What Does It Mean When A Girl Says You Are Mad? 3 Possible Meanings!

If a girl says you are mad, it means you have made her upset knowingly or unknowingly. This means the girl has feelings of animosity towards you which reflect in her outburst at you.

Although, there are other reasons why a girl will be mad at you such as, you hurting her, ignoring her or you are making her feel insecure.

If a girl says you are mad, you should try to find out why she is angry. Once you have understood the reason for the anger, it’s easier to begin a conflict resolution.

Additionally, you should understand that everyone has different ways to express anger, so it is important to have the patience to understand her.

In this post, we are going to go through reasons why a girl might say you are mad. We have written the best possible meaning when a girl calls you mad.

3 Possible Meanings When A Girl Says You Are Mad

1. She Is Mad At You

One possible reason a girl is mad at you is because she is mad at you. This reason is one of the most obvious. You must have hurt them or done something that you aren’t aware of.

Her saying you are mad is her way of communicating her anger toward you. Check out what has transpired between you, because this will shed light on the best way to resolve the issues.

Listen to what she is trying to tell you and understand her point of view. Avoid interrupting her or trying to defend yourself. You should try to see from her perspective because this will help you understand her grievances easily.

2. She Is Trying To Be Funny

Another possible reason a girl says you are mad is because she is trying to be funny. There are many ways people try to be funny especially if you are close to them.

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It could be that she says this to deflect an awkward situation or conversation. If she is a sarcastic or humourous individual, this may be a way for her to lighten the mood.

Funny people use such comments hilariously to make communication easier or break the ice.

When this happens, you usually see a smile or comical body language from them. She will exhibit a friendly demeanor when telling you you are mad.

It is important to watch out for cues from her to carefully discern if she is joking with you or not. If WIfyou do not feel comfortable with their comments, you should inform them about this.

3. She Is Trying To Get Your Attention

When a woman is trying to get your attention, she will say you are mad to obtain a response from you. It’s almost impossible not to get a reaction from someone when you have been insulted by them.

In most cases, this happens when you have been ignoring her and she wants to elicit a response from you.

When this happens it is important to feel calm in such situations so that you can access the situation without getting angry yourself. You can offer to make things right, by spending time with them and talking.

How Do You Tell If A Girl That Likes You Is Mad At You?

Sometimes a girl will tell you you are mad because she likes you. She doesn’t yet understand how to relay these feelings to you and it comes out as anger or comments like you.

Many things can be used to judge if a girl likes you but is mad at you including body language, demeanor, words, and actions.

Here we will tell you which signs you can use to know when a girl that likes you is mad at you.

Keep reading.

She Will Avoid Being Around You

If a girl that likes you is mad at you, she will avoid you and be withdrawn from you. She will do things like avoiding eye contact, or not wanting to be around you generally. This is done in a way that will become noticeable to you.

With her being upset, this reaction is perfectly normal. What you need to do is figure out the best way to get back into her good graces.

You can start by being calm and respectful to her and learn to understand the meaning behind her tantrums. It’s also important not to get angry in such a situation because this will ruin any chance of reconciliation.

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She Becomes Short With You

One way to notice if a girl that likes you is mad at you is by discovering she no longer has the same tolerance for you as before.

She may be happy to spend enough time with you while being as friendly and warm as possible. But in a case where she is mad at you, she becomes short on you.

This is a sign that she is having something to settle with you. She no longer can tolerate your presence and can only spend limited time instead of ample hours.

Apologize to her if you have done something wrong and do this in all sincerity. Sometimes you have to say sorry even if you can’t place a finger on the actual offense committed by you.

This action will give her time to reconsider you as a friend while expressing how much hurt she feels.

She No Longer Cares For You

A sign that a girl that likes you is mad at you is seen when she no longer becomes affectionate with you. This is a very vital sign when someone is mad at you. They lose any form of affection or likeness they may have shown you.

This can be a sudden withdrawal of feelings or a slow gradual decline from how they used to feel about you. When she no longer cares for you as before, it is an indication that she is upset with you.

Communicate properly with her and offer to put things right, if you want things to remain as they used to. Try to own up to any mistake you may have made and make a commitment to stay away from repeating such actions.

She Becomes Critical Of you

If a girl likes you, you become her biggest fan. Anything less happening means she is losing whatever feeling she has for you.

A sign that she feels mad at you is she no longer sends support to you instead she criticizes everything that you do.

Usually, this sign is the most obvious on the list. You can feel it almost immediately and it is an indication that she is very upset with you.

Take out time to apologize to her while giving her the necessary space to cool off. You can do something nice for her as a gesture to show her you are sorry.

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How Do You Respond When Someone Says Your Mad?

There are multiple ways to respond when someone says you are mad. It is important to keep a cool head in a situation like this. This is because you can escalate a situation by misreading the context in which it was said.

Here we have highlighted the best way to respond when someone says you are mad.

Acknowledge their feelings

If someone says you are mad, you can respond by acknowledging their feelings. This is an important action because it will let them know they are heard.

You don’t have to agree with them, but having a listening ear out for them allows a situation to be resolved amicably.

Say, “I know you are upset with something I have done. I am here whenever you are ready to talk”

This statement expresses your desire to find a solution.

Ask Them The Reason For Their Statement

Once a conversation is possible with her after her feelings have been acknowledged, you should proceed to ask them why they think you are mad. This way you get the best reason for their statement.

By doing this you get valuable insight into their perspective, reasoning, and thought process. Also setting the tone for discussions where you can easily address the issue at hand.

Say, “what have I done to warrant such a statement from you, can you please explain this to me?”

Explain Yourself

It’s easier to explain yourself and how you feel about their statement when you have an understanding of their perspective. By expressing your feelings, you can communicate effectively.

Doing this helps them understand how you have been affected by their words. It can also help to resolve the issue.

Say, “I thought I had done something wrong when you told me I was mad. I’d appreciate it if we can talk about this. Thank you.”

Wrap Up

When a girl says you are mad, you should take time to find out why she has said this. Asking her a direct question is one of the best approaches in a situation like this.

This is because you can get answers without having to jump to conclusions.

It’s also important to understand that many people are very vocal and have strong ways of sharing their opinion. There is a high chance she has called you mad because she is upset about something you have done.

First, you have to be patient with yourself and them. This gives you time to gauge their reactions and the context of the situation. Secondly, you have to listen to them when they explain this to you.

Finally, it is possible she is into you and doesn’t know how to show these feelings to you. Saying you are mad is another way to get your attention. Or inform you that you have upset them.

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