When a Girl Calls You a Gentleman: Meaning/ How To Respond?

When a girl compliments you, it could mean several things; from being honest, and wanting to get your attention to being sarcastic. All the same, being complimented by a girl can be so exciting.

However, what if you don’t feel satisfied after getting a compliment from a girl? You may be moved to think about what she meant, especially if it’s from a girl you don’t know.

So, Does she mean it as she says it or she’s just joking around? Do you think she’s interested in you and wants to get your attention?

All these and more may be running through your mind. Fortunately, in this post, I’ll explain the possible reasons why a girl will call you a gentleman.

In the end, you’ll know how to respond to someone who calls you a gentleman.

Different Meanings to When a Girl Calls You a Gentleman?

Being a gentleman can mean several things. Generally, it entails someone courteous and nice. However, when a girl calls you a gentleman, it could mean several things.

Depending on whether she’s a friend, a colleague, or a stranger; it could mean she’s showing her interest in you, saying it sarcastically or saying it genuinely.

Below, I’ll explain what it means when a girl calls you a gentleman.

You Are Nice to People

Being nice to people entails many things. And if a girl notices any of these things in you, then she can call you a gentleman.

If you’re nice to people, you’d be friendly towards them, helpful, and thoughtful. A gentleman is all of these things.

So, when a girl calls you a gentleman, check back. Are you friendly to strangers? Are you slow to anger? Also, she can say this when you do nice things to her and act courteously toward her. So, also think about this.

Now, a girl should be close to you to notice these characters. However, someone can be watching you even if they don’t talk to you. So, you should expect this compliment from someone you know and don’t.

If a random girl sees you help an old woman cross the road, she can call you a gentleman.

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You Have Respect for Her and Others

One of the major reasons a girl would call you a gentleman is if you’ve respect for her and others. When you’re a gentleman, it involves being gentle and treating everyone with respect.

So, if she sees this character in you, she can call you a gentleman. For example, if you listen to her opinions without imposing yours.

Also, if you value her person and are not being judgemental, and you do the same for others, then you’re a gentleman. So, a girl can call you a gentleman because that’s what you’re.

She Can Trust You

Another important reason a girl would call you a gentleman is if she can trust you. Women love men they can trust and they’re always quick to speak about them.

So, if you’ve given a girl a reason to trust you, either in the way you behave towards her or to others, she can call you a gentleman.

For instance, if she knows you’re the type that never hits a woman or plays around, she can be quick to defend you, if concerns are raised about this.

In such a scenario, she may say: “Chris is just a gentleman, he wouldn’t do that.” In this case, she’s defending you based on what she has seen in you, so she trusts you wouldn’t do what people are saying.

You Are Well-Dressed

Another reason a girl would call you a gentleman is if you’re well-dressed. Since the early days, men have been referred to as gentlemen.

It’s a polite way to call a man. For instance, when someone says, “call me that gentleman there” when they don’t know your name. Generally, the dress sense of a man also influences this compliment.

Someone would hardly call a man who dressed like a mad man, a gentleman, even if they call every man a gentleman. So, a girl can call you a gentleman if you dress well.

That’s if your sense of dressing is modest according to social norms. If you always appear neat or your dress sense appeals to her, she can call you a gentleman.

When a Girl Calls You a Gentleman

She Is Interested in You

Another reason a girl would call you a gentleman is if she’s interested in you. If she’s a friend and she has begun to develop feelings for you, she may drop compliments here and there.

This is many ladies’ style to show their interest in guys since they’re not bold enough to speak about it directly. Also, not being a friend wouldn’t stop a lady from showing interest.

So, if your colleague at work or school speaks about how gentlemanly you’re, it could be a sign of interest in you. If a girl has an interest in you, you’re likely to notice it in her body language more.

Match her gaze when she looks at you, does she falter and act shyly? Does she try to flirt with you? Many of these signs can confirm if a girl likes you.

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So, if a girl says you’re a gentleman and also acts these ways with you, then it’s because she likes you.

She Is Teasing You

Another reason a girl would say you’re a gentleman is if she’s teasing you. In this case, you’d understand she doesn’t mean it when she says it.

For example, when your friends are talking about something that everyone knows is not in your character to do, she may say you’re a gentleman to tease you.

In this case, if she intends to tease you, she’d sound playful. Also, a girl can say you’re a gentleman to sound sarcastic.

She could do this between you both or with your friends to taunt you about things she knows you’re not. Here, you’d also hear it in her tone; she’d sound mocking or angry.

When a Girl Calls You a Gentleman

How to Respond to Being Called a Gentleman?

The way you respond to being called a gentleman would depend on who is giving the compliment. Generally, showing your appreciation is the right thing to do after someone compliments you.

However, it depends on what your relationship is with the person. You may say your thank you, compliment them in return, and be flirty or playful. Below are the ways you can respond:

Accept the Compliment

One of the reasonable things to do when someone compliments you is to accept the compliment. So, when a girl says you’re a gentleman, you should accept the compliment with words of appreciation.

You may not know if she’s genuine or not, so you can just say a simple “thank you.” However, there are different ways you can accept a compliment. Below are some of them:

Thank You

This response is suitable for a colleague or stranger. It’s simple and quick and also shows your gratitude.

So, you can give this reply when you want to sound formal and not attach emotions to your words.

When a Girl Calls You a Gentleman

Thanks, dear. It Means a Lot Coming from You

If the person is a friend, a relation, or a partner, you can add emotions to your words. In this way, you’re not only accepting the compliment, but you’re also showing that the person is of importance to you.

Return the Compliment

Another proper way to respond when someone calls you a gentleman is to return the compliment. After acknowledging their nice words, you can also say yours if you mean it.

You must be truthful when returning your compliment. It isn’t a must, so you shouldn’t feel obligated. Below are ways you can return a compliment:

Thanks. You are Wonderful Yourself

“Thanks. You’re wonderful yourself” is a great way to return a compliment. When you make this response, the person would feel good and appreciative if they know you’re sincere.

This expression shows you pay attention to the person and value them, whether they’re a friend or not.

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Thanks. I can Say the Same for You

“Thanks. I can say the same for you” is an appropriate response when the compliment is coming from a guy. Here, you’re simply saying he’s a gentleman too.

This is a cool response for a friend or someone you know from afar.

I Learned a Lot From You

Another way you can return a compliment when someone says you’re a gentleman is by acknowledging that they taught you so.

This response is cool for someone you look up to, an elderly person, your boss at work, or a member of your association.

“I learned a lot from you” is a reply that would work. It doesn’t only return the compliment, it shows your acceptance, humility, and true value for the person.

Be Flirty In Responding

Another way you can respond when someone says you’re a gentleman is to be flirty in responding. This method is appropriate to use on a crush or someone who’s teasing or flirting with you.

In this way, you can play along with them or show your interest. Below are ways you can flirt while responding:

Aww! I’m Glad You Think So. You Are a Sweetheart

When a crush says you’re a gentleman, you can show that you’re happy because they said such nice words to you. Then you can take it a notch higher by calling them endearing terms.

Something that shows your surprise, your happiness, and calling them a sweetheart or some other sweet name should work.

Hmm, Saying Such Things Makes My Heart Melt

Another way you can flirt in your response is to tell them their words make your heart melt. When you say this to someone who’s flirting, they would know you’re only playing along.

Also, someone can take the hint that you like them with this response. “Hmm, saying such things makes my heart melt” it’s a statement that should work.

When a Girl Calls You a Gentleman

Be Playful in Your Response

Another way you can respond when someone says you’re a gentleman is to be playful in responding. This response is suitable for a friend who’d get the joke and not feel hurt.

Below are ways you can do that:

Mehn! I Wish I Can Say So About You

This is a funny response to use on your friend when they say you’re a gentleman. It means they aren’t gentle like you and so you can’t return the compliment.

Your friend should probably find this funny and you both can have a good laugh. However, they may not get the joke, so you should explain if it’s so.

Do You Wish to Learn? It Isn’t Free Though

Another funny response you can give to a friend who says you’re a gentleman is to ask them if they wish to learn.

When you ask if they want to learn and tell them it isn’t free, they’d get the joke and you both can laugh.

Final Thoughts

When a girl says you’re a gentleman, it could mean different things. It could be she sees your nice character and all, or she trusts you.

Also, if a girl likes you and wants to show her interest in you, she can call you a gentleman. She can also tease you or mock you with this compliment.

Nevertheless, whatever her intention is, your response can depend on your relationship with her. You can always accept the compliment with words of appreciation or return the compliment if you mean it.

In addition, you can give a flirty response to a crush or a playful response to a friend.

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