When A Girl Calls You Chick – Meaning & How To Respond

The urban dictionary defines Chick as slang used to describe a girl or young woman, especially an attractive one which is also used as a term of endearment.

However, when the role is reversed, it could mean more than one thing. If a girl calls you chick, you may be wondering what she could mean by calling you such a nickname.

When A Girl Calls You Chick

The truth is that different words will mean different things to different people. To decode what she means, you need to look at how she uses the word around other guys and also how she treats you versus them.

You have been called a chick. Is it coming from a girl you’ve been crushing? Is it coming from a girl you’re not interested in?

Whatever the case is, she has left you wondering what to say and how to interpret it. Here are possible reasons why she used the word Chick on you.

Why Would A Girl Call A Guy Chick? 5 Reasons I Know!

When A Girl Calls You Chick

As cited earlier, there is no singular reason why a girl would choose to call you a chick, whether spontaneously or otherwise. This is why you need to be careful not to conclude that she is attracted to you hence the use of the endearment word.

Some girls would call a guy a chick just for fun and to be boastful while friends are around. This is a common scenario, especially when the girl wants to get a lot of attention from her friends.

Some guys would want to interpret ‘my chick’ as that is my boyfriend. The girl probably wants you to think so. Hence, the use of the word on you might be a green light. But the reality is that it isn’t clear enough.

The next time a girl calls you a chick, here are possible reasons why she has used the word on you.

1. You have been friend-zoned

When a lady calls you a chick, it is dangerous to conclude that the reason for that is that she’s into you.

That could launch you into disappointment. Chick is an urban term of endearment but it doesn’t necessarily send the impression that she likes you.

Suppose the girl who called you chick is someone you like, chances are she has detected it but won’t want to jump ahead of herself since you have not said it explicitly.

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So, in an attempt to friend-zone you, she will begin to use casual terms like ‘bro’, and ‘chick’ among others to refer to you, especially in public.

Although chick is an expression a girl can use when they like you, it also has a casual undertone that is less specific.

If you suspect this to be the situation, then it is best to focus on her body language when she uses this word on you rather than the word itself.

This is the only way you can be sure she has called you a chick because she’s attracted to you.

2. She thinks you’re witty

This opinion is based on a matter of countless personal experiences where girls call guys to chicks after they’ve passed an expression that makes them look like smart ass.

One of the possible reasons why a girl will call a guy chick is when she perceives him to be witty or funny, either by his charisma, words, expression, behavior, performance, or appearance.

For instance, you might have told her a corny joke that made her call you a chick. Alternatively, many girls use the word cute to describe a guy they find witty or smart.

In this context, the term chick is considered a compliment. It sends the impression that she likes the quality of wittiness or humour in you.

3. You are not attractive to her

When a girl calls you a chick, another reason for the nickname is that she doesn’t find you attractive. Of course, you may find this difficult to digest but if you pay attention to her tone when calling you a chick, then you may realize this is the reason.

A good example of this is when you’ve just done or said something that annoys her. She can call you a chick but with a sarcastic undertone.

In other words, one of the possible reasons why a girl would call a guy a chick is when she finds him irritating or unattractive.

Again, you can only find out if this is the case when you pay attention to the situation that led to her calling you chick.

How you respond, in this situation, also matters. (More on this shortly)

When A Girl Calls You Chick

4. When she perceives you to have child-like qualities

Some girls are attracted to guys who know how to feel young, have fun, and take things easy. They express this ‘like’ through the nicknames like ‘chick’

In other words, one of the reasons why a girl would call a guy a chick is because she knows she can have fun with you better than with some other guys.

Having childlike qualities, to her, is not a bad thing. So the term is not only a symbol of endearment, but it also doubles as a compliment here.

5. She thinks you’re amazing

In an attempt to downplay her feelings towards you and not to give you a full indication that she’s into you, a girl can call you a chick.

Since action speaks louder than words, you can’t rely only on the nicknames she calls you to conclude.

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If you suspect this to be the reason why she called you a chick, then pay attention to other areas like her body language, how she looks at you when she calls you a chick, and generally, how she treats you.

You will be able to cross the Ts and dot the iS if all these aspects resonate and point at the same intent.

How To Respond When A Girl Calls You Chick

When A Girl Calls You Chick

The best response to give to a girl when she calls you a chick is determined by whether or not you are attracted to her.

After understanding the reason why she had called you chick, your response to this nickname should underline your genuine intention.

For instance, if you suspect that she had used that nickname because she is interested in you just as you are in her, then you can let her know how the nickname made you feel.

If you suspect it to be a mere, casual term of endearment, then a response like “thank you for the compliment,” wouldn’t hurt.

There are many other ideal responses which we shall discuss below:

1. Say, “I guess that rubbed off on me”

You should only use this response if you want to maintain the flirt. It sends the impression that you share the feeling that has made her call you chick. How you say this response is as important as saying it.

You want to maintain eye contact while saying it so that the attraction goes beyond physical conviction. Giving this response is a sassy way to let her know you like the pet name and would love to take things further.

It is a good way to kick-start intense flirting with the use of words and names.

2. Say “That’s a nice thing that you said”

Another response you can reply with when a girl calls you a chick is to let her know you see it as a compliment or indication that she likes you. However, it is a subtle way of reiterating that the feeling is not mutual.

Many girls use these pet names to indirectly let you know they are into you. If you don’t share a similar feeling, you can simply show her that you appreciate the compliment but that is as far as it can go.

Meanwhile, her response to this reply will now determine how the conversation would go further. She will likely feel disappointed and want to leave.

It is better than pretending to like being called a chick and raising false hopes for something beyond friendship.

3. Say “Ha ha, feels great. But why that name?”

The next time a girl calls you a chick, you can respond by asking her why she used that word on you. It is a smooth way to swiftly change the conversation and would put a hold on any attempt of flirting if that was her intention.

Asking this question will allow her to state the meaning behind calling you a chick which would save you the hassle of racking your brain to figure out her intention behind using the pet name on you.

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In my opinion, this is the best response you can give when a girl calls you a chick. Depending on how you say it, it doesn’t sound offensive and it brings about clarity.

When A Girl Calls You Chick

4. Say “Thanks for the reminder though”

Remember that one of the reasons why a girl would call a guy chick is that she thinks he’s funny and witty. You can sustain such cockiness as a flirting technique by throwing this response the next time she calls you chick.

You don’t have to push it further so that you don’t sound arrogant. This response sends the impression of confidence and wit. It is also a good conversation starter into the concept of pet naming and other romantic gestures.

5. Say “Let’s hope today is a good day”

Suppose you are the kind of guy that is a favorite to many girls. In that case, you can expect to be called a chick by many of them. The girl probably knows this and giving this response could make her like you even more.

You need to first understand what her interpretation of being a chick is, and then giving this response is complimenting her belief that you are attractive.

If you are good-looking, and you are often called a chick by a lot of ladies, then this is a response to put in your back pocket. It is neutral and less specific.

6. Tell her how her compliment made you feel

This response typically applies when a girl calls you a chick over text. The best way to respond is not to drop any funny or blushing emoji. Use words to let her know exactly how the compliment made you feel.

It is a good way to expose your sensitive side to the girl and perhaps, strengthen the thing she has for you that has made her call you in terms of endearment.

The similarity in all of these responses is that they allow you to give the girl a positive response so that she believes she wasn’t too forward. That is the end game.

When a lady uses a term of endearment to refer to you, the primary objective in your response is to take the awkwardness out of the situation because it takes a lot for a girl to call the guy they like a chick, especially when they have no clue on how the guy would respond.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, it’s a good thing when a girl calls you a chick. However, what matters is the scenario that led to that nickname, and how you respond to it.

Action speaks louder than words. So do not draw conclusions about her feelings based on the words she uses to describe you. Equally pay attention to the tone, body language, and general impression passed before, during, and after she calls you such.

If she calls you a chick and you are thinking of flirting back with a pet name, then you have to be sure she has called you such because she wants to take things further.

Meanwhile, if the feeling is not mutual and she calls you a chick, don’t hesitate to let her know how the statement made you feel and whether or not you’d want her not to call you that again.

Of course, you have to do this gently but assertively.

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