a good way to win a lady over.

A gentleman doesn’t dress shabbily, he speaks courteously and approaches a lady civilly. In addition, a gentleman is generous.

These are some of the qualities that’d make a lady show interest in you. For instance, you can’t dress as if you belong to the streets and attempt to win a lady.

So, dressing like a gentleman means you should appear neat and approachable. Also, ensure you always speak like a gentleman, even when you’re with your male friends.

Generally, be gentlemanly at all times, and you’d be able to make a girl crazy about you.

how to make a girl crazy about you

Be Respectful

Another way you can make a girl crazy about you is by being respectful. Many admire people who are respectful and nice, and you won’t have to stress yourself much to woo any girl if you’ve got this trait.

Ladies love men who treat them with respect and this includes, listening to them and respecting their decisions.

Moreover, if you’re nice to the girl you’re interested in, she’ll more inclined to show interest in you.

However, if you’re the type who’s egoistical, you may not succeed when you try to woo a lady.

In addition, you’ve to be nice to people around you and not just to the girl you’re trying to woo. Let her know you as someone who has a nice personality.

But, that’s not to say that you’ve to go about trying to please people because you want to win a lady over. However, you’ve to be yourself and always treat people equally, irrespective of their class.

If a girl sees that you treat others with respect, then it’d be easier for her to trust you and give you a chance.

So, one of the easy ways to get a lady is to be respectful to people.

Woo Her with Your Confidence

When you’re confident, you can have almost anything you want. Ladies love confident men, they love men who know what they want.

If you want a girl to go crazy about you, then show her you can stand your ground anytime and anywhere.

Confident men take action, they’re not afraid to make a move or take risks. A lady will know a confident man the first time he approaches her or in their first meeting.

If you hesitate when telling a girl that you like her, it can be a red flag for them. So, let them see the charisma in the manner you approach them and speak to them.

That’s not to say that you’ve to become proud or over-aware of yourself. These traits can turn ladies away.

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However, You can be a confident gentleman. Take responsibility for your actions, including your mistakes, and be open to learning. Also, stand for what you believe in, while respecting her ideas and decisions.

Be Dripping in Appearance 

Another quality that’ll do the trick on a lady is your attractive appearance. How you look is the first thing someone will notice about you.

So, as a man, if you want to get a lady crazy about you, then you give her something she wouldn’t forget easily.

Your physique, the way you dress, and the way you combine your outfit will do a lot in convincing a lady. That’s not to say you’ve to spend the whole day working out just to impress someone or spending more than you can afford on clothes.

However, it does mean that you should put effort into your appearance before stepping out of your house and not just because you have a girl in mind.

Make it a habit to exercise daily and visit the gym maybe once a week or as it suits you to exercise. These workout activities wouldn’t only keep you fit and improve your physique, but it’ll also improve your health.

So, do yourself well to get that fit shape that’ll attract the ladies and keep you healthy. In addition, put effort into how you dress. Combine the right colors and wear the right clothes for the right occasion.

how to make a girl crazy about you

Make Yourself Scarce Some of the Time 

Now, while you want to woo a lady and make her crazy about you, you don’t have to always hang around her to achieve that.

Although spending time together and having fun can be very tempting that you’d want to do that all the time, however, what then will be there to miss?

When you’re always together, soon there won’t be anything more to look forward to. Resist the temptation to always seek her out and spend time with her.

If a lady sees you all the time, it’s natural that she’d get bored and look for something else that’s exciting and start taking you for granted.

However, if you make yourself scarce some of the time, you’d give her space to miss you and think about you. These times you’re not together will allow her to appreciate the time you spend together and this is when she goes crazy about you.

You’ll find out that she’d find ways to get you two together, and may even seek you out directly herself.

Be Independent

Being independent involves a lot of things. It entails knowing how to spend time alone, knowing how to think and make decisions for yourself, and having something going on for yourself.

If you want to make a girl crazy, then you don’t have to be a mummy boy. You may be living with your parents, but you should be your person.

A girl should be able to trust that you can be comfortable on your own and have a good level of control over yourself.

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As I’ve earlier stated, a lady wouldn’t appreciate it if you’re always hanging around her. Let her know that you’ve other things going on for yourself other than chasing her.

In addition, excite her with your ability to think and handle things by yourself. Also, have a good level of financial independence whether you’re still a teen under your parents or not.

Compliment Her 

One thing that’s peculiar to the ladies is their love for compliments. One way you can get a lady is by having your way with words.

Giving compliments is a kind way of communicating with people around you, even strangers. Moreover, you never can tell how badly someone needs to hear that they’re beautiful.

So, don’t hesitate to tell a girl that she smells nice when she does or to compliment her hair, especially a girl you’ve got eyes on.

However, while complimenting her is one way to win her over, don’t overdo it. You’ll just end up sounding annoying.

Instead, compliment her when she puts effort into something; it could be sports, academics, or her appearance.

Let her know when she has done well and encourage her when she hasn’t. These compliments will show her that you pay attention, and ladies love that a lot.

Remember, in all you do, don’t force it. Ladies have a way of knowing when guys fake compliments. Be genuine all the time.

Don’t Be too Revealing 

Another way you can get a lady is by sharing a little about yourself occasionally.

While it can be tempting to reveal everything at once to a girl you like, especially when you think she’s what you want, doing so can kill the excitement quickly.

While you both get to know each other, engage her by letting her into your life little by little. Don’t be in a hurry to show her all there’s about you. Once that’s over, there may be nothing more to keep her.

So, tell her about you little by little. This way you’ll make her hungry for more. Ladies love a little mystery, so always keep her mind engaged about you.

Know How to Make Her Laugh 

One of the oldest tricks in the book is knowing how to make a lady laugh. This sure is still working even till tomorrow.

Ladies love men with humor, they love men that know how to handle conversations and keep every moment fun.

If you’re the fun type, girls will seek you out. It’d be easy to get a girl to like you. So, know how to crack jokes and engage her in great conversations.

However, make sure she isn’t at the center of your jokes. It can easily backfire and send her far away from you when you make fun of her.

how to make a girl crazy about you

Final Words 

Making a girl crazy about you isn’t rocket science that needs a lot of work. There are countless ways to achieve this and make a woman go after you.

Once you’re respectful, look good, and have confidence, you’re very close to achieving your dreams. Then if you know how to make her laugh and leave her looking forward to the next meeting, you’ve got her.

Ensure you compliment her genuinely too and be yourself.

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