What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Wild? 6 Possible Meanings!

Wild is one of those words that have a negative connotation or meaning. However, it isn’t always negative, especially if someone of the opposite sex calls you that. And it’ll also depend on the context the word is used.

So when a guy calls you wild, does he mean well, or does he have a negative perception of you?

Does it mean you’re dangerous and unruly? Does it mean you look unkept? Does it mean you’re enthusiastic and adventurous?

In this article, I’ll walk you through the different things it means when a guy calls you smoothly and what you can do. Also, I’ll explain what wild means in friendship and texting.

6 Possible Meanings When a Guy Calls You Wild

There are different reasons why a guy might call you “wild.” First, the word wild can mean different things depending on the context in which it’s used.

Depending on his body language, he may be complimenting you or criticizing you. If he’s attracted to your personality or sexually attracted to you, he may call you wild.

Also, a guy might call you wild if he feels you’re a very confident person. In addition, if he thinks you’re stubborn or crazy in bed, he can call you wild.

Below, I’ll break down the various reasons why a guy would call you wild.

He Is Attracted to Your Personality

One of the reasons why a guy would call you wild is if he’s attracted to your personality.

Usually, various qualities attract a lady to a man. If you possess some qualities a man is looking for, he’ll naturally be drawn to you.

He doesn’t have to be romantically attracted to you. He may love your personality and see you as a friend. So, if a guy calls you wild, he may be attracted to your charisma.

In this case, describing you as wild means you’re probably very outspoken and you match his vibe and energy. Once, you match his vibes, you’ll be fun to be with and he’d want to be around you.

So, here he’s attracted to your energy and not necessarily in a romantic way.

In addition, if he loves spending time with you or invites you to hang around with his friends, he enjoys your vibes.

He Is Sexually Attracted to You

Another reason a guy might call you wild is if he’s sexually attracted to you. Often, people use the word, “wild” to describe a girl they find hot and appealing, especially if she’s dressed sensually.

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So, if a guy calls you wild, he’s probably crazy about your body and lusting after you. This attraction may just be a one-time thing, probably induced by your dressing or the occasion at the moment.

Perhaps you were in the club when he called you that, or you were probably flirting with him. Also, if you wore a revealing outfit, he’s likely to call you wild.

If he’s sexually attracted to you, you’ll notice it in his body language. Did he try to flirt with you? Did he stare at you lustfully? Did he touch you suggestively?

These actions show he’s sexually attracted to you.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Wild

You Are Very Confident

Another reason why a guy would call you wild is if you’re very confident. In the past, women were often made to believe they ought to be silent and allow the men to speak.

Stringent rules and norms often guide their behaviors in society and dictate what is feminine and what is not.

So, many women were often silent and timid. However, it isn’t the case anymore. Women are now coming out and expressing themselves in the way they deem fit.

They no longer allow the stereotyped society to lead them. But sadly, there are still men who frown at outspoken and outgoing women.

So, if your confidence outdoes them, they may call you wild. Here, it’s likely a negative perception. Once you’re not afraid to speak or express yourself, they may feel annoyed or intimidated, and so describe you as wild.

However, they may also see it as an attractive quality. So, depending on his body language and tone of voice, you should be able to tell if he’s complimenting or criticizing you.

You Are Crazy in Bed

Another reason a guy may call you wild is if you’re crazy in bed. Often, people describe it as being wild in bed.

In this case, you’re likely very rough and demanding in bed. Probably you exceeded his expectations and he’s surprised at how energetic you’re and so he describes you as wild.

In this case, he’s likely just surprised and calls you wild to describe your actions. However, he might be expressing his displeasure or his pleasure.

So, depending on his tone and body language, you should tell if he likes your wild or disklike it.

You Are Stubborn

If a guy thinks you’re stubborn, he can call you wild; maybe you don’t listen to him or always want to have your way.

He can be a friend, your partner, or an acquaintance. If he sees the unmoving part of you, he may describe you as wild.

As a friend or partner, if you always insist on your way, he may feel you’re stubborn. In this case, he may not appreciate the quality and say it to show his displeasure.

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However, if you’re a very determined person, someone who knows what she wants and pushes for it until she gets it, he can describe you as wild.

In this case, he sees it in a positive light and uses the word to portray your enthusiasm.

You Take Risks

If you’re the type that takes risks, a guy is likely going to call you wild. If you’re adventurous, always wanting to hang out, always pushing for something, you’re sure a risk taker.

So, if he sees the quality, he can call you wild, and here he’s probably only describing your adventurous life and mean no bad.

What to Do When a Guy Calls You Wild?

Knowing how to respond when a guy calls you wild can be quite challenging. But knowing what he means by the word can help you respond. However, if you don’t understand you can always ask him.

Also, if you think it’s a compliment, you should acknowledge it. However, if you don’t like it, you can tell him how you feel about it. Additionally, consider working on your behavior.

You can also embrace your personality if you feel it isn’t negative.

Here are the things you can do when a guy calls you wild.

Ask Him What He Means

When a guy calls you wide and it isn’t clear what he means, you should ask him. Asking him what he means is the first thing you should do before thinking of how to respond to him.

This step will help you understand why he called you that; whether he’s complimenting you or stating his displeasure.

However, you should be polite when asking him, no matter what you think of it.

Acknowledge the Compliment

If a guy compliments you when he calls you wide, then the next step you should take is to acknowledge the compliment.

It’s right to acknowledge a compliment given to you. Not only does it show your self-esteem, but it’ll also make the complimenter feel good.

So, if a guy calls you wild to compliment you, you can tell him “thank you” to acknowledge the compliment or respond with some other appreciative words.

If he calls you wild as a compliment, you’d know by his body language and the tone of his voice. If he smiled while he called you that, or spoke with a light or flattering tone, you should know he’s complimenting you.

Also, he may probably accompany it with some other flattering comments.

Tell Him How You Feel About It

If a guy calls you wild and you don’t feel okay about it, you should let him know. Tell him if it makes you feel uncomfortable or tell him if you don’t like how he used the word.

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This step is appropriate if he’s your friend, partner, or colleague. It’ll help avoid any misunderstanding and help you both understand each other better.

Ensure you’re polite about it but firm. However, if they aren’t a friend, you may ignore them, especially if you think your paths are unlikely to cross again.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Wild

Work on Your Behavior

While it isn’t okay to allow anyone let you feel less of yourself, sometimes it’s important to listen and understand where they’re coming from.

When a guy calls you wild to display his displeasure, you should check if what he says is right and consider working on your behavior.

If he indicates he doesn’t like that you take a lot of risks or you’re too stubborn, you should consider slowing down a bit. And if it’s the case that you’re always demanding your ways, you should work on accommodating others too.

Embrace Your Personality

It’s important to know who you’re and embrace it. If a guy calls you wild because he isn’t okay with the way you behave, you don’t have to change your personality to suit him.

While it’s important to learn to consider your friends or loved ones’ feelings, you don’t have to live in their shadow. If your partner or friend is intimidated by your confidence, you should help him see that it isn’t a bad thing.

So, learn to embrace your personality and don’t be quick to think you ought to change to please others, instead, they should learn to tolerate you.

However, that’s not to say you should embrace a personality that affects others around you negatively.

What Does Wild Mean in Friendship?

“Wild” in friendship can be viewed from different angles. However, it does mean that both parties understand each other and have fun together.

Also, it means that these friends bond together in many ways. They vibe together because their energy is a match, they do crazy things together, and they go on wild dates, parties, and adventures together.

When you use the term, “wild friends,” you’re saying that they’re alike in behavior and charisma. It can also mean they share the same belief and work towards the same goal.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Wild

What Does Wild Mean in Texting?

WILD in texting is used as an acronym. The first meaning is, “Walk in, lay down.” It’s an annual concert held at Washington University in St. Louis at the Brookings Quandragle.

It’s a free program run by the student union for undergraduates where they gather together to eat, drink, listen to music, and enjoy friendship.

Another meaning of WILD is “wake-induced lucid dream” It’s a phenomenon where you enter a lucid dream directly from wakefulness.

There are other WILD acronyms, mostly for organizations, and can be used during texting instead of typing the whole sentence.

Final Words

“Wild” can mean different things depending on the context in which it’s used. A guy can call you wild to compliment you or to show his dislike.

Also, he can just call you wild to describe your character without attaching any feelings to it. If it’s something you’re not okay with, don’t hesitate to tell him so, and don’t feel you’ve to change for him.

However, you should consider working on your behavior if it’s hurting others or you.

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