Why Is My Boyfriend So Dramatic? 10 Possible Reasons!

What is that one thing that makes you think your boyfriend is dramatic? Could it be his way of addressing issues or is his attitude toward life just becoming sickening?

Whatever it may be, there’s every chance you’ll feel bad because of your boyfriend’s attitude which you can now presume to be laced with too much drama.

Your concern about your partner is understandable, as this type of attitude poses a threat to the health and growth of your relationship with him.

These concerns of yours are usually featured in the form of questions that require answers; a reason why you must’ve found your way to this post.

However, I’ll be walking you through an extended list of reasons why your boyfriend is so dramatic.

10 Possible Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Dramatic

In all my years, I’ve realized that the only way of solving a problem is not by seeking the solutions first, but by indicating and understanding the cause or basis of the problem.

On that note, it would interest you to have in mind whatever factor can be held responsible for your boyfriend’s excessively dramatic approach to things.

Below is a list of 10 plausible reasons why your boyfriend is so dramatic. I curated this list judging from a lot of factors, starting from his social standpoint to his personality.

  1. It could be because he’s overly domineering
  2. He’s very bad with his communication skills
  3. He’s a sucker when it’s time to take responsibility for his actions
  4. It could stem from his unstable personal coordination
  5. It might an early symptom of substance abuse and addiction
  6. It could be because he’s insecure and jealous
  7. It is because he enjoys blowing things out of proportion
  8. He might have had a hostile attitude, influenced by a rough childhood experience
  9. It could be that he has lost the vibe with you
  10. It is a result of not having a strong masculine frame and core

It Could Be Because He’s Overly Domineering

Men are naturally dominant, lead and even protect. It is in their disposition as male human beings do so. And a man’s masculine frame is his biggest armor in this struggle to secure his territory and survive.

This phenomenon which is naturally intrinsic in a man can be enhanced by environment and learning. It creates a dominant mindset in a man, that he would want to exercise now and then.

But when this attitude becomes excessive, it can result in the demise of the man including those around him. Well, the process is slow but destructive whenever it eventually hits.

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Due to its silent nature, most guys don’t notice it when they’re going down in ruin because of excessive taste for control.

Your boyfriend would have also been caught up in this type of mental set-up, and immediately he notices that the absolute control he has is threatened, he can go ballistic on you.

In this case, his overly dramatic attitude is caused by his excessive taste of control. Perhaps, you made new rules on what the new diet would be or you tried to stop him from smoking.

It could even be that you tried to censor his choice of words, but whatever it is that has got to do with leaving him off the decision-making process of something in the relationship can trigger him, leading to his utter display of violent drama.

He’s Very Bad With His Communication Skills

Lack of communication skills is also something you can hold onto when you realize you’re dating a guy who’s prone to getting dramatic over time.

Since the importance of communication in a relationship is paramount, it would be a big blow to the foundation of your relationship with him if he doesn’t know how to have a proper dialogue with you.

And in most cases, when he tries to make him sit and talk things over, you find out that he goes off and makes a scandal out of it. To him, you’re either not making sense or you want to wound up blaming him like a lot of other ladies do.

However, this may be the wrong notion but because he doesn’t have the soft skill of engaging in a meaningful conversation without disrupting it, he won’t get to know the essence of each conversation you’ve ever tried to have with him.

If you date such a person, it will only take time before you realize the amount of harm you’re doing to yourself because as you continue to try to sympathize with him, the more you drag yourself down.

You certainly deserve to be happy, and he’s not the candidate to make that come through for you.

He’s a Sucker When It’s Time to Take Responsibility for His Actions

If you’re wondering the type of people who make the most excuses, it is those who fail to take responsibility for their actions.

With each excuse, they advance into another mistake and would have already had their eyes on whom to blame if something goes wrong.

When you’re dealing with someone like this, be careful not to blame them for their actions because they’ll blow hot on you.

If you noticed that your boyfriend lacks the temerity to accept errors and take responsibility for them, that could be a reason for his overdramatic behavior.

From my observation, there’s a chance he would only erupt if you try to make him take responsibility. People like him shy away from facing their problems and putting themselves to the task.

Therefore, this counts as a good reason for his attitude which gives you a lot of concern because dating an irresponsible man toppled with an insanely dramatic attitude is a clear definition of self-administered wholesome poison.

It Could Stem From His Unstable Personal Coordination

Not too many people know where they’re headed with life. Even if they do figure it out, walking the mile of success seems like a marathon for them. Because of this anxiety about what is in the future, some of these people become unstable and highly indecisive.

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There’s a chance your boyfriend is unstable, at least he is, now. Probably he wasn’t when you guys met from the on-set, but life happens sometimes and some of the things we have figured out already tend to fall off again.

This unstableness in his coordination can prompt him to become hostile and so dramatic. It becomes hard especially when he thinks you’re not doing anything to ensure that he doesn’t fall off the cliff so easily.

The likelihood that this unstableness can graduate in depression, frustration, or any other mental blockage is very high.

So before you set out to find solutions to his problem, take your time and evaluate his current mental and emotional balance because the problem could come from that angle.

It Might Be an Early Symptom of Substance Abuse and Addiction

Why Is My Boyfriend So Dramatic

When someone is acting so dramatically from their usual calm attitude, it could stem from the abuse of a substance.

Substance abuse has a way of disorienting the person who partakes in its consumption, so much so that they can start acting off and become hostile to people around them.

This act of hostility is what you translate as dramatic, and it happens especially when the person hasn’t consumed this substance for a long time.

If you have a boyfriend who recently started acting off, you should check in with him regularly. The attitude and overdramatic tantrums he throws oftentimes are not always done out of the blue.

They’re occasioned by the consumption of a substance that is not prescribed by the doctor.

If you’re still in doubt about this, you can start by checking his trash bag when you go over to his place, or if you’re already staying with him you should detect when he starts clinging to any antidepressant drugs.

In most cases, your boyfriend might be taking these substances if he’s experiencing any major downside in his career as that will impact his effectiveness as a social being.

When you figure this out, you should also start making plans on how best to salvage the moment because drug abuse is a serious setback in a lot of relationships.

It Could Be Because He’s Insecure and Jealous

Why Is My Boyfriend So Dramatic

Insecurity is another factor that can make your boyfriend so dramatic. Men like it when their partners remain theirs, without interference from anyone.

That is why a guy would go shopping with his woman, or even head to the gym with her. He’s doing all of these to create awareness, just so other guys who would want to hit on his woman know he’s in charge.

However, if he starts feeling like someone is coming in between you two he can act so dramatic. You may be surprised if this is a reason for his dramatic actions, but that’s what the truth always feels like, surprising and bitter.

If you’ve been ending calls once you see him, staying long hours on social media with grins all over your face, or even taking pictures with guys, your boyfriend can start acting dramatic.

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Well, the thing is, most men keep mute about any development they notice until they feel like they’ve had enough of it already and that’s when they begin to show their grievance.

While some men resort to talking about it, others don’t say anything rather they would allow their actions to do the talking.

For all I can guess, your boyfriend could belong to the latter group of men who chose to communicate their grievances through their actions. Therefore, that’s why he has been so dramatic lately, as a way of quietly protesting their jealousy and insecurity.

It Is Because He Enjoys Blowing Things Out of Proportion

Funnily enough, some people thrive on blowing things out of proportion. Their joy is made full when they finally get things complicated. And they’re specialists in turning a little argument into a huge scandal.

While this is not an entirely bad act, it can ruin a nice relationship and turn friends against each other.

If your boyfriend falls in this category, there’s a chance that he would be acting excessively dramatic. The whole drama is fostered by his cocky behavior of not settling things amicably but always making things worse.

He Might Have Had a Hostile Attitude, Influenced by Rough Childhood Experience

A person’s childhood is one of the best times when he or she can develop certain attitudes or views, judging from his or her environment and those around them.

If the person encountered a bad childhood upbringing, it can downplay how they perceive things and even react to them.

On that note, your boyfriend might’ve had one of those ugly childhood experiences which still haunt him in one way or the other.

Best believe, you may know about this but that doesn’t mean you get to experience the pains and agony he passes through each time he relives the memories of those events. Driven by this, he can be so dramatic

It Could Be That He Has Lost the Vibe With You

Have you given thought that your boyfriend is acting all dramatic because he is no longer feeling a connection with you? You probably didn’t, and that’s why you’re worried about the safety of your relationship with him.

Well, the thing is, when a guy loses interest to be with a woman he starts giving her attitude.

This is because only a few men can bring themselves to call it quits with their spouse. They’d rather let you read their lips and throw the type of action they give you.

All those unnecessary nagging, unexpected shouting, and even scolding are all signs of being too dramatic.

It Is a Result of Not Having a Strong Masculine Frame and Core

A guy who doesn’t have a firm masculine core can also be so dramatic, enough to piss you off. Masculinity has to do with being logical and calculative, but a guy who becomes dramatic over little things is driven by emotions.

And since emotions weaken the masculine frame, it is abhorred.

Your boyfriend could be showing off all the attitude and drama because he is driven by his emotions, which indirectly means he lacks a strong masculine frame and core.


Being dramatic is no crime, however, it can cost someone their entire life if it is left unchecked. This could be your fears about your boyfriend which is why you’re concerned about his obscene attitude.

And you may likely be out to seek solutions to his problem, but you can’t do that without knowing the cause.

Because of that, I’ve done justice in highlighting and giving a detailed analysis of 10 plausible reasons why your boyfriend is so dramatic.

I hope you find them enlightening and if you do, kindly let us know what you think in the comment section.

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