When a Girl Calls You Amazing: What Does It Mean/How To Respond!

Compliments from a lady can keep you smiling all day. Apart from lifting your mood, you may go about thinking more about her than what she said. However, most times you may wonder what she means.

It feels amazing when a girl tells you “you’re amazing.” But again, you might feel less than amazing, as it might keep you wondering.

Does she like me? Is she just friendly? Is she genuine or patronizing? All these and more may go through your mind. It’s customary to feel this way, especially if she isn’t a friend.

To help you out, in this post, I’ll answer the question of what it means when a girl calls you amazing. In the end, you’ll also know the best way to respond.

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Amazing?

It could mean several things when a girl tells you you’re amazing. First, “amazing’ means having good and endearing qualities. It also means something that has a surprising effect.

A girl will call you amazing to praise your good qualities, and wonderful skills or if she’s being friendly.

Also, she could call you amazing because she’s attracted to you, she likes your company, and she’s teasing you or praising you. Below is what it means when a girl calls you amazing.

You Have Good Qualities

Good qualities attract compliments. This is something that manifests itself in action. If you’ve got good qualities, it means you’re a nice person, generous, respectful, and anything good.

So, a girl, whether someone you know or a stranger, can call you amazing if she sees these good qualities in you without being romantically attracted to you.

These are also characters others see, including other guys, and say good things about.

So, generally when you do things that inspire others, and if your personality is likable, a girl can say “you’re amazing” because that’s what you’re.

She is Praising Your Skills

Another reason a girl would say, “you’re amazing” is if she’s praising your skills. If you’ve got a talent that’s unique or you do things that impress her, she can call you amazing.

Are you a mathematical whiz? Do you crack all the difficult issues at work? Do you score the most goals during basketball? If you’re any of these and more, a girl can call you amazing.

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When she says this, it doesn’t mean that she likes you or is trying to flirt. Here, she’s only appreciating you the way your boss can if you close up a deal.

She Likes Your Company

Another reason why a girl would call you amazing is if she likes your company. If she enjoys spending time with you, she can say you’re amazing.

Perhaps you’re the fun type that always gets her to laugh and makes her happy all the time. Also, It could be your energy, the way you reason, or the way you go about conversations.

Generally, if she finds your person interesting, she can call you amazing. If this is so, you’d notice she always wants to spend time with you or chat with you.

Whether this may develop into something more later, it doesn’t mean she’s romantically interested in you if she says you’re amazing. It’s just because she appreciates your company.

When a Girl Calls You Amazing

She Is Attracted to You

When a girl is attracted to you, she can also tell you that you’re amazing. Whether she’s a friend or a colleague, if she’s romantically interested in you, she can say you’re amazing.

If this is so, you’d notice other signs that show she likes you. Think back. Has she been flirty around you? Does she stick more around you for no concrete reason? Does she comment on your look from time to time?

So, if she likes you, she can call you amazing to give you the hint. In this case, she expects you to make the move before declaring her interest fully.

She’s Encouraging You

If a girl is trying to encourage you, she can say things to make you feel better. Were you sulking because of a game you failed at? Did you feel down because you felt you were no good?

If such is the situation and a girl tells you you’re amazing, it’s because she’s trying to cheer and encourage you. She hopes you get to see the good in you as she sees with her kind words.

By calling you amazing, she knows you can be better and she also wants you to know that.

When a Girl Calls You Amazing

She Is Being Friendly

One of the reasons a girl would call you amazing is if she’s being friendly. If she considers you her friend, she can compliment you just as much as she compliments her other male friends.

So, she can call you amazing because she appreciates your friendship. Perhaps if she didn’t see you that way, you might not have been friends.

If she says you’re amazing because she’s friendly, you would know if she continues to be herself with you, doing what friends do with each other.

She Is Showing Appreciation

There are many ways people can show their gratitude, and one of such way is complimenting your good act.  So, a girl can say, “you’re amazing” to show her appreciation for what you did for her.

Did she call you amazing right after assistance from you? If so, then this is her way of telling you she’s grateful. In this case, she’s deeply touched that you did what you did. Perhaps, it was a lifesaver.

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She Is Teasing You

When a girl wants to tease you, she can say things she doesn’t mean just to get a laugh, including leaving compliments. So, a girl can call you amazing just to tease you.

Think about it, were you both with friends and she says it playfully to get others to laugh? Or if you both were together, from your conversation, you’d know if she’s teasing you.

When a Girl Calls You Amazing

She Isn’t Interested in You Romantically

One of the ways a girl can show her disinterest in a guy is to say nice things about them. So, if she says, “you’re amazing,” it could mean to let you know that she isn’t into you.

Following up on your conversations, you’d know if this is what she means. Have you declared your interest to her? If so, then she can call you amazing to let you know that you’re a great person but not her type.

If such is the case, she’s trying to make you feel less hurt by letting you know she isn’t saying no because you’re no good. It’s either she isn’t ready or can’t find any romantic feelings for you.

How to Respond When a Girl Calls You Amazing

When a girl calls you amazing, there are different ways to respond. First, as a compliment, you should accept the compliment with a “thank you” or words like this.

However, depending on your relationship with her, you can return the gesture, and be playful or flirty with your response. Below are the ways to respond when a girl calls you amazing.

Receive the Compliment with Gratitude

When you receive a compliment, either from a girl or a boy, the adequate response is to respond thankfully.

So, when a girl calls you amazing, irrespective of the meaning, you should say your thanks, except she’s joking around. There are various ways to show your appreciation and below are some of them:

I Appreciate Your Kind Words

One of the ways to express your gratitude when a girl calls you amazing is with, “I appreciate your kind words.” This phrase is rich with feelings and would express your gratitude well.

This phrase is appropriate for your boss, colleague, or friend, it’s versatile enough to go in all directions.

Thank You

Another way to show your appreciation when a girl calls you amazing is a simple “thank you.”

This is straight to the point and enough to convey your gratitude.

You should use this expression for your colleagues at work, a stranger, or someone you’ve no interest in. It does the same job with more formality.

This Means So Much to Me Coming From You

Another adequate way to respond when a girl calls you amazing is to add enough feelings to your word while expressing your value for them.

“This means so much to me coming from you” will work, in that it shows your gratitude deeply and also shows that the compliment means a lot to you. It also shows that what they say matters to you.

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Compliment Her Too

Another way to respond when a girl calls you amazing is to compliment her too, after appreciating the compliment. You shouldn’t move too fast in complimenting her so you wouldn’t sound dishonest.

Compliment her when you feel she deserves it and say things that you mean. Below are ways to handle this:

I’m humbled. You’re a Great Person Too

When a Girl Calls You Amazing

When a girl calls you amazing, you can let her know she’s amazing herself with your response. You can say something in this line: I’m humbled. “You’re a great person too.”

This expression will work, in that it shows you accept the compliment while letting her know that she’s a great person. It’ll work with someone you know; maybe a friend or colleague.

Thank you. You Won My Heart with Your Performance Too

Another proper way to respond when a girl calls you amazing is by saying thanks and acknowledging their qualities or skills too.

An expression like, “thank you. You won my heart with your performance too” is a nice reply. This reply is appropriate when she’s complimenting you for your performance.

It shows your gratitude and also acknowledges that she’s good as well.

Thanks a Lot. You Taught Me Well

Another proper way to respond is to say your thanks and acknowledge that you learned from them. “Thanks a lot. You taught me well” is a response that’ll work.

This reply is appropriate for your boss, teacher, or generally anyone who has an impact on you. So when a girl who taught you or you model after calls you amazing, you can give this reply.

Give a Playful Response

One of the ways you can respond when a girl calls you amazing is to respond playfully. This response is suitable for a friend. Below are ways you can respond to a friend.

You Sure Know How to Give a Compliment

When a girl says you’re amazing, you can let her know she knows how to compliment well.

Now, this sounds like bragging, but she’s a friend, so you can break the rules sometimes. A reply like this can get a smile from her.

Sadly, I Can’t Say the Same for You

Another way you can give a playful response when a girl says you’re amazing is by saying, “sadly I can’t say the same for you. This is a funny reply she should understand.

However, if you notice you hurt her feelings, you should explain them to her.

Give a Flirty Response

Another way to respond is with a flirty reply. Such a response is appropriate for your crush or someone who’s flirting.

So, if a girl you’re crushing on calls you amazing, you can reply to her in any of the ways below:

Aww! I Feel a Butterfly in My Chest

When a Girl Calls You Amazing

This is a funny response that can work with your crush or someone who’s flirting with you. Telling them you feel butterflies in your chest, shows you’re teasing while giving a hint of your feelings.

Aww! I Love You Too

Another flirty response is “Aww.! I love you too.” This response is totally out of line, but it’s a flirty one that can work with your crush or someone you’re attracted to.

In this way, they may get the hint that you like them.


When a girl says, “you’re amazing,” she could be complimenting your qualities, trying to encourage you, or being friendly.

Also, she can say this if she likes your company, she’s attracted to you, teasing you, showing appreciation, or rejecting your feelings for her.

Your response would depend on your relationship with her. You can show your appreciation, flirt or be playful or compliment her. However, you should know the right response to give at any time.

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