Is Calling Someone Big Head Flirting? Here’s What We Know!

A ‘Hey big head’ text can make you either smile or cringe. There is no definitive interpretation of when someone calls you big head because the remark can be taken for its literal meaning, or as a term of endearment.

What would show the difference is the context around the situation and the relationship you have with the person who calls you a big head.

Now, as a flirting term, Big head is a nickname you give someone if they are someone you like. So yes, calling someone big head is a way of flirting while starting a conversation with someone you’re into.

Though it may sound insulting, it is a cute nickname you can use to tease or flirt with someone you like. It is another way of saying the person’s head is full of love from you.

When someone calls you a big head, it could mean that the person sees you as a crush but does not and will not tell you their real feelings.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that the ‘big head’ is an ambiguous remark. There are other meanings to it and that is why putting context to the situation is important.

While it is used for flirting to start a conversation, big head can also be used to refer to someone full of themselves such that they feel too clever or affluent.

The possible interpretations of this term do not end in these two areas. Let’s look at other meanings that can be drawn from when someone calls you a big head.

What Other Meanings Can It Be When A Girl Calls You ‘Hey Big Head’?

Is Calling Someone Big Head Flirting

It is true that when a girl calls you a big head, she could be flirting with you, especially over text. But there are other meanings. Some of these are:

A nickname for someone intelligent

When a girl calls you a big head, it could mean that she sees you as someone intelligent. The term, in this case, is considered a compliment but sounds a little insulting.

Although there is little or no relationship between one’s head size and intelligence, this term is used to symbolize what it looks like to have a lot of things in your head.

So, when a girl calls you a big head, you need to first examine her intent and the context. she may not be trying to flirt because the term also describes someone brilliant so much so that their brain matter has led to a larger skull (subjective to figurative expression).

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A nickname for someone who has a physically large head

Big head, in another sense, can be seen as a term for body shaming. When someone calls you big head, it could mean they are trying to make fun of your head size.

In this case, the term is taken for its literal meaning which is expected to sound offensive. It means they see you be someone who has a physically large head. A polite way of making fun of your look would be to call you big head so that you’d read more meaning to it.

When a girl calls you big head, for this reason, you can easily find out through her tone without looking at yourself in the mirror.

In most situations, it is used in a bully-victim, argument, or humiliating scenario. So, the response you’d give to a girl when she calls you big head as a means of body shaming would be different from your reply when she says it to flirt with you.

Is Calling Someone Big Head Flirting

She thinks you’re full of yourself

A big head could also mean that a person is too proud. This is not usually a compliment or flirtation because the person who calls you big head, for this reason, is most likely irritated by your overconfidence.

Are you the best in the pack? Are you seemingly more brilliant than others in your group? Are you seemingly more affluent than others around you?

A girl can observe these things, examine your character, and conclude that you’re getting a big head about your personality.

A Sickness in animals

Another meaning of big head that doesn’t fit in most urban conversation contexts is when it is used to describe a common sickness among animals.

The big head can be interpreted as a veterinary jargon that describes the inflammatory swelling of tissue around an animal’s head.

The use of big head for this term is rare and strictly for a specified context. It has to be that the girl is referring to the health status of an animal that has been brought up in the conversation. It means the animal is struggling with nutritional hyperthyroidism.

However, the big head can be used for this meaning and still be used to refer to someone. In other words, it would mean an analogy to represent a sickness the person is struggling with that has to do with his head.

Slang for a big ego

Another way a girl can tell you to your face that you have a big ego is by calling you a big head. It means your ego irritates her and it is time to feed on it.

This is usually interchanged meaning the person is full of themselves. However, what is peculiar to this interpretation is that you intimidate others with your personality, possession, or unique abilities.

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Is Calling Someone Big Head Flirting

How To Respond To Hey Big Head

How you respond to someone calling you big head depends on how the person intended it. The way you will reply to someone who calls you big head to flirt with you would be different from responding to someone who calls you big head to body shame you.

So, you need to put some context to the situation before using any of these responses. The following reply ideas are what you can say when someone calls or texts you “Hey Big head” along with the context that they suit.

Over Text? Say, “This reminded me of you” then send a photo of someone with a big head

If the person sends a message saying “hey big head,” and it is obvious they have said that as a flirty way to start a conversation, then one of the best ways you can respond is to return the favor using visual reminders.

By texting back “this reminded me of you” accompanied by a photo of someone with a big head, you are going to make the person smile as he or she has made you smile by calling you a big head.

It could be a picture of a popular big head meme or a cute animal. The picture could even be about someone abstract (not around the big head remark). As long as it is referenced enough to strike a conversation, it would work.

As the popular saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. So the next time that girl or guy flirts with you over the text saying ‘Hey big head’, send a funny picture telling them it reminded you of them.

Say, “You know you miss me”

Is Calling Someone Big Head Flirting

The common reason why someone would start a conversation with you by saying ‘Hey big head’ is because they are attracted to you but won’t say it. So the term is a cute nickname they use to tease and flirt with you.

With this idea, you can reply by calling them out and getting them to admit the emotion they have towards you. If you feel pretty solid about where you stand on their affection, and you are sure they use the big head term because they like you, then this response is great.

By responding with this, you are passing a spunk that will make them blush. The reply also conveys a certain degree of confidence that they’ll find attractive.

Aside from sending the impression that you are comfortable flirting with them and vice versa, giving a response like this also allows them to know you enjoy the cute nicknames they use on you and it is interpreted as a flirting term.

In other words, you both are on the same page and there is no misunderstanding of context.

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Say, “Guess what I’m imagining”

Sometimes, when someone calls you an ambiguous nickname, the best response to give is one that allows them to reveal the intention behind the remark.

The next time someone calls you a big head, and you are unsure about how they mean it, you can say, “You call me big head? Guess what I’m imagining…”

If they ask, “What?” insist that they guess. To escape the curiosity you’ve created, they’ll try to shed light on what they mean by calling you a big head. Once you understand what they mean, you can now reply accordingly.

On the other hand, giving this response is also great when you are sure they’ve said it to flirt from the onset. It would give a hint to the person that you are imagining them in a racy way, yet opening up a conversation.

Tell them, in a cocky way, that you’re busy and they’re distracting

When your crush sends the “hey big head” text as a flirty way to start a conversation during the work day or out with friends and you don’t have the time or are not in the mood, let them know they are successfully distracting you.

Make sure you add a winking emoji at the end of the text so that it sends the impression that you aren’t being mean. It is a way to display poise and confidence and to show you are a busy person.

People like what they can’t have. So by creating scarcity in a flirtatious manner through text, they keep gumming to you.

Say, “This big head can’t stop thinking about you.”

Another way you can respond to being called a big head, especially when it is intended to flirt with you, is by using flattery.

You can use flattery to get into the person’s head after they call you big head (ignore the pun). By giving this response, you have wittingly sent an intimacy tension as it is an indirect way to show them they’re on your mind.

It is also considered a good comeback when someone calls you a big head to make fun of your head size, only that you have to substitute the rest of the sentence with someone that makes them feel defeated.

For instance, if someone calls you big head because of your head size, you can reply with “This big head knows more things than yours.” Or “This big head here thinks well than yours”

Say, “Thank you. It’s the secret of my brilliance”

This is another snappy and witty way to reply to someone who calls you bighead for any reason. If the person intended to flirt with you by using the term, it is a cocky way to represent your confidence.

If the person meant to humiliate you with the remark, it is a good way to turn everything as a compliment towards you. You are now weirdly accepting the term and showing that the person did not get under your skin.

Say, “You want?”

The next time someone who is attracted to you calls you a big head, you can reply by simply asking “you want?”

By giving this response, you are taking the flirting to another level and it sends the mental picture of oral lovemaking.

If the person still doesn’t understand your response, they’ll ask “Want what?” then you reply with “You want a big head?” Boom!

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