What Does It Mean When Someone Squeezes Your Hand 3 Times?

Gestures, generally, goes for nothing; the same thing goes for the act of squeezing someone’s hand. It becomes an even more interesting thing when someone’s hand is squeezed 3 times.

This must hold some kind of significance because it is only a relative action; relative to some cultures or social practices.

Are you inquisitive to know why someone would squeeze your hands 3 times? Don’t be waylaid because your inquisition is valid.

Because of this, I will be walking you through what it means when someone squeezes your hand 3 times. However, this post will also examine in detail, other interesting subjects directly relative to the main context. Stay with me!

5 Possible Meanings When Someone Squeezes Your Hand 3 Times

There are a couple of meanings that you can read into the circumstance where someone squeezes your hand 3 times. I’m not trying to dispute your intelligently thought-out reasons, but there are chances they are not all-inclusive and wholesome.

However, I did my assignment by examining the plausible reasons and have some tangible conclusions to present as the 5 possible meanings of when someone squeezes your hand 3 times. They include:

  • It means they’re indirectly telling you that they love you
  • It shows the person is making an expression that shows compliance and agreement
  • It means nothing more serious than a form of greeting
  • It means ‘goodbye’ in the simplest of forms and done with a mild countenance
  • It could mean that the person is fond of you

1. It Means They’re Indirectly Telling You That They Love You

Sometimes, the lovely act of telling someone ‘I love you’ is not done verbally. That is to say that, in this case, gestures can be used to represent this show of attraction or solidarity.

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This is to enable the person who wishes to express their feelings to do so without experiencing any form of verbal constriction due to finding it hard to voice out ‘I love you’.

This reason can serve as a viable meaning to it when someone squeezes your hand 3 times. It simply means the person s saying to you ‘I love you’ without being verbal about it.

To determine if this reason is also behind your experience, you can sense that by how mild and gentle the person’s grip is on your hand.

And equally consider how subtle the squeeze also appears to be. These two observations will give you a clearer thought on if the squeeze in your case qualifies for this first meaning in this list.

2. It Shows the Person Is Making an Expression That Shows Compliance and Agreement

This is another viable meaning that you can read into it when someone squeezes your hand 3 times. This meaning suggests that the person’s action is a way of letting you know that they agree with your point about a subject matter.

Perhaps, you entered a pact with them or were negotiating some sort of deliberation with them.

If there’s a circumstance where the above depiction is perceived or attained, then this meaning becomes a good piece of reason to bring clarity to you, especially in the event where you feel lost with what the person meant by squeezing your hand 3 times.

3. It Means Nothing more Serious Than a Form of Greeting

In some cultural setting and social associations, squeezing a person’s hand serve as a form of greeting. It is a simple salutary gesture that does not mean anything close to being condescending.

The person simply used that to say ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ depending on the circumstance. They aim to show the courtesy of salutation without being verbal about it.

4. It Means ‘Goodbye’ in the Simplest of Forms and Done With a Mild Countenance

Someone can also mean to say ‘goodbye’ when they squeeze your hand. In this case, there’s nothing offensive about their activities as they’re just being unique in their approach to saying goodbye.

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Another reason why someone would squeeze your hand to mean goodbye is deeply rooted in the circumstance where they’re too emotional to voice out ‘goodbye’.

Invariably, we can agree that the person did that out of the heaviness in their heart. Perhaps, it could be the last minutes of someone on a sick bay and they’re finding it difficult to utter the word ‘goodbye’.

5. It Could Mean That the Person Is Fond of You

The likeness is another meaning that we can read into it when someone squeezes your hand 3 times. When this happens between people of the opposite sex, it could be a hint of fondness and attraction.

What Does It Mean When Someone Squeezes Your Hand 3 Times

This suggests that the person who squeezes the hand of someone of a different gender did so because they feel some kind of affinity with the other gender they squeezed their hand.

As a girl, if a guy squeezes your hand 3 times, he could be using body language to tell you that he likes you.

What to Do When Someone Squeezes Your Hands?

Having known what would pass as the possible meanings when someone squeezes your hand, you may be startled with the best way to respond or react. In light of this, the next important question becomes ‘what to do?’

Yes, this part of the article explains in plain terms, the best lines of actions which you can take when someone squeezes your hands.

Below is a highlight of lines of actions, followed by a brief note on them, respectively.

  • You can choose to return the gesture
  • You should consider how tight the squeeze was, and shun them if it’s uncomfortable
  • You can even reply to them verbally if the squeeze is done with the intent of  a greeting

You Can Choose to Return the Gesture

This is one line of action that makes absolute sense for you to do. And this entails you squeezing back the hand of the person that squeezed your hand.

If you find their actions offensive, you can make things even more ridiculous for them by squeezing their hand more than 3 times.

However, this would be a good choice of action if you understand the reason why they did it in the first place.

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If you can be able to connect the dots of your confusion with a certain meaning for their action, then you can be able to employ this line of action.

You Should Consider How Tight the Squeeze was, and Shun them if It’s Uncomfortable

Oftentimes, when someone squeezes your hand, they do it with so much force that it becomes irritating.

In light of this, you consider shunning the person who squeezes your hand 3 times depending on how tight and abrasive the squeezing appeared to be.

But if the squeeze comes out as mild, and comfortable, you can either carve out a smile or just present a friendly grin at the person to make them understand that you’ve realized the message they’re trying so hard to pass to you.

Summarily, this admonition to act stems from being conscious and definitive of what and how the person’s squeeze feels on your hands.

You Can Even Reply to Them Verbally if the Squeeze Is Done With the Intent of a Greeting

By paying keen attention, you can deduce whether or not the intention of the person who squeezes your hand 3 times is relative to the greeting.

If yes, then you shouldn’t hesitate to serve them a verbal statement which would double as your reaction and response to them.

Driving after their action as a form of greeting is simple because I’ve already mentioned it in this post.

So, if you’re still blank with how to determine the meaning of the person’s action, then you have to scroll up and refresh your memory.

What Does 2 Squeeze Mean?

2 squeeze is a term used while playing in a card game of bridge. It is also known as double squeeze, and means a blend of two simple squeezes carried out against both opponents (the partakers in the card game of bridge).

However, it is said that a squeeze is a simultaneous squeeze if it requires the same trick to execute both squeezes.

On the other hand, if it requires different tricks to do the same thing or execute the same game plan, then the squeeze is said to be non-simultaneous.

The bottom line of the double squeeze is that it is a game plan in the card game of bridge. In that respect, there’s no sense in it about this post.

Nevertheless, a 2 squeeze can also pass as when someone squeezes your hand 2 times, which can also mean affirmation, love, and attraction, to mention but a few.

Wrap Up

Everyone has their unique way of communication. It could be verbal, physical, or even written. This applies to when someone squeezes your hand 3 times.

They could be trying to pass a message and this post has done a great deal in expositing some of these notable messages which you can read meaning into the act when someone squeezes your hand 3 times.

I also laid out a couple of action plans if you’re in search of what to do when someone squeezes your hand 3 times.

I’m convinced you’ve had your doubts trashed and tossed away through the enlightenment available in this post.

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