Why Does He Keep Buying Me Things? 9 Real Reasons

There is a personal reason behind the gesture when a guy keeps buying you gifts. The real issue here is that you are yet to figure out the real intention behind the consistent gifting. This post is here to guide you in identifying that reason.

Why Does He Keep Buying Me Things

To begin with, every lady enjoys the excitement that comes with receiving a surprise. It is a show of thoughtfulness. However, what used to be sweet can become bothersome when he keeps buying you gifts.

Some guys overbuy for women to overcompensate for other things involved (or they eagerly anticipate) in the relationship.

Another common reason why guys keep buying gifts is that they have deeper intentions towards you such as to buy your affection, to show you he cares about you, or to prove their financial abilities.

It doesn’t end there. Many other possible reasons would clarify why your man or a particular guy in your life keeps buying you a lot of things.

9 Reasons Why He Keeps Buying You Gifts

Why Does He Keep Buying Me Things

1. He is afraid that you’d leave him

When a guy keeps buying you gifts and you are in a relationship, it could be that he is afraid that you’d leave him. By receiving this gift, he believes you owe him one.

And so, when the time comes for you to compromise being with him, you will have a reason to stick with him (he has been generous to you)

This should be considered toxic behavior. Sadly, many men who have the luxury to afford an excessive gifting lifestyle use this as a manipulative stunt to keep women to themselves.

If you suspect that he is giving you a gift because he is afraid that you’d leave him, then now is the best time to have a conversation about it.

If he continues with the gifting, it would do more harm than good in the future, especially when he decides to stop.

When a guy is insecure and thinks you could easily ditch him for someone that is presumably better, one of the ways he could keep you around is by giving you surprises. What many men don’t know is that this is not a smart move at all in the long run.

2. He wants to be exclusive to you

Another possible reason why a guy would keep buying you gifts is to win your heart through the gesture since actions and words aren’t his specialties.

By giving you various surprises, he is appearing overly affectionate to you so that you can believe he’s exclusive to you.

There is usually a genuine intention behind the reason, though. For instance, imagine you’ve been of great help to him in the past during a time of struggle through supportive encouragement and perhaps quality time with him.

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Now, he sees you as someone who is irreplaceable in his life and is willing to share his income to make you happy in return through gift-giving. It is a nice gesture and I’d say you are lucky.

But if the guy is just a friend, then it would appear strange, especially when he has a significant other somewhere that deserves the gifts.

3. He probably wants to go to bed with you

Many ladies jump to the conclusion that a guy is planning on going to bed with them when they keep getting gifts from them. Of course, this is one of the common intentions especially when it has to do with a random guy you barely know.

Relatively, a guy who keeps buying gifts may have the intention of dating you and so surprising you unsolicited would send the cool-guy impression.

Some crook guys who do not have the confidence to reveal their romantic intention with women would pretend to be your “friend” and do a lot of nice things for you hoping that you’ll be interested in him.

So, in a way, the excessive gifting is like an investment to avert the possibility of rejection when he eventually shoots his shot.

Think about it, if he claims to be an everyday Santa clause, why is he not splurging on all of his friends? Why only you?

So it could mean that he wants you, but has no confidence, and so he hopes that “being nice” will make up for that lack of confidence.

Why Does He Keep Buying Me Things

4. There is no one else around him to gift

The reason why he keeps bringing different gifts to you for almost everything could be that he doesn’t have anyone else around him that he deems fit to gift. Study his lifestyle, does he have much family? Does he have any female family members who would be ideal to receive those gift items?

If the answer is no, then this could be the reason why you’re always the number one person that comes to his mind when getting a gift.

The side effect of this, on the part of the man, is that they now overspend on women even though they feel for them or not without knowing it.

His intentions for giving you a gift may be that he wants to spoil you and show you that he cares. But if there were other people around him that he could gift, it wouldn’t have been this excess.

Guys who fall under this category are often inexperienced when it comes to giving ladies gifts. Hence, you wouldn’t want to blame them since they find it hard to identify when they go overboard to buy too many things for you.

In other words, if you suspect this to be the reason, then you can rest assured there is no harm behind his intention. The only thing you can do is to come out open and let him know those gifts are getting unnecessary.

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5. A way to profess his love for you

Offering gifts in a relationship is one of the ways to fan the flames of the romantic fire, especially when it is unsolicited. So if he is the type that is big on gifting, you should be ready to accept lots of it.

This is one of the common reasons why guys would continuously give girls gifts – to show how much he loves the girl without being vocal about it.

We can link this to the gesture being his love language. It is an indication that he is committed to the relationship and things about you all the time.

It is a good thing if the guy showers you with gifts, especially when he fails in the area of communication and reassurance. At least, this gesture would compensate for those flaws.

6. He desires your commitment

When a guy is desperate, he can go all and above to make sure you give him a chance or go on a date with him. So, when he keeps buying you many things, it could mean that he wants your commitment.

This reason also establishes if you are in a relationship with the guy already. For instance, your partner may be giving you more gifts as a means to show you his desire for your commitment.

By receiving the gifts, he is investing in the relationship (and in you), which would make you feel like you owe him too.

I would not call this a good strategy because it can be used in a toxic way. However, if it is done with pure intentions, then you can’t blame the guy. There are many ladies out there who just want to lead guys on due to personal interest.

So, by giving you gifts, he sees it as good for you to show you how willing he is to invest in the relationship in which you should share similar enthusiasm as well.

Why Does He Keep Buying Me Things

7. He is seeking attention

Giving you different gifts may be his strategy for winning your attention. When a guy keeps splurging on you, it could mean that he is trying to prove himself, presumably among other guys who he considers to be competitors to win your affection or attention.

This is getting old because modern men don’t resort to this attitude, but it still happens, especially when the guy isn’t dating or is not entirely committed to a relationship yet.

By giving you gifts and surprising you from time to time, he believes he is keeping your attention and warding off other guys who are probably seeking your attention as well.

Some guys would do this once they start suspecting that you have your eyes on someone else. He is using those gifts to distract you from the person, and to prove himself to you.

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8. A show of his financial capabilities

When a guy wants to prove to you that he is standing strong financially, one of the moves he can make is to splurge you with expensive gifts, even though they are unnecessary.

So, there may not be any emotional or intimate reason attached to the gesture. He is probably doing this to thrive on his ego and make you realize how capable he is in the area of finance.

Men who keep giving you gifts, for this reason, most likely think that you have underestimated them, or they believe it would be easier to buy your affection when you see that they are rich and able to fund your needs/desires.

It is an old-fashioned mindset but many men in modern society still play this route to prove themselves to the women they are attracted to.

This is an innate part of masculinity only that some men exhibit more than others, especially when they have the wealth to do it.

In other words, he might be giving you excess gifts to prove he can financially support you. You should understand that the gesture has more to do with the guy’s esteem than how he cares about you.

9. It could be his love language

There are about five common love languages that can be expressed in a relationship. Giving gifts is one of them.

If your guy keeps giving you gifts, it could mean that the gesture is naturally his love language. In other words, that is the best possible way he can express his love to you.

Giving gifts is how he can show his affection and commitment. So when he keeps giving you those items, he sees it as the only way to appreciate you and shows that he cares.

Some other guys would express their love through touch, calling you sweet names, or intense lovemaking, but he might only express love through giving special, thoughtful gifts.

Why Does He Keep Buying Me Things


How often he showers you with gifts for no reason has a lot to do with why he offers such gestures. If this happens too often, then it has a negative undertone.

Keep in mind that some guys are very insecure and could be obsessive types of people. So he could be buying an excess gift to make you stick with him which would have a downside in the long run.

I have also heard of cases where the guy was hiding something very serious from his girl and kept showering her with gifts as a way of distracting her from finding out. So, all these factors are the reason why he consistently buys gifts.

As some of the points listed above have suggested, the excess gifting could be a manipulating stunt he is pulling to make you feel indebted to him and may mean that he is expecting something from you sooner or later.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to admit that not all men have bad intentions when they keep buying you gifts. You may be lucky to be with a nice guy that has no hidden and dark agenda.

The concept of receiving gifts for no reason remains a very confusing thing for many ladies because the guy would never give a clarifying explanation for his gestures as it is left for you to decode.

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