What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Another Guy?

Communication is an important and integral part of human co-existence and physical contact which is touch in this case is one of many ways of communication.

While there’s nothing wrong with touching and being touched in respect to it being a tool of communication, there’s an inquisition that sprouts when you get such a gesture from a particular gender grouping, as a guy.

Coming from the opposite gender, it could mean nothing far from the emotional appeal that is not platonic. Things tend to get a bit tacky if the reverse is the case.

In this article, I’ll be discussing what it means when a guy touches another guy and what you should do if you find yourself in such a situation. Stay with me!

5 Possible Meanings When A Guy Touches Another Guy

You could be thrown into a well of thoughts and assumptions given the contemporary times we find ourselves in, if a guy touches another guy.

By touching, I mean in a way that is not too formal or platonic. Whatever you try to conceive in your mind concerning the gesture from a guy is true to your understanding.

Albeit, let’s consider 5 possible meanings of when a guy touches another guy while examining and cross-examining circumstances surrounding different scenarios. These possible meanings include.

  • It could just be a friendly gesture
  • It could also mean he’s trying to draw your attention
  • It could be emotionally attached to the other guy
  • It means he’s also trying to comfort you
  • He may also have g@y tendencies

It Could Just Be a Friendly Gesture

This is the first meaning that we would consider in the course of this post as regards what it means when a guy touches another guy.

Here, the physical gesture which also doubles as a communicative medium could just be a friendly gesture. Perhaps, the guy did that just based on being friends with you or the person that was touched.

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To this end, there’s no skepticism surrounding the intent of the touch as it proves to be purely platonic.

The tendency that this is the intention behind the person’s action could be perceived as high if he has no questionable character before the event where he touches you.

Since this is the case, we can make it a case in the line that the touch is just friendly and shouldn’t be interpreted as anything other than that, especially when viewed from a negative point of view.

It Could Also Mean He’s Trying To Draw Your Attention

When a guy touches another guy, it could also serve as an attention-seeking strategy by the person who performed the gesture.

The main point here is that the person prefers to use the mode of physical touch as their unique way of passing the message that they need your attention.

It could be probable that the person doesn’t want to subscribe to the verbal message against employing the use of gestures, which in this case translates to a sense of touch.

It could be they’re trying to tell you something or they just want to be noticed due to their nature or social engagement format.

It Could Be Emotionally Attached to the Other Guy

Emotional attachment can also count as possible meaning that we can read into the event where a guy touches another guy.

While this could be unusual if you don’t take time to deeply think about the circumstances surrounding this type of emotional attachment, you should know that it has nothing to do with any affection that is not platonic.

The above-mentioned depiction is captured in one word…’ bromance’ and it is a term that wholesomely put words to what it means for a guy to be emotionally attached to another guy, to the extent that he has to touch the other person.

Judging by this, a guy can touch another gut out of sheer emotional attachment, especially if they’re brothers or childhood friends who are inseparable with a strong bond.

It Means He’s Also Trying to Comfort You

Establishing grounds for administering comfort could be another meaning likely related to the event where a guy touches another guy.

Guys are not like women when it comes to being physically in tune with their fellow man, as I’ve seen guys talk for hours without knowing each other’s names.

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The only common physical contact among them is that of a ‘handshake’, but that is a minimalist case of touch in the context of this article.

Hence, when a guy touches another guy in a manner that is not a handshake, it could be he’s trying to comfort the other guy over a loss of either a loved one or a business endeavor, which now translates to him being sympathetic.

He May Also Have G@y Tendencies

What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Another Guy

This is the most common and probably many person’s first lines of thought in regard to this post. This is because of the changing standards when it comes to gender specifications and behavioral adoptions.

If the guy who touches another guy is of a questionable character…questionable in the sense that it is not conventional gender specifics, then we could make do with the above-stated possible meaning.

However, there’s nothing to fear or get all tensed up about because the only workable approach in this case is diplomacy as it allows you to carefully and clearly make it known to the person that you do not share in their adoption.

This would be if you don’t subscribe to it but if you do, you can consider the gesture as a sign that he is attracted to you and you can also act in positive reciprocation to the person’s hint at a possible affectation towards you which is the message they’re trying to pass by touching you.

What to Do When A Guy Touches You (As A Guy)?

As a guy, it is normal to feel a tad cautious when your fellow guy touches you. Amidst this, you’re prone to assume a lot of things that could pass for possible meanings to their action.

Already, this article has provided well-grounded points to read meaning into the person’s actions while cutting across different instances.

Now that you may be in an askance mood as to what you should and can do when another guy establishes physical contact with you as a guy.

The following line of action below is what to do when a guy touches you.

P/S: These actionable tips are not arranged in any particular order of following them.

  • Be reserved with your reaction to avoid acting on impulse
  • You can show appreciation for their concern and sympathy as the case may be
  • Employ diplomacy while disassociating yourself from their gesture
  • While at it, be assertive but not rude
  • Alternatively, you can play dumb and ignore the person
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Be Reserved With Your Reaction To Avoid Acting On Impulse

Acting on impulse no matter what the case may be is mostly destructive. So, to stay off the track of self-destruction, you be reserved with the way you react to another guy touching you as a guy.

This saves you from a lot of drama, especially when you think the person who touched you has gay tendencies while in the real sense, they don’t.

It could be they’re looking for non-verbal ways of drawing your attention and you’re misinterpreting their gesture for something else while reacting offensively, to say the least.

Take time to ruminate on the tendencies surrounding their action before acting..you already have a base laid out for you in the early parts of this post.

You Can Show Appreciation for Their Concern and Sympathy as the Case May Be

In some cases when a guy touches another guy, he does so to show solidarity or sympathy about a loss on the part of the other guy he touched calmly.

If this is the case, you should show gratitude to them for being concerned and expressing it. To do this, you can simply say “Thank you” or “I appreciate the love, bro”.

Either way, the guy would know you’re conscious of their kind gesture and will take note of that for posterity’s sake.

Employ Diplomacy While Disassociating Yourself From Their Gesture

Dialogues and in-depth conversations have a way of letting us elude unforeseen circumstances, one that would’ve caused problems if we refused to see the need to talk things over.

One embarrassing moment which could happen in the event of this post is if you vehemently condemn the guy who touches you because he has gay tendencies.

In contemporary times, decisions regarding gender specifications are now more personal than moral-based so you need to calm disassociate yourself if you don’t subscribe to it. If you do, make it known too.

While at It, Be Assertive but Not Rude

While you go about anything you’re doing as your reactional line of action to when a guy touches you as a guy, you should always remember to employ assertiveness.

This virtue makes you stand out from the debate of shyness and also portrays you in a better light other than rude.

Alternatively, You Can Play Dumb and Ignore the Person

As an alternative to the above-mentioned lines of action, you can choose to play the ignorant person and act dumb to the person’s gestures.

This could be the case if you don’t appreciate the gesture, especially if the person is trying to get your attention which you deem reserved.

Wrap Up

Here we are, at the very end of this insightful piece of reading which exposits on the possible meanings behind the event when a guy touches another guy.

Similarly, this article brought you to the knowledge of what to do if you ever find yourself in the circumstance.

I’m convinced your doubts have been pushed to the side as this article has done a good job at providing sustainable answers to your longing inquisitions.

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