What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cool? 3 Possible Meanings!

Did a guy recently call you cool and you’re wondering what his intentions could be behind this verbal gesture of his?

Your inquisition is valid because there are a couple of things to think through and speculate as regards what could be the best guess as to the guy’s reason for calling you cool.

However, one of the reasons he could’ve done that may be that he’s just being cordial with you, or he’s trying to make you feel comfortable.

I know you might’ve thought about this, but there’s more. I’ll be discussing in length and with detail what it means when a guy calls you cool. Keep reading on!

3 Possible Meanings When A Guy Calls You Cool

Still wondering why a guy would call you cool, especially if you guys are not normally accustomed to each other?

In this part of the article, we’ll be examining 3 major possible meanings which we can read into the event where a guy calls you cool. These 3 possible meanings include the following:

  • It could mean he finds you attractive
  • It means he’s just being friendly/cordial
  • It could be his means/tool of powerplay or to be condescending to you

It Could Mean He Finds You Attractive

Your quality of being attractive could be the sole reason why a guy would call you cool.

While it could be the sole reason in some cases, it may not be so in other cases as there are other points that concern his intentions outside the premise of you being attractive.

However, if we’re to go by this, then the guy who calls you cool likes you. His sheer expression by tagging you cool which is something appealing speaks volumes of how he sees you.

Perhaps, he has already placed you on a pedestal and is now looking for viable means to bring it to your notice.

I’ve been in circumstances where I had to employ appealing terms or verbal gestures to communicate how I feel about someone without actually using the exact terms that depict the entirety of my perception of the person. Hence, this makes this point a believable reason why a guy would call you cool.

It Means He’s Just Being Friendly/Cordial

Have you ever thought about it from this angle that the guy who called you cool is just being cordial with you?

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In this line of thought, we can agree that he is using the gesture as a way of complimenting you, probably because of your dress sense or how you talk and reason.

If this is the case, then you don’t have to stress yourself out with thinking as there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his choice of words in appraising you.

In other words, the guy in question is showing how friendly he is and can be if you were to consider him as a friend. To this end, the guy is also using the opportunity to pitch for a possible friendship affair with you.

It could be he knows that women love appraisal and they let relationships thrive more when they’re getting the attention and validation which they need.

So, he’s now employing this knowledge in the direction of first getting your attention and secondly, establishing grounds for a possible cordial relationship between you guys.

It Could Be His Means/Tool of Powerplay or to Be Condescending to You

Aside from the seemingly favorable outcomes to the meaning of when a guy calls you cool, a guy could tell you that to downplay your intelligence without making it too obvious.

Without inciting any stereotypical insinuations against men, you’d attest to the observation that men are egoistic and they would do anything to maintain these standards.

This would be the case when a guy who wants to “put you in your place” decides to qualify your excellence by tagging it ‘cool’.

To him, appraising you overly could mean a degradation of his relevance in the eyes of people, so he chose to give you a light appraisal to preserve his position.

For instance, if a guy says you’re cool after you delivered a great piece during a joint task with him in the office and he wants to retain superiority, he would say your piece was cool (meaning you’re cool too) but would paint his in a better and more deserving light.

While this assertion may be true, you should realize that it has nothing to do with personal differences or alienations…it’s just a gender thing.

How Do You Tell If a Guy Thinks Highly of You?

When a guy likes you and thinks so highly of you, he starts to portray a couple of attitudes and behaviors that give off his thoughts about you.

While he may do it consciously, there are also other times when he does these things without being fully aware of it.

However, the inquisition at this point is not about whether or not he does it consciously, rather it is about knowing how to decipher the fact that a guy thinks highly of you.

Below are 3 effective and proven ways that answer the question ‘How do you tell if a guy thinks highly of you?’. These ways are:

  • If he speaks positively about you, both in private and public discusses
  • If he shows you a gesture of respect that he doesn’t extend to others
  • By taking note of his exotic compliments
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If He Speaks Positively About You, Both in Private and Public Discusses

Being unapologetically positive while talking about a girl is what a lot of guys do so perfectly when they think highly of the person.

If a guy thinks highly of you, which also means he likes you, he wouldn’t risk mentioning your name or tallying your personality alongside shitty talks. This is what he’d do because he values valuing you.

Since he respects and has an emotional attachment to you, he would do everything to portray you in a good light even when the circumstance doesn’t favor you.

If you notice, guys tend to shit-talk girls they don’t like or those who failed to give them the attention they need but would give everything to say something nice about a girl they like because they like her.

As a girl, you can pick up the trails that a guy thinks highly of you if he speaks positively about you.

If He Shows You a Gesture of Respect That He Doesn’t Extend to Others

Just like in speaking positively about you, a guy who thinks highly of you would also avail himself to respect you.

There’s a catch though…his level and form of respect to you wouldn’t be the same as what he extends to others.

He’ll like up his games when it comes to respecting you but would maintain a mid/average standard if he’s dealing with other people, especially your fellow girls.

This distinction he puts indicates his special affinity for you, which translates to him thinking highly of you.

By Taking Note of His Exotic Compliments

Away from respect and speaking positively about you, a guy would also shower you with unprecedented compliments if he thinks highly of you.

These compliments usually take forms that are bound to blow your mind upon hearing about them.

He would always come through with exotic compliments, from what you wear to your new hair makeover, your facial makeup to your appealing demeanor.

He would observe all of these and makes sure he bodies them in his compliments to you.

So when you take note of his exotic compliments and they’re coming in more than often, there’s a high chance he thinks highly of you.

What To Do When a Guy Calls You Cool?

We’re done discussing the ‘whys’ as to the event when a guy calls you cool, which prompts the question of ‘what to do’ in such a situation. These are some of my best go-to action tips for you to take when a guy calls you cool.

  • Take it as a compliment and show appreciation
  • If he condescends to you, be sarcastic and bold with your response
  • Smile at him and take your leave
  • Alternatively, you can choose to play dumb

Take It as a Compliment and Show Appreciation

When a guy calls you cool with the intent of complimenting you or showing his interest in you, you should consider it as a compliment which it is, and then make an effort to show gratitude.

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What you’re simply doing is obliging to his aim of forming a cordial relationship with you. You can even go to lengths to compliment him also in reciprocation for what he did in the first place.

It will help cement your supposed friendly connection with him as you just won to yourself yet another person who throws heartfelt compliments to you…go, girl,

You can appreciate him by saying any of the following:

  • ‘Awww, you’re so sweet and thoughtful…thanks’
  • ‘Didn’t realize you know that part of me until now…I appreciate’
  • ‘We need to be friends…you are amazing yourself’

If He Condescends You, Be Sarcastic and Bold With Your Response

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cool

You don’t have to take it lightly with any guy that tries to downplay you for the sake of massaging his ego.

I’m in no way encouraging violence but I’m saying you can throw really good sarcastic replies to the guy with so much boldness they’ll know better not to play such cards with you again.

Some of these sarcastic yet mildly derogatory replies include:

  • ‘I’m cool and you’re not
  • ‘They say real recognize real, but I doubt I recognize how cool you are
  • ‘Spare me the witty accolades and cut to the chase…I have no time to waste on frivolities’
  • ‘You seemed to be such a cool guy at first, but I now understand why my mind argued that decision was taken by my heart’
  • ‘I know, right? Wish others see you in the same light’

With the above-mentioned responses and more, you’re sure to shake the guy where he stands, thereby, prompting them to rethink the next time he wants to jest you by calling you ‘cool’.

Smile at Him and Take Your Leave

Since being in touch with your feminine side is a great deal for most ladies even in the face of an adversary, you can adapt more by knowing when to exit the scene of abuse.

If you sense a guy is using you condescendingly, you should just smile and leave. It sends a message of unpredictability to the guy.

This places you on the stage where he doesn’t know what next you’re going to do, thereby, making him curtail to an extent, how he goes about calling you cool, especially if he calls you that in a condescending manner.

Albeit, the smile you are to deliver in this case does not scream ‘friendliness’ but one that combines a bit of sarcasm, a sinister grin, and majorly the initial vibe of not being able to be read at the instant.

Alternatively, You Can Choose To Play Dumb

If all of the above tips do not fit into your choice of personality and you want to try yet another method, try playing dumb toward the guy.

This saves you energy to do different things other than finding a resolution with someone who’s out to pick at you.

If you’re someone with little or no intentions to talk back at those who want to push you to the wall, best believe this is the perfect choice of action for you because it is so wholesome that you don’t need to stress about what to say and who the person would perceive it or even react to it.

Being called cool by a guy is nice

But there’s more to it than being just cool. This article schools us in that regard and points out 3 possible meanings which we can read into the event that a guy calls you cool.

Other topics of interest include how to tell if a guy thinks highly of you and what to do when a guy calls you cool.

All of the points in the respective topics serve the ultimate purpose of informing and educating you. Hit me up in the comment box below if you have suggestions or remarks.

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