What Does It Mean When You Keep Bumping Into Someone?: 5 Meanings We Know!

There are a couple of events that happen in our lives that we have little or no control over and bumping into someone is one of such many occurrences.

This usually happens when you unconsciously get into someone else’s way, especially while walking and in other cases, while running away from something or somebody.

However, it could become a cause for concern and inquisition when you notice that you keep bumping into a particular person.

This concern could lead you into concluding what it means in the circumstance where you continually bump into someone else.

In this post, I’ll be discussing in detail what it means when you keep bumping into someone. Keep reading to know more!

5 Possible Meanings When You Keep Running Into Someone

You are at liberty to hold some personal sentiments responsible as to what it means when you keep running into someone.

Nevertheless, your opinion is subject to your perspective which doesn’t completely answer the question of causation as to why you keep running into a particular person.

I, on the other hand, took the privilege of seeing things from different standpoints to be able to curate possible meanings which are relatable to a vast collection of different persons.

Below are the best 5 possible meanings of when you keep running into someone

  • You could have a connection with the person
  • It could just be a case of coincidence
  • You may have your future or past tied to the person
  • It could equally mean that you’re being stalked or staked
  • It could also be a hint at a mutual attraction

You Could Have a Connection With the Person

This comes up as the foremost meaning that we can read into it when you keep bumping or running into someone.

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However, you’re free to make any of the other meanings top place on your scale of preference. This point, nevertheless, asserts that the reason why you keep running into a particular person is that you have a connection.

Here, the connection is not romantic but fostered by familiarity. Yes, familiarity can set you up on a pedestal to meet people who share in your sentiments or those you are alike with.

In this case, this is nature closing in the gap between you two gradually without offsetting any deep confusion. Literal familial ties can also push play to the connection between you and the person you keep running into.

Perhaps, they could a distant relative you know nothing about or your father who left the family for unclear reasons.

Whatever your story may be, being connected in some way with the person explains why you keep running into them.

It Could Just Be a Case of Coincidence

Just like we could hold the strings of familiarity responsible for being the reason why you keep running into someone, the whole event could also be a result of coincidence.

Personally, coincidence doesn’t hold much significance to the occurrences in my life because I believe in orderliness in life.

However, we can’t dispute the fact that some of the happenings in our lives occur out of sheer randomness.

Here, coincidence could be the driving force as to why you’ll keep running into somebody all the time.

Perhaps, you guys work or operate with the same routine and schedule which makes it possible to bring you two in the same circumstance every other day.

Based on this analysis, you should see running into the person as a mere case of happenstance and nothing serious.

You May Have Your Future or Past Tied With the Person

I also noticed that destiny can slide into the conversation of why you keep running into someone every other time.

Here, we can deduce that if you have either your past or future tied with the said person, then the tendency that you two will bump into each other frequently would not be easily disregarded.

You’re likely being informed by the universe about your higher purpose with the person, which explains the reoccurring case of bumping into the particular person.

It Could Equally Mean That You’re Being Stalked or Staked

While we consider the best plausible favorable circumstance as to why you keep running into someone, we should also look into the worst-case scenarios of the same situation.

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This point sets the standard as to why you keep bumping into someone and it stems from you being stalked.

I bet you didn’t see that coming, but this is a viable reason why you may be experiencing this rather uncommon routine of seeing or meeting the same person in the same line of action every other day.

There’s a possibility that you’re being watched, stalked, or even staked, and the person you keep running into could even be the one doing the watching and stalking.

It Could Also Be a Hint at Mutual Attraction

What Does It Mean When You Keep Bumping Into Someone

In disregard to the worst-case scenarios, running into someone every time can also serve as a hint at a mutual attraction between you and the person you keep bumping into.

Just as seen in most Hollywood romance movie scenes where two intending love birds keep bumping into each other in the library hallway in college or high school, until one of them is ready to set things off signifying the start of their relationship.

What to Do When You Keep Bumping Into Someone?

Having discussed the possible meanings attached to running into someone every other time, how about we talk about what you can and should do if you keep bumping into someone?

I know you’re also up for this discussion because it forms the basis of your perceived next line of action just as you are now in the know of what it means to find yourself in the situation.

Here are a few things you can do when you keep bumping into someone.

  • Take time to notice the person’s body cue
  • It’s either you instigate a conversation or you avoid interactions
  • Be always polite and compact with your approach
  • Don’t complicate things when they are not
  • You can consider changing your routine

Take Time to Notice the Person’s Body Cue

By now, I expect you to have drawn a plausible conclusion on what it means for you to keep running into someone based on the signs and circumstances of the occurrence.

In light of that, you can start acting toward the situation by recognizing and taking notes of the person’s body cues. This will help you as you move on to apply other things in this list as you progress.

Once you’re done with that, you can be able to make informed decisions on how to go about your next line of action. In this case, it would either be starting a conversation with the person or shying away from that.

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It’s either You Instigate a Conversation or You Avoid Interactions

Just after you’re done taking keen observance of the person you keep bumping into, you can either choose to instigate a conversation with them or you don’t.

Trying to talk to them would be you being comfortable about bumping into them, or having an interest in the angle of attraction towards the person.

Outside that game plan, you can choose to ignore the cues and move on with your life but still with caution.

Be Always Polite and Compact With Your Approach

Politeness has a way of making you into a stronghold of persona. It makes people want to listen to you, but if you’re to be polite, you should also employ being assertive as part of your key moves.

In light of this discussion, you should employ politeness if you’re going to start up a conversation with the person you keep bumping into.

It sends a message that you’re accommodating enough for them to feel comfortable around. Who knows? They could also be tensed up and concerned about the situation just as you are.

Don’t Complicate Things When They Are Not

There’s a need for you to be cautious of the way you go about things when you keep running into someone.

By not complicating things, I mean you should not assume things out of your wildest imagination without proper scrutiny.

This saves you the drama of mistaking someone for what or who they’re not, to avoid complicating things.

You Can Consider Changing Your Routine

What Does It Mean When You Keep Bumping Into Someone

If you’re not comfortable with continuously bumping into someone even after working things out with them, you should consider switching up your routine. With a different routine, your chances of running into the same person will become minimal.

How Can You Translate Bumping Into Someone All the Time?

‘Bumping into someone’ is a phrase that remains unclear to some people for reasons yet to be deciphered. This could be a result of how the phrase is used in a sentence or context of discussion.

However, in this part of the post, I will be discussing the various ways to translate ‘bumping into someone’ for more clarification. In light of this, bumping into someone can mean the following:

  • To meet unexpectedly
  • An impromptu physical contact
  • Accidentally hitting someone
  • Meeting/encounter by chance or happenstance

Wrap Up

You’re a champ if you’re still with me in this post up to this point. The whole point of bumping into someone regularly may look skirmish but you wouldn’t have to make a fuss out of it if you know what it entails.

Through this post, I’ve been able to aid you with clarity as to what it means when you keep running into someone, what to do, and how to translate ‘bumping into someone’.

I’m sure I’ve done a great job with this one, and you are now knowledgeable in that regard. Hit up the comment box for opinions or questions.

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