When a Guy Says Sweet Dreams: What Does It Mean?

Saying sweet dreams is such a courteous way of bidding someone a good night, but it takes a different turn and meaning if it’s coming from a guy.

As a girl, you may raise eyebrows when a guy says to you ‘Sweet dreams’, especially at bedtime and immediately you want to get a night’s rest.

Because the guy could be insinuating a lot of things at that time, it could be difficult for you to conclude what he means by that or what he intends to establish with his statement.

However, I’ll be discussing the different things it could be when a guy says sweet dreams, as understanding these different points of view will help you pick up the signs. Happy reading!

5 Possible Meanings When A Guy Says Sweet Dreams

As I already mentioned, there are different ways you could view things when a guy says to you ‘sweet dreams’ as a girl. It is either he’s trying to pull your legs or he means it when he says he’s a caring person.

What you may’ve conceived in your mind could be right, nevertheless, let’s look at what I think about this subject matter.

Here are 5 possible meanings to when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’.

  • It could be he is just being nice and caring
  • It could also be that he’s attracted to you
  • It means he wants you to know he likes you
  • It shows that he could just be flirting with you
  • It proves that he’s just being polite in bidding farewells at night

It Could Be He Is Just Being Nice and Caring

As a girl, this is undoubtedly one of the many and major reasons why a guy would say to you ‘sweet dreams’. This point posits that the said guy is showing nothing but his caring demeanor.

He’s probably trying to be the nice guy that he is, and he’s not about to falter that by being less convenient in his speech and approach.

You can deduce this point if you notice that the guy in question has a super-friendly vibe and would go to any length to make sure he doesn’t compromise that outlook or impression that he already has on people.

If the guy is like any of the characters I’ve pictured, then he could’ve just said that because he is just being nice and caring.

Going by that, saying ‘sweet dreams’ to you becomes just an unconscious display of how nice and accommodating he can be.

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It Could Also Be That He’s Attracted to You

When a guy is attracted to a girl, he unconsciously or consciously starts showing it. From the way he speaks to her, to the way he looks at her, the way he calls out her name, talks about her to others, and even bids her farewell…everything he does pertaining to her changes.

He starts being extra caring and would go to lengths to try to make it obvious without even being conscious about what he’s doing.

The above assertion could be held accountable as a viable meaning that we can read into when a guy says to you ‘sweet dreams’.

He simply likes you, and even without telling you or making an effort to let you know, his choice of words and expressions tends to betray him on that.

Judging from the way he sounds while saying ‘sweet dreams’ to you, you can tell about this too, as you can and should always look out for sincerity in the tone of his voice to ascertain this point.

It Means He Wants You to Know He Likes You

It is one thing for a guy to like you, and it is another thing for a guy to make you understand that he likes you.

While one is innate and stationary for some time, the other is more expressive and swirls from side to side as he tried new and different approaches to start his point and bring you to the light of knowing that he’s into you.

The previous response captures the former circumstance while this one right here exposits on the latter situation. Here, the guy likes you but doesn’t end there…he goes to the length of letting you understand that he likes you.

This would be the main aim of using alluring and convincing expressions like saying ‘sweet dreams’ to you.

He’s using it as leverage to convey the message that he’s attracted to you, and hoping that you pick up the cues, and act accordingly if you feel the same way which in turn gives him the chance to properly confess his feelings.

It Shows That He Could Just Be Flirting With You

When a Guy Says Sweet Dreams

While the guy who said ‘sweet dreams’ to you may like you, it is also possible that he is flirting with you.

This in no way means he is not being serious or sincere about his feelings, rather, it is a matter of how much he’s willing to give to have you in his life.

If he only goes on about how much he wants you without being assertive about his plans, dreams, and aspirations, then he’s just being a flirt.

You can also tell about this from the way the guy sounds. Hence, if he sounds cocky while saying ‘sweet dreams’ to you, it is a good sign that he is flirting with you.

It Proves that He’s Just Being Polite in Bidding Farewells at Night

This point right here shares some similarities with the first one made in this list of meanings to ‘sweet dreams’, but is also unique in its way.

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Here, we’re saying that when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’ to you as a girl, it proves that he’s polite in bidding farewells at night.

This becomes a potent point if he extends the same measure of politeness in bidding farewells to others and not just you.

Perhaps, he’s just recreating what he normally does with you, and that is sounding all soothing in bidding you farewell at night by saying ‘sweet dreams’.

When a Guy Says Sweet Dreams, What Do You Say Back?

Whether it is coming from a boy or girl, saying good night is expected to be followed up with a corresponding reply such as ‘good night’ or ‘farewell’.

Therefore, based on expectancy, you should have a response readily available when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’.

Since knowing what to say is important, it is also worth stating that you can only draft the best replies when you know what the guy means when he says the bidding.

However, we already treated that in the earlier part of this article so you should now be able to identify the different circumstances and what they come with.

Below are the 10 best responses you can say back when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’. 

  • You too
  • I wish you more than
  • Do have a beautiful sleep
  • Awwwn, you’re so sweet
  • Whatever, good night
  • I see you’re trying to be flirty
  • Good night, dear
  • Would be nice if you featured in it
  • Dream of me
  • Bye…

You Too

This can be your first instance response when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’ to you. With this response, you’re being conservative with your words and equally less intentional with your reply.

This is because saying ‘you too’ as your response is barely sensitive for the guy to pick up any definite meaning or point as regards what you feel for him or what you make out of his nice way of bidding you farewell in the night.

I Wish You More Than

You can even choose to make use of this line of response to reply when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’ to you. With this, you’re telling the guy that you wish him more than just sweet dreams.

There’s a factor of skepticism in this response in the sense that it doesn’t say in particular what you wish for the guy which keeps him on his toes and equally saves you the drama of being mistaken for something you didn’t say or mean.

Do Have a Beautiful Sleep

If you’re looking for a feminine-toned response to ‘sweet dreams’ then you should bank on this line to deliver. This would be you telling the guy to have beauty sleep just as he has wished you sweet dreams.

This response is clear-cut and doesn’t project any complications at all. You’ll need it when the guy who says ‘sweet dreams’ did that intending to be just polite or nice.

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Awwwn, You’re So Sweet

We already established that when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’, it could mean that he likes you and wants you to know about that.

On that note, if you feel the same way about the guy then you can make use of this line of response to show him that you share the same feeling with him. Even if you don’t have the same level of emotions as him, tell him this reply.

Whatever, Good Night

You can act indifferent when a guy says sweet dreams to you if you think he’s flirting with you. By indifferent, I mean, if you are not picking any sides of either emotion or not, you can make use of this response.

I See You’re Trying to Be Flirty

If you sense that when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’ he sounds flirtatious with his tone, you can reply to him with this line of response.

With this, you’re bringing it to his notice that you know he’s flirting with you. This response sets you aside as a conscious person, one who would pick up signals and decipher what they mean without being told.

In turn, it will also improve how the guy views you, from just a regular girl to an intelligent chick.

Good Night, Dear

On another hand, you can choose to sound formal and cultured with your response when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’ to you.

And you can only do this with this particular line of response which is simply saying ‘good night, dear’ to the guy. However, the inclusion of ‘dear’ in your response portrays politeness and relatability.

Would Be Nice if You Featured in It

If you like being flirty guys and also want to reciprocate the energy when a guy flirtatiously says ‘sweet dreams’, then best believe you should make use of this line of response.

It conjures a flirty vibe with politeness and comes out well off feminine.

That makes this line of response a perfect piece if you plan to extend the same arm of approach which the guy gave you to him.

Dream Of Me

When a Guy Says Sweet Dreams

Just like the previous line of response, you’ll be teasing the guy who says ‘sweet dreams’ to you at bedtime.

It is quite obvious that this line sounds flirty because it almost sounds like ‘sweet dreams’, but coming from a lady this response makes for a great pick.

In the same vein, using this response means that you kind of recognize whatever emotional message the guy is trying to send across to you and you’re gladly making him know you are up to have it with him.


Are you a person with fewer words? If so, then here you have a good choice of response which you can serve when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’ to you.

With this response, you’re just saying bye…a response that is short, precise, and particularly without any strings attached.

This would also be you trying so hard not to incite any form of insinuations on the side of the guy, while maintaining a calm demeanor.


The issue of attraction has been raised amongst many gestures, phrases, greetings, and even writings, and the same subject is up for debate when a guy says ‘sweet dreams’ to you.

Although this phrase connotes attraction at some point, it also addresses other intentions like niceness and cordiality.

This post has done a great job of expositing deeply into what the phrase means, including what you should or can say when you get that as a form of goodnight farewell from a guy.

In the event of any suggestions, reactions, or questions, the comment box below is open to y’all.

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